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Day 8 of #febdewarychallenge hosted by @devotedtodew : Cupid's Arrow -Whishlist product .
As a masks addict the most wanted product to add in my collection is #fresh Black tea instant perfecting mask😍😍
As posted in Sephora:
What is it:

An age-delay treatment that immediately reveals softer, firmer, and healthier loonking skin.

Solution for : -Fine lines and wrinkles -Loss of firmness and elasticity
-Dullness and uneven texture

If you want to know more
Balck tea instant perfecting mask with advanced antioxidants is a hydrating treatment with a velvety, cloud-like whipped texture and an instant cooling effect that refreshes and melts into the skin. The innovative treatment mask immediately softens and improves skin texture, revealing smoother, more supple skin.
The face mask is powered by a propriety complex of Kombucha (Black tea ferment), black tea extract,blackberry leaf extract, and lychee seed extract that inhibits damaging free radicals and helps to improve skin elasticity.
It's expensive I'm still lookking for a small size of it before I go for the big jar.
Who tried it before? any feedbacks or reviews?
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Swipe ➡️
I posted back in December about the @gothamista and @wishtrend box that I purchased. At that time Wishtrend let everyone know that there was a quality issue with one of the items in the box, the Klairs Midnight Blue Youth Activating Drop. In an email they wrote that when it was resolved they'd ship it out. They had also given the option to cancel the one item and would refund the amount for the product. I decided to wait.
Throughout the past 2 months Wishtrend has kept us up to date and always gave the option to cancel the item for a refund.
Today I received two emails from them, one that the problem with the Klairs Midnight Blue Youth Activating Drop was resolved and that they would be shipping them out next week.
The second email had information that Wishtrend would be giving a voucher to all of us to repurchase the Klairs at a discounted price at a later date.
Thank you @wishtrend for going above and beyond for your customers!

I've been really impressed by the All Clean Balm from Heimish. My issue with the Farmacy cleanser was that it didn't take my eye makeup off as much as I wanted it to--this doesn't happen here. The smell is kinda... medical? But I don't mind it much! It's really elegant that way--to the point and very, very good.

Day 9 of #abnewyearstashchallenge hosted by @peepingpomeranian & @mindyourbeauty #sheetmask
❤ This is the collection I gathered during my travels abroad because most of these brands doesn't exist in my country 😢😢😢 so I use them wisely and moderately till my next trip , now I moved from a try out phase to an #sheetmaskaddict 😍😍 .
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Today I received my very first #theordinary products and I'm more than excited to see the results!
Thanks @beautybaycom for your great service, as always.
#bbdaretoshare #beautybay #skin #skincare #dodjoska #dodjoskausvijetusminke #moisturizer #marulaoil #HA #minihaul #deciem #gothamista #beautyblogger #dryskin

I have been doing the K beauty since November 2017 and you can see the results on my face. There are so many good products out there. All the K beauty products I have purchased after watching You Tube videos Emily @sharewear and @gothamista . I can’t rave enough about the products from @ohlollybeauty and @urangnatural and @sokoglam I’m happy. Like I said I’m going to minus 15 years from my birth certificate this year lol #sephorajunkie47 #ohlollybeauty #ohlolly #sharewear #gothamista #sokoglam #koreanskincare #koreanbeauty #urangnatural

You skincare addicts may be able to guess who’s youtube channel I recently stumbled upon by these products 😂
That’s right, Gothamista! If you haven't checked her channel out alreadt, I'd highly recommend it! -
I decided to alter my skincare routine based on some of her product recommendations. I’m currently in a transitional phase in my skincare journey where I’m moving away from thick moisturizers to thin layerable hydrators (re: advice from my fascialist). I’m also excited to add BHA to my routine for the first time. -
Here are the goods and why I grabbed them! -
💪🏼Cos Rx BHA Blackhead Power liquid (clogged pores are one of my main skin issues)
🌹Secret Key Starting Treatment Essence rose edition (I wanted to try this before splurging on the SK-II treatment lotion)
✨Hada Labo Goku-Jyun Premium Hyaluronic Acid Lotion (I have Skinceuticals HA Intensifier but I feel my skin still needs more hydration)
🌱Benton Aloe Propolis Soothing Gel (My fascialist wanted me to stop using regular moisturizer for 12 weeks, as she thought it had been contributing to my chronic white under the skin bumps, this seems like a lovely alternative to lock in hydration).
Here's to getting high(drated) 💧

Have you checked out @gothamista's "Favorite Skincare of 2017 Part 1" video? She has some great product recommendations, including one of our most beloved products, the Moringa Cleansing Balm.
Watch her video to hear why she loves it so much! 💕
#enature #ecofriendly #naturalskincare #moringa #kbeauty #koreanskincare #beauty #cleansingbalm #cleansing #firstcleanse #skincare #gothamista

So honored to make @gothamista's Favorite Skincare of 2017! Check out the link in her bio for the full video 💛💛💛
#stratia #stratiaskin #stratialiquidgold #liquidgold #skincare #skincarereview #gothamista #beauty #beautyreview

#selfcaresunday is all about #treatingmyself and I love a good cup of tea while catching up on my #youtube feed. This is one of my fave #looseleaftea, @serengetiteasandspices #kenyanleslafbop. #serengetiteaandspices is a great #tea spot in #Harlem, #nyc that everyone should visit! (2)This Kenyan black tea has a nice, but not overpowering, vanilla taste. (3) I brew it in my #drwho #tardis #teainfuser cause it makes me happy. It's strong and smooth. (4) I love it with a bit of almond milk. It was a good companion to #gothamista latest post. 😊😊😊🍵🍵🍵🌱🌱🌱 #selfcare #cuppa #treatyoself #scifinerd #whovian #teaconnoisseur

Secret key rose edition as suggested by Renee bought this from yesstyle for my sister with expectations and boy was she blown away hell yes... The texture is thick and smooth jelly like when applied onto skin gives intense hydration to it, has gelactomyces ferment filtrate-94% which not only hydrates but also brightens the skintone,smells divine that rose effect though. Controls sebum gives instant shine can be used instead of expensive fermented essence available in market. Double thumbs as given by my sister(she is someone who is hard to be impressed) #kbeauty #secretkey #renee #gothamista #secretkeyroseessence #secretkeyroseedition #skincare #bestessence #beautyblogger #chennaiskincareblogger #indianskincareblogger #indianbeautyblogger #kbeautyaddict #yesstyle

@5yina is one of @gothamista’s favorite brand discoveries this year ✨ The Bio-Adaptive DIVINE Cleanser has made it to her ‘best skincare of 2017’ list! Renée calls the cleanser “elevated skin cleansing”. Watch this video to hear what else she has to say about this beautiful, adaptogenic cleanser: https://youtu.be/Kx5tDC0cqJc
#pinkmoonco #5yina #gothamista #bestskincare #luxurybeauty #facecleanser #tcm #plantbased #holisticbeauty #wellness #plantmedicine #herbalbeauty

Favourite skincare youtubers of 2017: Liah @aboutliahyoo 😍 & Renée @gothamista 😍
I'm addicted to their videos 💞

#aboutliahyoo #gothamista #favouriteyoutubers #skincareyoutubers #beautyyoutubers #skincare #skincareaddict #beautyfreak

[First Impression Pyunkang Yul]
@pyunkangyul is a brand that really excites me and after watching Renėes @gothamista video about the brand I knew I had to try it.
After trying the Essence Toner from Pyunkang Yul it became one of my favorite products right after the first use. It has such a nice texture and it reminds me of Klairs Supple Preparation Facial Toner in the consistency. It has no sent which I love and because of it's light texture you can use this product for layering.
Since I fell inlove with the Essence Toner I ordered both the Mist Toner and the Moisture Serum 💦
I have already tried the Moisture Serum twice and what can I say, it's pretty damn amazing. The texture is really light even though it feels a bit thicker when first squeezing it out of the pipette. It feels moisturizing, cooling and calming right away and the skin drinks it's up in just a few seconds. I can definitely see this serum becoming a favorite product aswell.
Pyunkang Yul is a brand I can recommend for every skintype since they have very few and good ingredients 💦

Heute stelle ich euch meinen absoluten Liebling vor. Wenn ich ein HG Produkt habe, dann die Beauty of Joseon Dynasty cream ♥️. Sie ist gleichzeitig sehr feuchtigkeitsspendend und reichhaltig ohne schwer zu sein. Ich habe wie schon erwähnt sehr trockene Haut und dieses Produkt ist jeden Morgen wieder eine Wohltat. Ich liebe den leichten frischen Geruch und die etwas zähflüssige Konsistenz. #Gothamista hat die Creme auch in einem ihrer Videos vorgestellt. Das Preis-Leistungsverhätnis ist top. Sie kostet circa 13 Euro über eBay und man benötigt sehr wenig davon. Sie kommt im Glas daher, was mir auch sehr gut gefällt.
Kennt jemand von euch Creme?

Das ist mein Bestand an Peelings.
😍 die beiden von PC hab ich wahrscheinlich schon seit 1,5 Jahren in Gebrauch. Das BHA hat zu Beginn meiner Skincarereise den größten Unterschied gemacht. Nachdem ich mit 26 die Pille abgesetzt und dem Teufelszeug für immer abgeschworen hatte, musste ich mich jahrelang mit hormonbedingter akne im Kinnbereich herumschlagen. Ich hatte tiefliegende Entzündungen, die immer wieder neu entflammt sind. Eine zeitlang bin ich zur Gesichtskosmetik gegangen und hab mir dort mein Gesicht misshandeln lassen 😖. Danach hab ich mich tagelang nicht mehr aus dem Haus getraut, weil ich so schlimm ausgesehen hab. Nachdem ich dann das BHA und AHA entdeckt hab, haben sich die Entzündungen schrittweise eingestellt und jetzt seit ich so gut auf meine Haut achte krieg ich nicht mal mehr vor der Regel Pickel. Ich denke jede von uns die, mal mit akne zu tun hatte weiß wie befreiend es ist, wenn man plötzlich kein make up mehr zum Abdecken braucht, .
Aktuell wende ich das BHA circa 1x/Woche an der Nase unf das AHA in der T-Zone an. 👍 Das P50V von #biologiquerecherche hab ich auch schon ewig. Meine empfindliche Haut reagiert immer mit einer starken Rötung darauf. Das beruhigt sich erst nach einer Stunde wieder. Ob es meiner Haut wirklich viel bringt kann ich nicht sagen. Ich verwende es etwa 3x/Woche, wenn es meiner Haut gut geht. Der Preis ist hoch, aber man kommt damit wirkliche ewig aus. #Gothamista hat erst vor kurzem in ihrem Blog ein tutorial gepostet, wie die Lotion richtig aufgetragen werden sollte. Seit ich es so mache, reagiert die Haut wesentlich weniger stark.
Das BHA vom #cosrx hab ich noch so gut wie nie benutzt, weil das von PC einfach nicht leer werden will.

Weiß jemand wie es mit Peelings und ihrer Haltbarkeit aussieht? Auf der Verpackung steht 12 Monate, aber verliert es dann langsam seine Wirksamkeit?

#hello #gothamista

Youtuber, Renee(channel named Gothamista) visits NEOGEN!
If wanna see whole video,
please come to profile link😍😍😍

The winner of Christmas giveaway
is going to be announced
at description box of “Happy New Year”
greeting vidoe at Youtube (which is releasing 1st day of 2018)
Please wait for us🙏🏼😍

#neogen #collaboration #weloveyou #giveaway

Sometimes Christmas comes early!! 🎄🎁🤗I'm so excited that my @wishtrend X @gothamista Black Friday package finally came today! Although the @klairs.global Midnight Blue Youth Activating Drop wasn't included because of crystallization, I cannot wait to try the rest of these products!
I got:
1 @wishtrend Mandelic Acid 5% Skin Prep
1 @imfrom_official Honey Mask
1 @klairs.global Rich Moist Soothing Cream
1 @klairs.global Supple Toner
2 @wishtrend Hours-long Masks
1 Package of @klairs.global Cotton Pads (not pictured)
4 samples
I stopped by Walmart for some last minute shopping and picked up 4 masks from @sooae.official and @bynatureskincare. I've tried and enjoyed the Peel & Glow mask and excited to use the others!

See any of your favorites?!
#kbeauty #kskincare #wishtrend #gothamista #klairs #skincare #skincareroutine #beauty #masking #sheetmask #blackfriday #koreanskincare #koreanbeauty

As per @gothamista in one of her vlogs, @pyunkangyul essence toner is "love at first pat" and I totally second the motion. Though it hasn't been that long since I started using this, I dare say that using this product has been a wonderful experience, at least to what it's done for my skin. Here are my thoughts on this:

● So lightweight that the skin drinks it all up quickly leaving the skin hydrated but not shiny or tacky making the product perfect for the 7-skin method.
● Not irritating and no stinging sensation.
● List of ingredients is very short.
● Helps calm red and irritated or sensitised skin.
● Makes skin soft, smooth and glowing.
● Doesn't cause the skin to break out.
● Not just for dry skin but also works pretty well for normal to oily skin.

● None.

TBH, I don't know what it's supposed to do or if the pros listed above are exactly what this product claims to do, but whatever it is, I am just thankful to have this product in my fridge (yes, I keep all my liquid products in the fridge) and I am thankful that I chanced upon gothamista's video on hydrating toners.

My eyes are also dead set on @missha.official @misshaph and @klairs.global for the time revolution first treatment essence and klairs supple preparation toner respectively.

#gothamista #pyunkangyul #toners #essence
#clearskin #zeroirritation #hydration #7skinmethod

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