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August 1st part 2/2

After a lot of bushwhacking I eventually found that other trail which follows the river downhill. Shortly thereafter it began to rain again, and two thunderstorms went off over two different massifs. I went down along the river until the point where another trail crosses the one I was on, but crossing the river there looked way to difficult. This is a glacial river with very dark and muddy water, so you can't see what's underneath, making wading a lot riskier. On top of that, last night it rained heavily, coupled with a sunny and warm day until the rain started again. This makes for a very fast moving river. It might sound like any weather is bad based on my last few sentences so I'll try to explain briefly how it goes:

Water has a way higher density than air, and transfers heat quicker. Therefore rain melts glaciers and snow fields pretty fast.
Direct sunlight as we all know can heat things up very quickly, including glaciers and snow fields.
Finally heat will obviously do the same.

So the most efficient combo at melting glaciers and snowfields is a high daily average temperature coupled with rainy nights and sunny days. In contrast, cloudy days and low average temperature wouldn't affect them as much.

In the end I walked up and down the river looking for safe places to wade it without any success. I would've probably made it at a few places but given I was almost brought down violently in a river crossing in Ecuador a few years back, I've got a tremendous amount of respect for the situation. I decided to make camp for the night and give it a try in the morning. Unless it rains very hard tonight, the river should be a bit calmer tomorrow due to the lower night-time temperature.

A failure of a day in terms of going where I'm headed, but I saw a lynx so the day ended up being a good one anyway!

August 1st part 1/2

Journey journal: Northern Sweden and Norway
Traveled so far: 1166 km by bike + 394 km by foot
Day 52 Lulep Vássjájågåsj - Rapadalen
10 km by foot, mostly off trail

Last night it rained heavily and there were thunderstorms coming and going for quite a while. I struggled to sleep so today I was at a loss for energy. I kept trying to sleep in the morning and early noon but the sun heated the tent up making it difficult. I took off at around 15 with the aim of hiking all the way through rapadalen and up to the Snávvávágge lakes. Finding the trail took a long time to begin with, but I eventually did. I followed it down to the forest where it didn't take long for me to lose it. Failing to find it again, I decided to head towards the next river, where there was supposed to be another, easier to follow, trail. It was in the moment when I started moving with more conviction (and noise) that a lynx heard me and ran off. I've never seen one in the wild before, and I only saw it from behind (taking off fast) but those ears were what made me realize I'd just seen a lynx! 😁 It's hard to express how grateful I am to, apart from deer, reindeer, moose, foxes and an eagle, have seen a bear cub and a lynx on my trip!😃😃😃 Continues in the following post...

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Literally can't wait to start showing u all progress pics of what's happened so far 😈😎
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La vida te sonríe en el Camino 🌻 Día 1.Burgos-Fromista
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