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Head over to the blog now to find our pick of the best books at start your quest for a zero waste home ♻️ Link in Bio ♻️ #plasticfreejuly #zerowaste #recycle #reuse #goplasticfree @plasticfreejuly @madebyfressko_official

We now have funky foldaway bags!! 🎒Great for the #environment 🌍and saves you those 5ps on your shopping trips. Pocket sized goodness for £4.50 💁🏼 #Lushcribbs #goplasticfree #reuseable

In Los Angeles? Check out this cool event and support local artisans! #DineWeaversInLA #StandwithDineGrandmothers #MoreClayLessPlastic #UseRealStuff #GoPlasticFree

U S E • L E S S 🥛 #goplasticfree

Our obsession with having everything plastic wrapped and our obsession with convenience culture. We're all culprits and I get it - somedays, it feels pretty unavoidable when everywhere you look and everything you want to purchase is plastic wrapped and unnecessarily so. If it wasn't bad enough having whole capsicums individually wrapped, you can now buy sliced capsicums...which is ridiculous in itself let alone the doubled packaging. And this is just one of many examples.
I honestly can't take a trip to the supermarket without getting frustrated and pained - to put it lightly.

SO, what's the big deal?
Our planet, our oceans and the health of our habitats and ecosystems, that's what. The health of our food, our people, our animals, our biodiversity. Let's be accountable!
I don't buy this - because I refuse to let this become a thing and give into corporates making this our only choice...and because thankfully I have other, better, wrapping free choices.
This may all seem trivial...but please take my word for it when I say: it's not.
#makethisplasticfree #plasticfreeproduce #goplasticfree #plasticfree #saynotoplastic

Ruakaka morning strollin haul #take3forthesea ... Or more than 3 if you find a giant rubbish sack in the sand to fill up too! #plasticpollutes #loveyourcoast #bepartofthesolution #goplasticfree

It's time to change... Plastic might be convenient but its an inconvenience for your health #refusesingleuseplastics #PlasticIsTheEnemy #PlasticPollution #GoPlasticFree Photo Credit: @boomerangbags


Listen to the podcast episode with Chantal Plamondon! Link in bio. #lifewithoutplastic @lifewithoutplastic #plasticfree #noplastic #goplasticfree

Did you know that @chattr wrote an article all about Nood Food Mood?! It gives a backstory and behind the scenes look into why this project was started, how it was made and why it is so important! Link is in the bio! ✨ Give it a read and let us know what you think!! #getinthemoodfornoodfood #noodfoodmood

💔🌊 this is just a small part of what I've been picking up over the last hour.. tiny bits and pieces and one not so tiny canister.😢
#keepouroceansclean #stopsingleuseplastic #stopmicrowaste #stopplasticpollution #thereisnoplanetb #goplasticfree #startcaring

Plastic! Plastic everywhere! Did you know that Australians use more than 10 million plastic bags everyday? It also takes over 1000 years for them to break down. Plastic bags pollute the environment both when they're created and when we dispose of them! So what is something simple that we can do to stop this? Say NO to plastic bags and bring your own bag! Easy as that! Sweets' pro tip: leave reusable bags in your car so you'll always have them on you when go shopping! It's time to #banthebag and start making small changes to make a big difference! #getinthemoodfornoodfood

Found a way to get my Fuzzy Melon frost drink disposable-free.
Their Frost drinks come in cool beakers and I used my @gozeroph straw.

Sadly, their other cold drinks were served in disposable cups (non-biodegradable,btw) with plastic covers on even for dine-in orders, which is ridiculous. Please make all your drinks available in cool reusables @bubbalab and help the 🌏

#goplasticfree #reuserevolution #plasticfree #gozeroph #metalstrawph #bubbalab #wintermelon #wimadventures #wheninmanila #notosingleuse #useitandkeepit #whattoeatph

I stort sett alla länders dricksvatten innehåller plast. Vi är så glada för att butiker börjar ta betalt för plastpåsarna. Nu behöver vi bara ett totalstopp för försäljning av dem. Du måste inte slänga all plast du har, använd det förnuftigt till dess burkar & annat gjort sitt. #goplasticfree #grönavalet #nejtillplastpåsar #tygkasse #grönsakspåse #zerowaste #lesswaste #örebrokonst

As humans we are so selfish. No thought given to how we affect the marine world. It's time to change that. Photo credit Justin Hofman #goplasticfree #plasticsucks #plasticfreecayman #plasticocean #plasticsea #cottonbud

Once upon a time this stream was clean and pure.. thanks to the contribution of humans, now it has become a plastic paradise.. this stream joins river Netravathi which finally dumps all plastic to Arabian sea.. #saverivers#goplasticfree

Wow! What a week! At Lush Canterbury we have sold more naked products and knot wraps than ever! Thank you to all of our wonderful customers for choosing to go without plastic this week and spread the #zerowaste movement! Here are a few of our favourite naked products!

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