Thought for the day. Have a beautiful and blessed day!
#positivethinking #goodthoughts #injesusname #amen🙏

Needed a little inspiration this morning and I found it in my mom’s kitchen! Jesus is my first love and I believe He manifests himself in everything around us. When looking for him, I look at all the positivity and I focus my energy on that! Starting the day thankful for one more day and for him... not for the blessings but just for him being HIM.

‘We are the champions.
No time for losers.’
실제 우리가 루저일지라도
승자가 지금 정해진것은 아니기에
그리고 내가 정한 승자는 나 일수도 있기에.
우리는 모두 챔피언!

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