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📸 @jer_boych

It's not easy trying to grab a Glamorous Hair in the Canadian Rockies shot of @vvalchev as she's got the thickest mane of hair this side of the Great Divide. One year of friendship and standing on top of mountains and we finally nailed a respectable shot! Fun fact about Victoria: She's got a good job that pays well, not because she likes money, but because she needs it to pay for her ridiculous shampoo and conditioner budget. Your move @jude.orchid 😘
#thathairtho #getoutthere

Upper Kananaskis Lake from the top of Joy this morning. Hard to beat that backdrop.

All this precip, crisp fall air, and snowfall in the mountains today has me like 🙌!!! Can it be winter already?! 🗻❄️⛷🎿
PC: @nlsiipola

The boys and I got home last night... just in time to drop this handsome fellow off at the airport today for his first work trip of the winter. Now I suppose I shall turn in my thesis forms so I'm officially done, go find some larches, and find a job (in that order of course). Larches > real life. #tooktheadventurepup

@erykahroles high above the highway in Kicking Horse Canyon on Pretty Nuts, WI4 180m


Getting lost is half the fun! Or 2/3, or 7/8. Luckily today it was only 1/6, and we found our 1930's fire lookout. Breaking news, Wasootch peak is currently not on fire. 👋🏼

Yunomini-onsen, little mountain Hot spring town. Just like Banff, but not. #japan #kumanokodo #hiking #tourist #mybanff

First ocean race 🌊💙

Get ready for sweater weather! #aPerfectDay 📸: @the_josie

It doesn't get easier... you just get faster. And stronger. And one day, it just hurts less.
Learning to love the climb.
10km of up and out. 750m+ elevation gain.
#alltrailsconnect #goodtimesoutside #outsidedoingthings #optoutside #mecstaffer #revelstoke

Spent this evening with good friends. Feeling very blessed to be a part in such a special evening. @finlayburrage @adamcombs 🙏🏽

Snow and freezing temps should make this weekend Jasper to Banff Cycling trip real interesting. Stoke level still at max! ❄️🚲❄️
#cycling #cubebikes #gcn #jasper #banff #columbiaicefield #bikepacking #adventurevisuals #adventure #bikeride #bike #goodtimesoutside #neverstopexploring #yegathlete

A classic "hold my beer" moment brought to you by @alexbrendle #Sent

The backside of Hudson Bay Mountain provided the perfected canvas for the show put on by the aurora borealis last weekend.

This easy and pretty trail was just what I needed. A quick fix before getting back to work. Tahoe + a happy family was 👍🏻
PS: as our boys get older, getting them to hike with us needs a bit more convincing, and the trick we found is to bring a friend with us!

I know it's only Tuesday but I'm already looking forward to the weekend. Planning on heading back to the lake for our last trip of the summer season...and, if the weather cooperates, more days like these.

Nature is not a place to visit, it is home. ~To morning teas at sunrise ☕️ #justanothercanadiansunday #goodtimesoutside #camping #findingawesome #adventures #britishcolumbia #canada #sunrise #mountains

There are seals on those rocks (we think). Dad forgot his binoculars. @zedlep543 😉😊

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