Plaisir partagé entre amis, le plein de vitamines avec le jus de tomate, on reste sur un choix équilibré 😎🍅👙🏋️‍♀️

The Bouncing Babysitter #goodtimeswithfriends

still faithful to Palamutbuku💕💕💕best place on earth🙏🙏🙏#palamutbükü #littlepieceofheaven #vacationmode #lifeisgood #goodtimeswithfriends

Diversão máxima 😉
No último dia do tour, passamos por surpreendentes trilhos e com o calor que se sentiu foi impossível evitar o mergulho...
Obrigado a este grupo de amigos franceses 🇨🇵! #algarve #enduro #enduroportugal #motocross #portugal #adventuretime #rubenfaria #rubenfariaadventuretours #goodtimeswithfriends

Here’s my magnificent tongue in all its glory, along with a beautifully sandy beard. Even though I am Lady Audrey I’m not an old fashioned Lady who tries to hide such things 🙊. I’m looking up at 🙋🏼‍♀️here, and judging by my 👅I’d say I’m preparing to receive a royal treat - good times indeed 😋. This moment was captured forever by Betty’s Mumface, @bettingtonbear , 🙋🏼‍♀️seems to call her Claire but that’s super boring so I’ll stick with Mumface. Thanks for the great photo ☺️

Weekend trip to North Carolina. Our raft kept getting stuck so many times. Aayan ditched our raft and went to the raft with a guide...thank God because the last stuck was the the scarred emergency team had to come and rescue us from our raft and they just abandoned our raft. Our raft got stuck to a big rock and turned completely sideways and it was at the spot the current was. Very strong. Guide tried to swim against the current and climbed so many dangerous rocks and risk her life but she was not confident to help us, so had to call emergency crew to get us out and those guys were professionals who where going paddling against the current like nothing then they were able to stop their raft in a strong cuuent and rescued us with a rope one by one....scary experience. Only thing I was so happy about was that Aayan ditched our raft and went into the guides raft...otherwise he would never ever go white water rafting in the future. He was already crying every time we got stuck. He has phobia of falling into the river. He doesn't care about any other body of waters. #goodtimeswithfriends #friendswhoarelikefamily #weareadoptedintothefamily #whitewaterrafting #hadanexperiencetorememberforever

🇦🇿👍🏼 В комплексе YAXT KLUB, расположенном на побережье Бакинского бульвара, можно не только арендовать яхту или снять номер, но и посидеть за обедом в хорошей компании, а также провести любое праздничное мероприятие.
В меню вам будут предложены блюда европейской кухни: овощные и мясные салаты, горячие рыбные и мясные блюда, разнообразные закуски и шашлыки. Из напитков в меню представлены алкогольные и прохладительные напитки. Все помещения ресторана выполнены в европейском стиле, при отделке залов использованы светлые ненавязчивые цвета.#wetransferaze#takemethere #citytours #viptransfer #vipservices #happiness #luxuryhotel #luxurytravel #goodtimeswithfriends #wetransfer #wetransfer_aze
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🇦🇿👍🏼 In the YAXT KLUB complex located on the Baku Boulevard coast, you can not only rent a yacht or rent a room, but also sit at a dinner in a good company, and hold any festive event.
In the menu you will be offered dishes of European cuisine: vegetable and meat salads, hot fish and meat dishes, a variety of snacks and shish kebabs. From drinks in the menu are presented alcoholic and soft drinks. All the premises of the restaurant are made in European style, while the rooms are decorated with bright unobtrusive colors.#wetransferaze#takemethere #citytours #viptransfer #vipservices #happiness #luxuryhotel #luxurytravel #goodtimeswithfriends #wetransfer #wetransfer_aze
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