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It is a great feeling being able to sit next to one another, not saying anything and yet feel content. For silence is pure. It is holy and it draws people together as only those who are comfortable with each other can sit without speaking. I love the silence between two people, the quiet acknowledgement, the falling into knowing, simply breathing, and being while sharing space and time.
- Mitra shahidi

I lettered these words from @elizabeth_gilbert_writer a few months ago, and then stuck them above my desk. Because I LOVE the reminder that my creativity is birthed from that wild and beautiful place within my heart.❤️
And I think that’s true for lots of us creative/arty types. We make amazing art, the sort that sets our soul on fire, and we want to share it with the world… but then we start feeling like we’re selling stuff, and it starts to feel icky… and we don’t know how to cut through the noisy social media space in a way that has integrity for us and feels authentic.
And then we get overwhelmed, because landing pages and opt-ins and websites and email marketing and allllll the things we’re being told we have to do if we want to create a sustainable business from our art. And then we do nothing.
By now you’re either reading this and nodding your head, or you’re wondering if I’ve gone crazy and my oversharing has reached new levels of absurdity. Can I reassure you, if you’re in the second category - the oversharing is guaranteed to get far worse than this. 😄
But if you’re in the first category, I have the most amazing solution for you. Two incredible women I know, @katabianac and @getafreshstart, have put together a course - Social Media and Sales with Soul - that covers all of this stuff, in super practical ways. Not “here’s 600 hours of video for you to watch that will just leave you crying in the corner” kind of ways (amen?!).
Today is the very last day to take advantage of their early bird pricing, which is a saving of AU$333 on the full course cost. And yes, my bad for not telling you about it sooner (this is why I need this course too…). If you have any questions about it at all, please post them here, or DM me, but you can find the link in my profile to check it out.
ps. I am an affiliate for this course, but I will only ever tell you about things that I genuinely believe in, and Kat and Jessie are legitimately amazing business women with a wealth of knowledge to share.

This is my current workflow. My cat's name is Schrift (in English translation the name would be "Typeface"), and since he joined my life he is taking active role in creating letters.
Вы всё видели в историях — он тоже принимает участие в рисовании букв🙂

"In the time of your life, live - so that in that good time there shall be no ugliness or death for yourself or for any life your life touches. Seek goodness everywhere, and when it is found, bring it out of its hiding place and let it be free and unashamed. By the hand of @cryptk
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___ ✍ #KeepWriting

Place in and in flesh the least of the values, for these are the things that hold death and must pass away. Discover in all things that which shines and is beyond corruption. Encourage virtue in whatever heart it may have been driven into secrecy and sorrow by the shame and terror of this world. Ignore the obvious, for it is unworthy of the clear eye and kindly heart.

Be inferior to no man, or of any men be superior. Remember that every man is a variation of yourself. No man's guilt is not yours, nor is any man's innocence a thing apart. Despise evil and ungodliness, but not men of ungodliness or evil. These, understand. Have no shame in being kindly and gentle but if the time comes in the time of your life to kill, kill and have no regret.

In the time of your life, live - so that in that wondrous time you shall not add to the misery and sorrow of the world, but shall smile to the infinite delight and mystery of it." - WilliamSaroyan
#Calligraphy #CalligraphyArt PC: @vincent_pietri

"Stardust Soul" by @everyday.hooray for today's #GoodtypeTuesday.
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We found out that on this day in 1963, Joseph A. Walker, a United States Air Force Captain and fighter pilot, became the first person to enter space twice. Let’s continue the spacey feels of the week and see some galactic lettering. 🚀 Tag us @Goodtype and hashtag it #GoodtypeTuesday.
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As always, we will repost some of our favorites. And remember, this is all for the fun, encouragement and practice of lettering. Only positive comments and constructive feedback welcome. Multiple entries welcome. All skill levels welcome. Please only enter YOUR work. Entering your work does not make it ours. We give credit where credit is due. Above all, HAVE FUN!
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This is a 24 hour activity that happens once a week! . . .
Know someone who should participate? Tag 'em! 👆

Another issue of @kazoomagazine coming in hot! The steampunk issue ⛓⚙️🔩 Always an honor to create work for a magazine that promotes young female leaders!


Calm and cool
Image via @unsplash by @tim.marshall

Oasis - Stand by me 🎵

Karena ku ngefans juga sama bang alib 😂😂 @alib.isa

Um dos rascunhos para a tattoo da @sharibiller

14 tahun yang lalu saya menetap di Kota Denpasar, di kota inilah saya di besarkan
Tombow dual brushpen
Kertas Hvs A4 70 gsm
Cara pembuatan
Sketch dulu pake pensil, kalo udah yakin, langsung eksekusi

Повторюсь с публикацией, НО. Просто эта фраза как никогда кстати) Осенью выходит третий выпуск @thelettersmagazine где (я верю!) напечатают кое-какие мои почеркушки (за это спасибо @evgeniakistanova ) Так что все срочно за меня радуемся, подписывайтесь на мой (еле живой) творческий аккаунт @rukicrew и, друзья, превращайте мечты в цели! 😘💖

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