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Thank you to everyone for the birthday wishes & especially @stephanielou_who for everything else❤️ Can't wait for Vegas this weekend 🍻🎶 #goodvibetribe #22 #lifeisbeautiful #drunkatdisney #mybestfriendisbetterthanyours

I promise you this group is not normally this serious 😂
But I just can't stop posting these pictures because they're BEYOND gorgeous.😍💗
Thinking about our day today... and I am simply SO thankful again and again. This time to know that these women stood beside me, not only during the ceremony- but through every moment leading up. In life, they've stood by me through the darkest and hardest parts of my story- and now, the brightest just as well. If you don't believe that WHO you surround yourself plays such a role in shaping you to who you're going to be... guess again! These women have helped me hold on to truth, see beauty in myself, and lift me up when I couldn't stand on my own.
I couldn't be luckier.
These girls have SO much of my heart!!! I wish so badly every one of you were here in Nash with me ALL the time.
But the fact that I get you in my life at all- is so amazing! So I'll take it💗
P.s. I've always wanted to be surrounded by a field of flowers too....🌷🌻🌸 and my dreams came true!!!!
Get it???🤓✌🏽😋
Talk about the most gorgeous bridal party in history!!!!🙈✨😘
#teamwholehearted #sowardoingthis #goodvibetribe

Carrot ❤️

players gonna play 👐🏽| #maxstagram #gopro

All disappointing circumstances, like stock prices falling, gas prices rising, or being disappointed by others - are temporary. You, however, are eternal.
You don't even have a say in the matter.

You will outlast, outsmart, and outlive anything that doesn't please you sooner than you think.

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Day 6️⃣of #yogiautumnjam is #Malasana☺️ ______________
I decided to go with 8 facts just like @yogiaubrey a
1. I do not drink coffee or alcohol cause me no like🙈like I like sweet drinks but they do no need to have alcohol in them. Personally, I find anything with alcohol quite yucky but everyone in my family really likes it and I'm just like, but why🤷🏼‍♀️
2. I am naturally a rebel but in the not way you might think! I often try to go against the mold if they meet the following requirements: a) almost everyone is doing it b) it is unhealthy, immoral or not good in the moment nor in the long run
3. At 13 I promised myself to not date anyone in high school and wait until after university to start dating. However, I broke that rule at age 20 and if I could go back and tell myself to wait; I would.
4. I really REALLY like salmon sashimi 🍣 and anything with avocado 🥑.LIKE SOOO MUCH. Like I could live off salmon sashimi and avocado for the rest of my life.
5. I have been in a long distance relationship for a little over two years with my love♥️. We both are making it work but there are times like this morning where I tear up thinking about how I wish we could just be together already😤l! But as Alexander always says, some of the best things in life are worth waiting.
6. I have always been a sugar addict but getting 8-9 hours of sleep every night has been gradually subsiding my cravings for sugar throughout the day! 😴 gotta catch enough zzzzz's every night or our bodies will ask for not so great things throughout the day to keep the body moving.
7. My mind often thinks too quickly for my mouth to say coherent things and I often mix up words or mesh words/phrases together. A silly example would be: I will be thinking, "I have too many issues" and what comes out is I have tissues" followed by OOPS I MEAN [insert correction here]. I also have an ongoing problem of speaking too quickly. 😜
8. Meditating and being aware of my breath has helped me with my nonsensical ways and aided me in speaking coherently for the most part.

✨Lovely hosts✨: @mikmill ✨
@yogiaubrey 💛
@yogileonie ✨
@abby_yogi 💛 .
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And staying in your comfort zone all the time is not what you were meant for either❣️
There is something #uniquely special about every single one of you❣️
Some of you are simply missing the guidance of someone to #believe in you enough, to make you believe in yourself❣️ #highground #purpose #inspiration #goodvibetribe #synergy #guidance

Feeling ready to take on #humpday ☕️💪🏻⠀
#ShaneCommunities ⠀

@patchoulimommy is representing her nuglace and pot pendy. Thank you so much for supporting my new venture. You are seriously the best. Everyone go show this pretty lady some love. Oh and she also makes some cute ass jewelry too.
This is a perfect time to start posting your beautiful souls on my page. Make sure to send me pics if you have received jewelry and I would love to blast you.
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Isn't mother earth beautiful! My Best friends @thegoodvibetribe2017 are on a cross country journey and stopped at the Caverns of Sonora in Sonora Texas! Meghan and Renee are seeing some epic national parks, landmarks and overall cross country fun. Go follow their journey and take a browse. I would love to go here, and I know most of you gemstone lovers would probably too 🌙
#bestfriendgoescrosscountry #live #travel #goodvibetribe

When you have a demanding client who has taken up 95% of your week so far and seems to make everything more difficult...still not letting that get me down! I did have to vent a little, but hey I'm only human! 🤷‍
None of my coaching clients are like that... 🤔 so thankful I work with and mentor so many wonderful people in my own business!

#Repost @t_shirt_ninjah (@get_repost)
Dogs do speak, but only to those who know how to listen 😎🐶
📷: @gggoodiezzz
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Bird's eye view 🕊You know you were on vacation when you realize the date & be like 😳what it's September 20 already?!
Seattle is such a beautiful city. What I love most about the city is how there are hella trees around. The air is fresher and I loved the mixture of city life and nature. 🌲🏙🌳
I’m so thankful to have such wonderful and welcoming hosts (my family) to show me around town. 💞 I enjoyed every moment & now I’m back feeling ready, rejuvenated and refreshed. Time to get back to the grind… Happy Hump Day! 🐪

🌲Adult Peek-a-boo. It's a thing. 🤷🏼‍♀️

Community art 🌈🌈

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