Guys, I swear I have more friends than just @allie_rime (contrary to what my page shows) lol!!! #rideordie #ace #righthand 👯‍♀️

Don’t skip leg day ladies #GottaLetThemKnow 👑

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When you purposely leave your wrapper on the bed at the hotel so they don't think you're absolutely nasty. 😂
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She wrong for getting a lil too close knowing good and well he taken. . But hoes will be hoes. Ayesha kept it classy as always. #loveher #lovethem #GoldenStateWarriors #GottaLetThemKnow

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People say I'm rude 😒 but oddly enough they always say it with a smile on their face or after a lengthy laugh. Peculiar behavior. Hmm. For me if I'm comfortable enough around somebody I speak freely about what's on my mind because I know you're thinking it, I just said it out loud. I obviously stay around people with a sense of humour because I know how sensitive some humans are - #political_correctness and #sociallyacceptable and what not. I'm the type to pop the middle finger and ten seconds later we're back talking about how great how friendship is. I've learnt that in #therealworld there's nothing like empathy and one love you know. Once you show it it automatically becomes a sign of weakness to people. So what better way to share the peace and joy that comes with love and empathy than to put a smile on someones face by engaging them in the conversations they only have in their heads? I was listening to a @kevinhart4real interview the day before on @swayuniverse and I love how he spoke about how he focuses on moving rather than the whole skermish of #shadethrowing and #unnecessaryhate in the game. #Letpeopletalk. #Takenooffence. #keepmoving. Focus on your grind. There's a fine line between humour and insults, don't try balance in between, fuckin' do kart wheels in and out of each zone. #LIVE
A sense of humour, twisted or explicit, is a quality that I feel helps us to deal with a lot of stresses and saves us a lot of time that would normally be spent on overthinking (Lord help me get over this.)

My yeti matches babes truck because you got to let them truck sluts know #hestaken by a girl with good taste in stickers😂 #thatsmysignature *
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👀👀👀 WHO’S THAT IN THE PICTURE!! 🔍😮 Good Morning Kingdom!! You know everything once in a while the King has to draw for an archive piece of memorabilia from my Royal Library and give you guys a bit of history about this here “Culture” of ours... And I gotta start 2018 with a big one 💥!! So this is a picture I took on a @kodak disposable camera in “03” 15 Years ago, I think when @wiley__ & @dizzeerascal were the opening act for #JayZ @wembleyarena @ssearena !! These were the days were #Akademiks & Velour Tracksuits ruled (No not the blog @akadmiks) with a nice @neweraeurope fitted cap 🧢 👌🏿 this is when the pioneers of the game were friends... it’s a shame that they ain’t kool like that anymore 😔 but still they have come so far since then in their careers both with chart success and being recognised by the same establishment that once rejected the sound we now call “grime” that birthed a generation of music artist, DJ’s, producers etc... OOHHH Here’s something you may not have known about me... Do you remember a British Mixtape called #SplitMics 🎙? Which Merged Grime & UK Rap tracks & Freestyles which featured exclusives from @lethalbizzle to name a few... Well guess who designed the cover for that project?? 😌😇 shoutout #TwinB #Alec & #Alex @twintings , Hainsley (DJ Crisis) Juice RIP Richard. 🙏🏿 ... I may dig out the designs of that and do a throwback story about that soon...Anyway this post is just to give you a little snippet of the “Golden Era” when 2 legends were friends. And because they ain’t now doesn’t mean we can’t give them their praises and roses 🌹 while they still alive 🙏🏿 congratulations on all your success guys wish you many more #KeepPushing the King Salutes you 🙌🏿 CC @grmdaily @linkuptv @trappedmagazine @grimeoriginals @grimememories @thegrimereport #History #UK #UKHistory #GrimeHistory #GottaLetThemKnow #Grime #Wiley #dizzeerascal #YesTheKingWasThere #YouWasntThere #🤫 #2003 #JayZ #wembley #NotJustSneakerBlog #👑 #KingOfTrainers

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