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A machine learning platform is using a new type of algorithm to predict 🔮 which characters will die in the last series of Game of Thrones 👑. DataRobot’s algorithm is called LightGBM. Using an analysis of 2000 characters from Game of Thrones, it identifies and further analyses 🔎various features such as age, nobility, and house to find links between these characteristics and death. It can then predict which person is likely to die next 😲.
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Of course, the algorithm can’t take into account any plot twists the writers ✍ have in store for viewers as it only works on past data 📊. If you’re averse 🙅 to spoilers, you still might want to steer clear of this invention.
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Are you tempted to see 👀 this algorithm’s predictions?
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@cupofkino and I caught up on Game of Thrones
I am not a fun person to watch tv with
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Cre by : vangotworld

Charlotte in The Musketeers ❤️ I’m so excited for her to play in The Spanish Princess, still no news on when it comes out but I believe it is in production soon! #charlottehope #themusketeers #thespanishprincess

Charlotte behind the scenes of North V South 👀 Excited to see her in the upcoming film ‘The Nun’ 🖤 #Repost @melanielenihan with @get_repost #charlottehope ・・・
Found this old pic of Charlotte Hope when I was painting her up for a dream sequence on the film North V South

If you think you know how #GoT will end — you're mistaken.

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