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Yesterday's @goskatepdx fundraiser event was such a blast! We made hundreds of free key chains and magnets, and recycled over 30 boards into new cruisers with 100% of the money raised donated to @burnside_skatepark. Good vibes and epic skateboarding were in full effect all day. Yesterday was huge. Thanks to everyone who came out and to everybody responsible for helping put on such a rad event. The support that exists within skateboarding blows me away. #thankyouskateboarding #thankyouportland #goskatepdx #goskateday #goskateboardingday Photo is a repost from @tiltitup of Portland ripper @jessmudgett taken by @bluebeardd

Out on the streets with @james_alby filming for #jellyhead4 πŸ“ΉπŸ™ @johngeiter @jellyheadpdx #pdx #goskate #goskatepdx #jellyheadpdx

Made some prints for @goskatepdx's event this Sunday in the Pearl. Hope to see y'all there! #GoSkatePDX #GoSkateDay

When there are more people than boards 😝 #goskatepdx

Go Skate Day in Portland was tite. @binguin_memphis -- block-partying at @tiltitup πŸ“· by @vonpred #goskatepdx #goskateday #gsd15 #curbcut

"Bam did it in 2001" - Joe #goskatepdx


I had plenty of adult responsibilities to attend to yesterday, but it was a gorgeous evening in Portland and it was #goskateboardingday . I convinced myself 'just go push around the block. It's been too long and you'll hurt yourself anyway' ...and then it was two blocks, and then I remembered how I feel when I skate and kept going. I made my way through the neighborhood, bombed a hill, got chased by a dog, found another skater kicking around on some blacktop and managed to get my ollie back. I made my way over to the @kampgrizzly @adidasskateboarding party to feel old and silly but ran into a friend there instead and felt just fine. There were so many women skating! I'll admit I felt some pride knowing I was the generation that came before them, that for most of my skating years I was the only girl around. (I remember when Villa Villa Cola put out a video it blew my mind.)Somehow every year I forget what skating means to me and how much it has given me. I got my first setup in 1996: a @girlskateboards deck, Grind King trucks (that I still skate!), @spitfirewheels wheels, and @bonesbearings Last night I kicked around on the same setup I rode in college, clay from the sculpture studio forever ground into the griptape and a Tammy Faye Bakker autograph on the bottom (a story for another time). I don't know how I let such a big part of my life fade so quickly, or how I forgot the feeling of it. Well, that's not entirely true... #life gets hard and things ebb and flow and without real effort, things you care about can easily fall by the wayside. Skating will always be there for me to reclaim it if I want to, but even if I don't, I'll at least take one day a year to remember and reconnect with the dorky, awkward, skater girl I used to be. #skateeverydamnday #goskatepdx #sheexplores

Happy Go Skateboarding Day! #goskate #goskateboardday #goskatepdx

#goskatepdx #goskateboardday old lady ride πŸ€™

@james_alby iPhone πŸ“± dump James has been busy on the streets filming for #jellyhead4 πŸ“ΉπŸ™ Filmer @johngeiter @jellyheadpdx #pdx #goskate #goskatepdx #portland #portlandoregon #jellyheadpdx @whitakerskateboards

@james_alby iPhone πŸ“± dump James has been busy on the streets filming for #jellyhead4 πŸ“ΉπŸ™ Filmer @johngeiter @jellyheadpdx #pdx #goskate #goskatepdx #portland #portlandoregon #jellyheadpdx

Out on the streets with @james_alby filming for #jellyhead4 πŸ“ΉπŸ™ @johngeiter @jellyheadpdx #pdx #goskate #goskatepdx #jellyheadpdx

Sunny day β˜€οΈ slappys & bones with @caveman_in_paradise @james_alby on a hot PDX day. Filmer πŸ“ΉπŸ™ @johngeiter @jellyheadpdx #pdx #goskate #jellyhead4 #goskatepdx #portland #portlandoregonskateboarding #slappy

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