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This weekend we have heroes and romance on Saturday in #AllforLove & Sunday, it's a magical birthday for Grace! #GoodWitch

During this physical lifetime... honor, love and respect your body ✨🙏🏻✨

Nick x Grace #nace #goodwitch

It has been a looooong day on set. Just getting home and had to share. My dressers name is #Glinda after the #goodwitch and the writer/producers name is Kara! @karalindsay1

I couldn't be prouder of this season, and am so excited to finally share it with you. I'll see you tomorrow night to live tweet! Comment below "🎉" if you're watching! #GOODIES

When your yoga retreat roomie sends you a present 🤗😘 @liltye8 #goodwitch #bestroomie

aw :,)
side note:I don't watch this show but I made this for @ginxywxasley
#nace #goodwitch

I don't wanna brag buuuuut THAT'S how you take notes at a crime scene!!!!!! BOOOOM! #penmanship #solidpaperstock #zenlikefocus #GoodWitch #Goodies @hallmarkchannel @w_network
Sunday nights Hallmark Channel & W Network


Interested in the fit rituals I've used to help my get my health and fitness back on track? Join the wait list over at www.weightlossritualsforwomen.com and be the first to find out when my free course launches! Wooohoo!
Link in bio! ❤⭐️🔮💪🏽

Funko May Photo-A-Day Challenge. Today's Category: Favorite Villain... "Glinda. Yes, Glinda..." #funkophotoaday #billieburke #franklbaum #funko #funkopop #glinda #glitter #goodwitch #goodwitchofthenorth #goodwitchofthesouth #oz #wizardofoz

Our power has been out for 9+ hours. I've said it before and I'll say it again, I don't know what I'd do without #stevie 🙏 #lightofmylife #holdme #stevienicks #saintstevie #fleetwoodmac #helpmestevieyouremyonlyhope #goodwitch 🎩🕊

Like little, fossilized #unicorn horns
As one of the longest used gems believed to be imbued with healing powers, #amethyst encourages a soothing stimulation of emotions and mind. It has been associated with feelings and thought that it's name is derivative of the Greek word for not intoxicated or sober. Our beautiful pieces contain wonderful swirls and blocks of #purple, white, and clear aspects. The presences of manganese increases the intense purple hues of this form of Clear Quartz. Travelers us it to ward off treachery and business-people use it as an upper-hand in clarity. In addition to these specifics, Amethyst can also be known as the All Healer and is said to work to clear many issues from the home, to relationships, and to the office

I live for @todrick's fierce wizard of oz drag look! I'm surprised I was able to stop myself dancing long enough to film this 🙈 #Low #GoodWitch #BadBitch #TodrickHall #Fierce #London #SlayTheRunway #O2Academy #ShepherdsBush #BestSeats #Inspirational #ToddyRockstar #ShepherdsBushEmpire #AboutLastNight

Moonstone and white buffalo moon gazers talisman ring. Adjustable band, gorgeous moonstone. Perfect stone Alchemy. Together they bring attunement with peaceful calm energy and the feminine divine 🌒🌑🌘

It's a good time for some banishing work, break witchcraft, protection and remove evil MAGIC! Contact Me for Details or Visit our Website in BIO www.BrujasEspirituales.com

How you realllllly want to be calling in sick to work. 😅
( & it's okay, you can talk to me like this in our coaching sessions. I totally understand about that Jupiter energy, boo.)

I never thought my little hobby of doing intuitive 🔮 readings and creating rituals for people would turn into one of my favorite things to do!

This little reading and care package is going off to a sweet ❤️ love that apparently needs to slow down and take a breath. I created an Essential Oil blend just for her and let my heart choose the perfect crystal to facilitate the medicine. This little collection then got a heavy dose of Reiki and Prayer. I can't wait for her to receive her care package and begin the 30 day ritual that accompanies it!

It's hard keeping this visage in proper #spellcasting condition...
We're getting closer to #impeachment every time he goes off script. Intentions and, more importantly, the groundwork that they strengthen are effecting the environment around the #trumpsterfire! Keep it up, all you beautiful souls!

During this physical lifetime... honor, love and respect your body ✨🙏🏻✨

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