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The only thing that got me through Jury Duty today lol Thanks again @shawnonshu for the awesome gift!! #jurydutysummons #coloringbook #gotoutearly

When youre running behind on closing so we all do shots.... Of espresso of course #baristalife #gotoutearly #espressoshots

My Grandma always hooks it up when I come to visit her 😋 #GotOutEarly #TimeToDrink

What better way to start my weekend, than with my bae! ❤️ #Starbucks #3dayweekend #college #gotoutearly

The streets are too dirty to walk.... #gotoutearly #founddog #happy


I appreciate my solitude #gotoutearly #dinner #wine

Actually got out early today! But I'm back for 24-hour call tomorrow into Sunday 😂

I totally overslept this morning (woke up at 645 and got ready in 10 min lol) but now I can get my 25 min workout in once I get home, eat some dinner, and relax for a bit! 😍
I'm getting some stuff together for a VIP Test Group for a brand new program called Shift Shop that I've been doing. It's a progressive HIIT style workout that ramps up from 25 to 35 and finally 45 min/day. The program is only 3 weeks long but we will be doing 2 rounds (new workouts for the 2nd round)! It's been pretty awesome so far and I can't wait to see the results! ➡️If you want a chance to be part of this exclusive test group, email me at driristian@gmail.com and I'll be in touch!⬅️

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