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I love my co-workers❤ Valentine's Day carnations and candy 🍭🏵#Loveisintheair #goodtobeappreciated

I work as a consultant's PA in a busy NHS Trust and work everyday with the stresses that the NHS face. My job can be very frustrating at times especially at the moment with the crisis with beds and trying to get patients listed for surgery to then be cancelled due to bed pressures. So it was lovely today to be thanked by a patient who I had managed to help before her big birthday came up and a special holiday. Little things like this make my job more worthwhile. #goodtobeappreciated #stressfuljob #nhs #hospital #worthwhile #thankyou

Apparently slightly exciting things are coming, so here’s a space for you to watch until then ☝️what a flurry of activity and nice news 2018 has been so far ☺️ #goodtobeappreciated #thankyou #excitingtimes #littlethings #strongnotskinny

My personalised Christmas Card from Samuel........think he left the rest of you out 😂😂😂 #thatsmyboy #imhisno1 #goodtobeappreciated #son #handmade#christmascard

Went in to #mcfarlanetoys offices last week and got to see #mr #spawn standing up like he was supposed to. I am glad they like my stand. #McFarlane #spawnstand #goodtobeappreciated #classypeople #violator standing near by wishing he had a stand #clown 😁

It's the small things that make your day.. #teacherlife #goodtobeappreciated 🍓

Happiness is being surprised at work from a group of people that work at hostess cupcake- with this amazing "Twinkie bouquet"... thanking us for all we do! #goodtobeappreciated

Its been two weeks that I have been overwhelmed from wife and mommy duties. Specially when my hubby got sick its been hard to catch up with my house chore, errands, kids activities, and no time for myself. In times like this it is easy for me be envious or be bitter to see a Mom that all put together like the one I saw today in the gasoline station she is fit, make up, well dress and driving BMW. Then Suddenly I talk out loud " 3 kids and she look beautiful and driving a nice car". I forgot that my sons are with me in the car, my eldest told me " yes she is pretty, but look at her kids its look like she spend more time to herself than her kids, we are lucky to have you because you take care of us all, giving your best every day and don't worry if I got rich I will get you a nicer luxury car ". In that moment I cried, I envied the woman because she look prettier with out knowing whats her own battle, and I forgot that I have my own blessings. Being appreciated by 16yr old is priceless! It made me think that I may never look my best everyday and comparing myself to others won't help me at all, but Being appreciated is all I need. I am beyond bless to have boys that can make my day brighter and make me smile. Fulfilling my duties as a Mom by myself is one heck of a super power that I should be proud everyday, anyway I live in America it is rare that moms have help unless you can afford it, in a way we are all equal it just happen that some knows how to put their stuff together. #nocomparison #itsnotcompetition #motherslife #myboys #goodtobeappreciated #feelinggood #mommystrong

Happy #teacherappreciationweek to all lovely, hard working #teachers out there who don't get the recognition they deserve (i.e. all of them)! Summer is just around the corner! Thanks SMS for the lovely goodie bag. #teacherlife #itsahardlife #goodtobeappreciated

Pretty cupcake! More goodies from Administration support week! #CMFP #adminday #adminweek #goodtobeappreciated #mylifestory #cupcakes #flowers

How lovely of my manager to get me a card & these lovely chocolates to congratulate me on my good audit result(first) recently in my new store 🍫😊 as never actually been appreciated in my old stores never mind nor shown appreciation of my work!!!

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