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Man can this guy sculpt words. ⠀

“The Fejr Bedouin, whose property it was, called our plain El Houl because it was desolate; and to-day we rode in it without seeing signs of life; no tracks of gazelle, no lizards, no burrowing of rats, not even any birds. We, ourselves, felt tiny in it, and our urgent progress across its immensity was a stillness or immobility of futile effort. The only sounds were the hollow echoes, like the shutting down of pavements over vaulted places, of rotten stone slab on stone slab when they tilted under our camels’ feet; and the low but piercing rustle of the sand, as it crept slowly westward before the hot wind along the worn sandstone, under the harder overhanging caps which gave each reef its eroded, rind-like shape.” [T.E. Lawrence]⠀

The book is “Seven Pillars of Wisdom,” and it is, of course, brilliant. This is a 1966 edition – I’m still looking for an original 1926 copy, which will likely never happen. ⠀

You should read it: https://buff.ly/2EEAZ7h⠀

The folder is a production version of a 2016 Sinkevich/Rexford custom collaboration that produced 2 knives. The Zero Tolerance 0850 is CPM 20CV powdered metallurgy steel with an anodized, sculpted backspacer and blue carbon fiber handles. Also has a Sub-Frame lock w/ lockbar insert and a bead-blasted Ti clip. It’s really light compared to other ZT folders I’ve reported on (not that they’re terribly cumbersome to begin with). This one opens with a thumb stud, which once upon a time I was used to (and would prefer if I was still On The Job). I’ve been spoiled by some nice flippers since then, though, so that’s the only thing I’d personally change – I’d rather it had a dorsal spur like the ZT0920. Still a damn nice, and hell, it’s available on Amazon Prime, too: https://buff.ly/2EDIQ4F (I had no idea until I procrastinated this last Christmas just how much really good stuff is on Amazon.)⠀

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The SIRT gun - a superb training tool from @nlsirt. I love this damn thing. I have the Glock and plan on getting an M&P at some point. This is a worthwhile investment, particularly if you're in an area where it makes it hard to get to the range. Just don't work drawstrokes and target acquisition on a picture of your mother-in-law (at least if your wife is at home). One important thing to remember, and I base this on what I've seen from several friends - the SIRT gun won't do a damn bit of good if you don't use it regularly, and properly. Letting the puppy or cat chase the laser doesn't count. Holster is an Eidolon from @ravenconcealment, the mag pouch comes from @phlster.

This book made one hell of an impact on me when I first read it c. 1991/92. Although much has changed since it was published (social media vs. teletype, for instance), much has not.
From Chapter 2:
Most initial recruit training and subsequent qualification requirements focus overwhelmingly on shooting stationary paper or metal targets at a distance of 21 to 150 feet. The action is slow and deliberate. The rangemasters hollers out a measured countdown: "Ready on the right! Ready on the left! Ready on the firing line...Fire!
You concentrate on grip, stance, breath control, shight alignment, trigger squeeze and proper follow-through. After shooting each round, you may be told to re-holster your gun, and when you reload, you're cautioned to dump your brass in a bucket or put it in your pocket to keep the range tidey. There's usually little pressure...the light's good...and if your gun or ammunition malfunction, you just stick your hand in the air and call time out.

But, real life-or-death episodes, as surivivors are quick to point out, are drastically different. Shoot-outs tend to to be at close quarters, quick, and dark. Your target shoots at *you*...and moves...." We've improved things quite a bit, I think, but we're still guilty of insufficient training. #goodreadsandgear #readingisfundamental #warriorsshouldbescholars #thinkandbedangerous #willrogerswascorrect

Patton: A Study in Command. (H. Essame) "When planning, Patton personally always used a Michelin tourist road map; as he said, it gave him all that he wanted - 'railroads, road nets and rivers, all that you have to know about terrain in general'. He left his staff to wrestle with the details on the larger scale maps. "

When away from his headquarters he always had with him a special map of the immediate area of operations, covered and waterproofed, about 10 by 20 inches in size to the scale of about 8 miles to the inch, showing the most important towns and crossroads all marked with secret identification numbers. By referrin gto these numbers he could tell his headquarters where he was and what he wanted done.... ...Patton anyhow was thoroughly familiar with the topography of the peninsula, having reconnoitered it in 1912 and refreshed it in his mind, partly with the aid of Freeman's 'Norman Conquest', well knowing that wherever William the Conquerer had gone the going was bound to be good because he had obviously followed the watersheds. These routes, he reasoned, would be negotiable by his tanks in wet weather if the Germans, as was their invariable custom when withdrawing, resorted to demolitions on the main roads." See? You need to read. The holsters are the new universal leather "holster burritos" from @mean_gene_leather - I chose them for this book because they're leather and #handmade, and I'm confident Patton would have sneered at Kydex.

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George Washington on Leadership - a fitting book to read on #PatriotsDay. This guy was likely the single greatest man in United States history. It's only due to his strength of character that we didn't wind up with an autocrat of our own to replace King George III.
The knife is a necker built by Greg Medford of @medfordknife. It is as nice a knife as you'll find outside of a Martin or Saberhagen novel. "Washington would read history, and military history, all his life - from Gibbon on the Roman Empire to Voltaire on Charles XII of Sweden, an almost contemporary figure - widening his frame of reference and multiplying examples of problems solved, and not solved. Seneca told him to keep a cool head; Caesar and other historians showed him what to do with it..." "...The American Revolution did not fall upon him as some eruption of ill fortune out of Seneca. No one in America, except perhaps Samuel Adams, saw the Revolution coming very far in advance. But thanks to his reading, Washington had a good grasp of the problems that caused it, and when it came he not only did what was needful for a patriotic American to do, but also understood why he was doing it..." See? Go read a damn book.
Buy a copy here. http://amzn.to/2ooU2dd
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This is a great book, apropos for today obviously. It's a collection of newspaper stories, broadsheets, letters and journal entries from people on both sides of the Revolutionary War. The red rock was picked up off Omaha Beach and brought home to me by my friend. ------------------------------------------------------- "Among the slain...fell the gallant Capt. John Downey, late schoolmaster in Philadelphia, whose worth entitles him to a place in the annals of America. He took an active and early part in our struggles for liberty. he went as a volunteer...[to] the battle of Trenton and Princeton. He being chosen captain of a company of Philadelphia militia, served his tour of duty...He lately acted as an assistant-commissary, and in this capacity was with our brave militia in the attack yesterday... He was shot through the shoulder, and...lay in his blood till the enemy returned, when they despatched him in a cruel manner; for his body was found with one of his hands almost cut off, his head slashed in several places, his skull shot through, his brains coming out his nose and scattered all around.

He was an enlightened patriot, an affectionate friend, a gallant soldier, a fond husband, and an indulgent parent. He had no inheritance to leave, as his little property was left in Philadelphia; but he has left a sorrowful widow and five helpless children in very indigent circumstances. They are worthy of the notice of the charitable." (New York Journal, 8 June 1778)

buy it here: http://amzn.to/29m4VaM) ----------------------------------------------------The "gear" in this picture is the training passport from #MDFI, and it is equally apropos. Why? Because any free man or woman should not only contribute to their country with some sort of socially redeeming service, they should be prepared to defend themselves (and their country) at need. That requires training, and the Training Passport is a superb method of tracking and planning class attendance, notes from instructors, lessons learned...it's a great idea and also Independence Day suitable.
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About the belt: #writermailcall from the boys at @magpul. This is the Burro version of their Tejas belt. About 70% of the time, around the house/office, I’m wearing a @flagrantbeard belt; the rest of the time it’s an @aresgear_inc belt. I want to see how this holds up, if it will fold up with a gun, etc. More here: https://www.magpul.com/products/tejas-gun-belt-el-burro


Lieutenant Tolly had spent the morning visiting those known peculiar dregs of the human race who take neither side of an issue but delight in ferreting out and betraying those who do. Clay Allison, the crippled pistoleer, had shot up Bryan three days ago and was believed headed this way. King Fisher had passed through town the day before, trailing back south…··· "Josey Wales!” Cann Tolly yelled the name to alarm every Regulator in Towash. Josey dropped the saddle and the sacks and fixed a look of bleakness on the man who had shouted. The street became a clear distinctness in his eyes. From the side he saw Lone halt his horse. Men poured out of saloons and then fell back against the sides of buildings. The boardwalk emptied, and cowpunchers dived behind water troughs and some flattened themselves to the ground…··· The street was death quiet in an instant…The Regulators looked back at him…half surprise, half horror was on their faces. Another minute and the Regulators all over town would recover from the momentary shock and he would be surrounded.··· Josey Wales slowly eased into the crouch. His voice shipped loud and flat in the silence…and it carried a snarl of insult.··· "Ye gonna pull them pistols, ‘er whistle ‘Dixie’”?··· From Gone to Texas (Josey Wales), by Forrest Carter. Get it here: http://amzn.to/28TjzX3 #goodgearmatters #warriorsshouldbescholars #readingisfundamental #willrogerswascorrect #goodreadsandgear

"My men always fought better when Ernie was around." Gen. Omar Bradley _________________ The pen (and I admit it, I'm gay for quality writing utensils) is a limited OD edition @tuffwriter Precision Series pen - ribbed for my pleasure. It uses thixotropic ink in a hermetically sealed cartridge and is pressurized to over 30psi. They say it'll function at altitude up past 12,500' but I'm a lazy ass so you prob'ly won't see me testing that claim. Seriously nice inkstick tho.


The book is a biography of one of the greatest journalists who ever lived: Ernie Pyle. Many people are unaware that Pyle almost did not become a correspondent. The draft board had him scheduled to take a commission in Air Intelligence, Army Air Corps. He then battled illness and depression until the campaigns in North Africa gave him a purpose. In 1942 he wrote, "Today is my birthday. Just an old broken down, washed up forty-two-year-old sonovabitch. Wonder if I'll ever be forty-three, and if so, why?" Later he met with Edward R. Murrow, General Eisenhower, Gen. Doolittle and others, ultimately arriving in Algeria in January 1943, covering Bomber Command. Before too long, however, he was in Tunisia and there made the acquaintance that would forever after define him -- the infantryman.
As he wrote in those early days, "...there are great tragedies, unbelievable heroics, even a constant undertone of comedy. It is the job of us writers to transfer all that drama back to you folks at home. Most of the other correspondents have the ability to so it. But when I sit down to write, here is what I see instead: Men at the front suffering and wishing they were somewhere else, men in routine jobs just behind the lines because they can't get tot he front, all of them desperately hungry for somebody to talk to besides themselves, no women to be heroes in front of, damn little wine to drink, precious little song, cold and fairly dirty, just toiling from day to day in a world full of insecurity, discomfort, homesickness, and a dulled sense of danger..." #willrogerswascorrect #readingisfundamental #warriorsshouldbescholars #infantry Get a copy here:http://amzn.to/29ktTan #goodreadsandgear

A lot of people scoffed at these when @thyrm first released them. I know because I had to put some effort into not being one if 'em. Then I used it and thought, "Oh, now I get it!" Plus it makes me feel like Doc Holliday when I twirl it around my finger. Then the dog ate mine. *sigh* but Thyrm got me squared away. Replaced the one that wasn't puppy proof AND put one on my @surefirelights Intellibeam (which is a great light btw, tho pricey). Thanks Andrew. (Holster on my snubby came from @phlster; also very good piece of kit). This utterly unsolicited op-ed comes to you in the grand tradition of all those who post shit nobody really gives a damn about but are going to have to see on social media anyway. Carry on smartly. Hit the heart thingy for me or the hipsters win. #willrogerswascorrect #goodreadsandgear

About the light: #writermailcall yesterday from @streamlightinc - a ProTac 1L-1AA. Part of the reason I wanted to compare this little handheld to my Surefire Backup and 5.11 TMTL1 is the so-called "dual fuel" feature -- this light will run on either 1 x lithium or 1 x standard AA alkaline battery (the former will, or should, be brighter than the latter). 2 selectable programs (high/strobe/low or high/low or high only) and an aluminum body. They say it's waterproof to 1m for half an hour too.

From the book:
A SWAPO light machine-gun opened up nearby and bullets hit the dust between them. Bits of Greyling’s rucksack flew about. By this time it was becoming dark and the enemy…[was]..using anti-aircraft…directed to ground level. Then Viljoen’s mortar group began shooting from behind, being answered with small arms fire and heavy ordnance guns. Several of our men were hit…
Meerholtz then watched as Greyling was shot in the chest and shoulder by a number of machine-gun bullets. He staggered but remained standing crouched over his machine-gun, with its muzzle dug into the ground. Meerholtz who had only a light rifle with him, shouted to Greylin gto shoot but the wounded man was unable to do so accurately...The brief lull enabled Meerholtz to run to Greyling's aid; he pushed him flat and dragged him to the shelter of the roots of a large tree. While doing so, he was hit in the right thigh and fell, but the two managed to reach the relative safety of the tree. …by sunset, SWAPO’s resistance had begun to slacken. The firing in front stopped and the battle was soon over…The helicopters evacuated the casualties and did not return as planned, so the rest of the exhausted force had to trudge back to the SWA border… …The SF personnel killed 52 SWAPO insurgents. However, this count may well have been higher. Seven members of the Special Forces were killed or died as a result of their wounds." (Operation Kropduif Oct 1977, #1 and #2 RECCE Commando) "We Fear Naught But God” By Paul Els.

Buy it here: http://amzn.to/28MlbR9
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“As we approached the Lines I saw the sky ahead spotted with aeroplanes, fifty or sixty of them, milling around at different levels, like flocks of starlings assembling. We drew closer, and I began to get that tingle of excitement I’d not known for nearly two months, especially when I saw a machine fall out of the swarm in flames and tumble down, leaving its long black trail of smoke in the sky.
We were climbing hard, making for a scrap right ahead, some 500 above us, between Camels and Albatrosses, swirling around each other, their tracer smaking a sort of geometric design. It was the first time I’d seen Camels in action. They turn in almost their own length, which must absolutely stagger the old Hun. It staggered m too.
As we watched, I saw a V-strutter drop below the others, with a long tail of white vapour streaming behind him. It was petrol—he’d been hit in the tank. He was right in front of us, about 100 yards away. Suddenly there was a flash of flame below the pilot, and the whole machine burst into a ball of fire. It went hurtling down, and seemed to melt away a couple of thousand feed down, leaving the trail of smoke hanging behind. We passed right through it.
I shall never forget the smell of it. “
The book is a brilliant memoir of WWI (not just aerial combat, but many facets of it) by A. G. Lee of the Royal Flying Corps, who eventually rose to the rank of Vice Air Marshal, Royal Air Force. Get it here: http://amzn.to/29OxV9C
The gear is from @PHLster – the Flatpack and the Gen2 Skeleton Universal Magazine Carrier. I thought it apropos to go with the book because so many people who carry gun and magazine fail to take along anything to address medical trauma – and between a gun and a bandage, which one are you statistically more likely to use? Learn more at: http://www.phlster.com/ (You can of course get a holster while you’re there too.) #readingisfundamental #willrogerswascorrect #goodreadsandgear#warriorsshouldbescholars #phlster

The fixed blade is a "little big knife"; a Flagrant Forerunner from @flagrantbeard. Having been in the shop while Bill Coye works is magic, I'm well aware of the quality (my son and I have a matching set of the Ridgebacks that preceded this design). Anyway, I'm liking the grip and the thicker spine. I doubt I review it, I already know it's a superb design. I'm just going to put it on my tracking belt and smirk knowingly when people look at it. You can get on here: http://tinyurl.com/flagrantforerunner. It's worth the money. Can't buy one outright? Put it on your Christmas list.
The book is about a battalion of Pawnee Scouts who fought for Gen. Crook,Gen. Carr and others. Among the finest scouts and trackers to ever walk this continent. "Then [the Chief] raising his arms, he wheeled his horse around, and set up a long quavering whoop. Before it died away, a thousand throats has echoed back its ringing tones, and thousand voice lent their aid in raising a cry, which almost shook the prairies...At the same time the impulse was given to the horses. At first their movements were regular, but before a hundred yards had been passed, each man sent up his shrillest cry, urged his steed forward to the utmost stretch of his speed, and the whole band came dashing forward..." Get a copy here: http://amzn.to/296e9UX

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The folder's a @zerotoleranceknives collab with Dmitry Sinkevich. It's just as sweet in function as it looks in form. The pipe is a @morganpipes Blackjack I'll be smoking soon.

The book is a recounting of the crew of the merchant brig Commerce, shipwrecked in 1815 on the African coast, then enslaved by desert nomads in the Sahara. It's based on 'Sufferings in Africa' (1817) by Capt. James Riley & the 1818 memoir of seaman Archibald Robbins, another survivor. Great addition to a library containing Seven Pillars of Wisdom.
________________________________________ "...They were besieged by the *irifi*. At fifteen miles per hour, a desert wind picks up sand and dust and whisks it across the plain. At thirty miles per hour, it creates conditions of almost zero visibility. When the *irifi* reaches sixty miles per hour, as it is known to do, it blasts lentil-size grit through tents and clothes, hones sandstone hills smooth, and drives migratory birds to the coast...Large mammals stampede before it as if from a forest fire.

For three days, the wind punished them, casting a demonic red glow on the horizon and making Robbins wonder if he was not at last approaching the gates of hell. More galling still was the fact that this same wind, gusting out of the Atlantic and carrying sand miles out to sea, was a part of the mariners' beloved east-to-west trade wind, the steady gale they relied on for crossing the Atlantic. It would have carried the Commerce home... He lived inside his own head as sight and sound, other than the monotonous roar of the wind, were virtually nil..." ________________________

You can get the book here: http://amzn.to/1PgqfyZ
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The multitool is a @crkt_knives designed for climbers and riggers but useful to about anyone. I wrote about it a few days ago on #recoilwebdotcom.

The book is "Ill Met by Moonlight". In 1944 British SOE (Special Operations Executive) operatives were smuggled onto Crete by partisans, where 2 months later they kidnapped German General Heinrich Kreipe, the commander of the division occupying Crete. They then evaded capture until they could be pulled off the island over a month later.
______________________________________ "Then everything happened very quickly. There was a rush from all sides. We tore open our respective doors, and our torches illuminated the interior of the car -- the bewildered face of the General, the chauffeur's terrified eyes, with rears seats empty. With his right hand the chauffeur was reaching for his automatic, so I hit him across the head with my kosh. He fell forward, and George, who had come up behind me, heaved him out of the driving-seat and dumped him on the road. I jumped in behind the steering wheel, and the same moment saw Paddy and Manoli dragging the General out of the opposite door. The old man was struggling with fury, lashing out with his arms and legs. He obviously thought he was going to be killed, and started shouting every curse under the sun at the top of his lungs. [..........] By now Paddy, Manoli, Nikko, and Stratis were carrying the General towards the car and bundling him into the back seat. After him clambered George, Manoli, and Stratis -- one of the three holding a knife to the General's throat to stop him shouting, the other two with their Marlin guns poking out of either window. [..........] The General kept imploring, "Where is my hat? Where is my hat?" The hat, of course, was on Paddy's head." (Ill Met By Moonlight, by W. Stanley Moss. Get it here: http://amzn.to/27Dne1C)

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A Glock originally chambered in .45, now converted to 10mm with a number of inexpensive upgrades from @brownellsinc. Details on #recoilwebdotcom

From the book:

Tartaglia declared that "a piece of artillery cannot shoot one pace in a straight line." The greater the velocity of the ball, the flatter the trajectory, he admitted, but natural motion began to bend the ball's path as soon as it left the gun. Asserting that the projectile's course was at every point a curve, Tartaglia took an important step toward understanding the phenomenon of motion. He argued that the trajectory was determined by a struggle that pit the speed at which the ball was thrown forward against the force, whatever it might be, that drew it toward the ground.

On the basis of his theories, he drew up tables of distances that a gun would shoot at different angles and charges. While these charts were not entirely accurate, gunners continued to use them well into the seventeenth century. Tartaglia affirmed that mathematical science was needed to calculate "the strange varietie of the Circuites of all Bullets in the Ayre." He experimented with "gunpowder of all sorts," investigated the weight and diameter of projectiles, and tried with little success to calculate the ideal length of a gun barrel.

Tartaglia's contributions to the infant science of ballistics were considerable. (Gunpowder. Alchemy, Bombards, & Pyrotechnics: The History of the Explosives that Changed the World, by Jack Kelly.) You can get it here: http://amzn.to/1Tnopec


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#mailcall a couple days ago delivered the 'Transport Duffle' from @cannaeprogear. It has a separate boot/shoe pocket, which I like, and what appears to be a waterproof (or at least water resistant) bottom. Good compartmentalization. I'm not a huge fan of MOLLE on the outside of a bag like this but they didn't go full Kirk Lazarus on it do it could be worse (and some people will like it). More to follow, this one will be on #recoilweb.

The book is RUBICON by Steven Saylor. If you enjoy supremely accurate historical fiction and a good murder mystery leavened with some sex, violence and war, you should check out the Gordianus the Finder series. Author Saylor is as much a scholar as he is a novelist. It's interesting to read a sleuth with great observation skills and Roman era technology figure things out. "We heard them first. The low booming of marching drums echoed up through the folds of the mountain. Tiro told the wagon drier to stop. I listened closely. Along with the drums I heard the stamp of feet and a muffled clatter of armor. Tiro and I left the driver and Fortex in the wagon. We climbed to the top of a rocky knob and gazed down.

Thousands of men were marching up from the coastal plain. Their helmets in the morning sunlight merged into a glittering ribbon that snaked sinuously up the mountainside, over crests, through saddles, around bends, filling the width of the road as water fills a river channel. "Caesar's men, or Pompey's?" I said.

Tiro squinted. "I'm not sure I know the insignia of every cohort and legion, but they're not close enough for me to tell." "They soon will be..." Get it here: http://amzn.to/1TJPBDJ

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#mailcall from www.archangel.design; I'm taking a look at their tactical belt #bm1v1 before pushing it on to one of the team. Seems okay, nothing dramatically different than other belts but doesn't appear to suck, either. I'm actually more interested in their Raidon fighting system belt designed in conjunction with Raidon Tactics at @range37PSRgunclub.

From the book: "There are several issues in this book that jump out at the reader. First is the extraordinary efforts the Soviets had to resort to in order to protect their fragile lines of communication. Second is that the Soviet Army came prepared to fight the war they trained for -- high-tempo, high-speed, mechanized warfare on the Northern European plain or Manchurian plateau. They had to re-arm, re-structure,and develop new tactics and new training while fighting the war. Third, the Soviets attempted to win the war with their high-technology--and were totally frustrated. Despite overwhelming Soviet combat power, the Mujahideen learned to dodge Soviet attacks, work around Soviet technology, and fight another day. In the end, the Mujahideen national will was stronger than that of the Soviet leadership, and the Soviet Army withdrew." BGen Theodore C. Mataxis (US Army, Ret.) Sound familiar?

Get The Soviet Afghan War here: http://amzn.to/1W1LhDd

#reederwrites #willrogerswascorrect #writermailcall #goodreadsandgear

#mailcall yesterday. The @tyrantcnc rifle grip. Designed to provide the aesthetics of an aluminum grip with the kinesthetics of polymer. We'll see if they achieve it and how it feels. More here: http://tinyurl.com/tyrantmod

The book is Williamson's Better to Beg Forgiveness (one of my favorite all time phrases, and one that no doubt is a reason I never made it past E-7). It's about the security contractors of Ripple Creek, a PMC many years from now. The technology advanced and the polities new; the bureaucracy and stupidity they deal with is not. "'There were sounds of of looting and vandalism elsewhere, and shooting in long bursts from locals, and short, controlled bursts from the military. There were no sides anymore. Anyone with any brains was vacating and anyone stupid was fighting for personal gain....' <> 'Elevator is not working,' Jason said needlessly. He had an H&K, a slung carbine, some archaic relic he must mean to use as a dump gun, and a rocket launcher. Aramis didn't say anything, but he didn't need a reiteration of the danger. His pulse went through the roof and nausea tickled at him. He slipped down his goggles, but even thermal only showed the immediate bodies, looking ghostly and ethereal. 'All right, we go through the palace,' Alex said.'Could mean some rappelling. What does the map look like?' Alex clattered under a carbine, two Bushies to dump and pair of pistols. Even Shaman had extra weapons.
Elke sounded icily calm as she projected a dull green map on the wall from her camera. He found that irritating.
She said, 'with the stairwell down, they will be funneled in both directions. We should retreat toward the rear., north on this floor. That will be of less interest to the looters.'" Get the book here: http://amzn.to/1TluMfl

#readingisfundamental #warriorsshouldbescholars
#reederwrites #willrogerswascorrect #writermailcall #goodreadsandgear

I'm not a flashlight snob, I have lights from different companies for different uses, but I *am* an unabashed @surefirelights man. I've carried one for years and have yet to have one fail me. The Intellibeam is one of the best lights around (albeit stupid expensive because of the newness of the technology) and the G2X is an excellent working light. Unfortunately, neither has a pocket clip. Thankfully that's why God gave us @thyrm - besides I like flipping my light around. ---------------------------------------------------Today is the birthday of our 18th POTUS, former General Ulysses S. Grant. He'd have been 194 years old. ----------------------------------------------------"Grant's career began to take shape in 1863. He spent the winter keeping his force busy with efforts to flank Vicksburg. With help from Admiral Porter, he transported his army across the Mississippi River below Vicksburg on April 30 and on May 22 laid siege to the city. On July 4 Vicksburg's commander, General Pemberton, surrendered 20,000 troops. Overnight, Grant became Lincoln's man. When asked why, the president replied, 'He fights.'" Excerpt from Civil War Commanders from Fort Sumter to Appomatox Court House (Hearn, Sapp and Smith) Part of the "Commanders Series", the book has a couple hundred old photos and is a great overview of the leadership on both sides during the War Between the States. You can get it here: http://amzn.to/1SKcGGb

#readingisfundamental #warriorsshouldbescholars #armiesaretemplesofancestorworship #goodgearmatters #willrogerswascorrect #writermailcall #goodreadsandgear

"Two exhibits in particular [at the 'Great Exhibition of the Works of Industry of All Nations' in London in 1851] were of immense interest to the representatives of Her Majesty's Government who toured the American section: Samuel Colt's revolvers (which, in an early ecample of an 'interactive display', vistiros were encouraged to pick up and shoot) and a set of six military-grade rifles made by a new Vermont firm, Robbins & Lawrence.

Their like had never before been seen. As astounded visitors goggled...the Robbins & Lawrence people disassembled the six rifles, mixed up the pieces, and put them back together again." Excerpt from "American Rifle - A Biography" by Alexander Rose http://amzn.to/1QyQTwB

The pack is a @greyghostgear Gypsy in a waxed canvas material. It's a bigger cousin to the #Gretghost Throwback, which remains my preferred bag for daily use and as my carry-on for air travel when I don't have a need for something the size of the Gypsy, the #vertx Gamut or something similar. #greyghostgear #readingisfundamental #warriorsshouldbescholars #goodgearmatters #willrogerswascorrect #writermailcall #goodreadsandgear

I was using @phlster before PHLster was cool. (Not really. PHLster was cool before I ever heard of them, but I'm trying to make myself sound important.) This is the City Special. #snubbies #snubby #goodstuffmaynard #writerfuel #holsters #PHLster #unnecessarynarcissisticpost #willrogerswascorrect #goodreadsandgear

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