#goodmen are hard to come by because they have been #broken just like us #goodwomen have. Men should be #loved and #appreciated by us women just like what we expect from them. We are all #flawed and if we truly love someone then we #accept them for who they are and #never give up on them even during #badtimes because that's when they #need us the most.
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A great message from the great Mr.Graham. All the fathers out there handling their business along with their #goddesses, we salute you. 👪

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I’m getting more excited for WW84. I think it can actually be better than the first one! Gal is a doll! What are you most interested in seeing in Wonder Woman 2!?

I’ve come across some truly phenomenal women in my life and it’s a shame that my memories of them were partially tainted due to circumstances that flailed out of control. Pain is a very real thing, and it can ruin some even realer things. But what’s meant to be shall be and that’s good enough for me.
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{“A man treats a woman as how he sees her.. And he learns how to treat her by watching how she treats herself.”•}
- @tonygaskins 💯💕🙌🏽👑
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There used to be this show called The Pick Up Artist, with a man named Mystery, who taught awkward men how to pick up women by playing on their insecurities. I had just given birth to a baby girl, and I was collecting my hours for licensure as a marriage and family therapist, and I watched in absolute horrified fascination. .
This show existed, teaching men how to further prey on and exert power over women in a culture where women were already pervasively mistreated and disrespected. This is a patriarchy. .
So many times I’ve heard guys tell me “nice guys finish last”. But it’s absolutely not true.. nice guys do not finish last with healthy, healed women. You can be manly and masculine and still be kind and respectful and nurturing. .
What Mystery taught men in his show was to play to the insecurities of women, basically to the trauma wounds created by her own father, or our culture, and what Mystery mistook for interest/attraction/seduction was the irresistible urge for her body to heal and engage with this man who was now recreating that dynamic her father started. Do you want an unhealed woman who is unaware and keeps replaying the same cycles with you? Or do you want to be a “good guy” who is wildly sexy and strong to a healed woman who has done her work and healed her wounds with her father and “the masculine”? To be fair, we all have some baggage and some things we are constantly working on and playing out with our partners, but AWARENESS is key.
Ladies, once you do this work and this healing, you will no longer be attracted to the “bad boy”. You won’t feel that pull to work out your issues with him that was mistaken as true attraction/chemistry and when he shows his disrespectful character it will do quite the opposite.. shut that pussy down. .
Men, even good men, are being held to a higher standard now. Post #metoo there has been a lot of healing taking place. The bad boys will never have the same appeal. That is history. Good guys, this is your time. The culture is ripe for you. Stand in your healthy masculinity and lead the way. Happy Father’s Day to all the men out there creating a new world, a new culture. And healing the old one ♥️

I woke up today and sat in the grocery store parking lot in meditation for what I thought was 5 minutes, ended up being 30. I can’t speak for everyone but I can’t believe how much it helps me. To tap in to the vastness and energy of life. It is a pull and force that creates hope and positive change in my life. Today I washed away my hurt and replaced it with love, unconditional and ever-flowing. Love to all the men this weekend who are lovingly raising with kindness, attentiveness and unwavering commitment to their children this Father’s Day weekend.
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Many women do noble things, but you (virtuous woman) surpass them all ... Proverbs 31:29

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