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A very rare photo of Gostronomy and Deadpool. Clearly Deadpool is a huge fan of Gostronomy and was very eager to be in this photograph. #gostronomy #gostronomywouldbeatdeadpoolinafistfight

Gostronomy does not need to be with people to have a great time. As you see here he can entertain himself. Music by @koppeltheband #gostronomy #stripedpajamas

This photo is a perfect example of the effect that gostronomy has upon women. Even famous married women such as Jenny from the block have a hard time concealing their feelings. #gostronomy #gostronomyrespectsthesanctityofmarriage #heonlyhaseyesforeva

Gostronomy hopes everyone had an excellent new year. He is already killing it in 2017 by deciding to pose in a pool whilst sipping herbal tea. #gostronomy

Gostronomy loves dogs. Dogs love gostronomy. You can see that the dog is peering directly into the eyes of gostronomy. Even dogs are mesmerized by the great gostronomy. #gostronomy #dogsarebetterthancats #dogsarebetterthanpeople

Gostronomy is very pleased and humbled to be recognized for his greatest film yet. He gratefully accepted the golden globe and will most likely store it in a drawer because he is humble. #gostronomy #thebestofthenight #noonecouldupstagehim #merylstreeptriedbutfailed

Gostronomy crosses his legs like a man and listens to @koppeltheband #gostronomy #gostronomylikespopmusicunashamedley

Gostronomy's bowtie was absolutely perfect and in no way did he need Meryl to fix it. However, since he is a gentleman, Gostronomy allowed her to reposition it even though it is handcrafted and made of cashmere wool from Perú. #gostronomy

And in that moment, Gostronomy made Ellen forget that she is a lesbian. #gostronomy #allwomenlovehim


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