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Devastated by the loss of this amazing man. His kind heart and beautiful talent will be greatly missed. It was an honor, friend. #RIP #BillPaxton #goodnightsweetprince

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Had a jumper,found him under the desk this morning ☹. Had him for about 4 years now. Now the tank is just a clownfish biotope. #thegoon #nanoreef #mixedreef #goodnightsweetprince

Today, after 3 years, 40,000 miles, 10 cross country trips, and 16 speeding tickets, my 'bu died peacefully in a gruesome hit and run. Pour one out for the greatest sensibly priced reliable-ish mid-size sedan I've ever owned #mybu #myboo #goodnightsweetprince

A year later and it still feels way too soon... Gone but not forgotten. #imwithharambe #goodnightsweetprince #RIP

Well Gerald. You were a faithful steed. Live a long beautiful life wherever you go. It's time for Gabe to live the dream again, and you aren't a part of it. #sold #truck #goodnightsweetprince

Not exactly a Viking funeral but it's the thought that counts #UntilSwolehalla @john_orgain21 signing in and retiring a few shiners #GoodnightSweetPrince

Anyone who knows me knows that when I was a little girl, I always dreamt of growing up and marrying George Michael. Obviously, that was never going to happen, but it didn't stop me from loving him, his voice, amazing talent, and just the person that he was. So you can only imagine how heartbroken I am to hear about his passing today. Truly heartbroken 💔#GoodnightSweetPrince #GeorgeMichael


After a decade-long relationship, my M1530 has finally given up on life. We've gone through university and three jobs together, and built a career in the process. #fondfarewell #goodnightsweetprince #sadtrumpet #archaic #thislaptopgavemeelectricshocksforawhile #noseriouslyitstimetoscrapthisthing #imthinkingofbuyingamac #maybeishouldgolinux

That was a rough two weeks. Now rest my children.

When @gumby_242 says sumo isn't real so you do conventional pulls #goodnightsweetprince

Goodnight sweet prince
****I don't even have a machine yet this is not my work**** @sadclowncitytattoo @garbagehead_tattoo
#tattoo #freshtattoo #biglebowski #goodnightsweetprince
Thanks Steve!

Swipe to peel back Chester's layers- Chester Fucking Bennington.
Words can't express adequately how it hurts to hear that you're gone, man. You were the soundtrack to my childhood- whether I liked it or not. My older sister got locked in my room one day and broke the door down to get out, but we never replaced it, so I only had a curtain for the longest time... and my older brother, across the hall with his door always open, only had one CD -Hybrid Theory- which he played on repeat all night, every night, for two years before I finally broke it. But those songs man, they're burned into me like no other songs are. I might have gotten sick of them over the years, but it felt good to listen to 'em again while I made this little tribute to someone who helped countless troubled youths through some tough times. And so many of the lyrics felt so painfully relevant now it brought tears to my eyes. But one line sticks out more than the rest to me- 'The sound of your voice, painted on my memory, even if you're not with me, I'm with you'- and it's got me wondering, what would the soundtrack to my life be? I could name a few, and you know a song by you would have to make it in there somewhere, and in the end I'm grateful for the sounds you gave us. You own your choices. I respect your decision to do whatever you may have done, and you'll always be a hero in my eyes. It was a hard life for you, but a beautiful one, and I hope you found somewhere you belong. Goodnight, sweet prince.
#chesterbennington #rip #heartbroken #linkinpark #tribute #somewhereibelong #papercut #onestepcloser #withyou #pointsofauthority
#crawling #runaway #intheend #goodnightsweetprince #ripchesterbennington #ripchester

When my time comes, forget the wrong that I've done, help me leave behind some reasons to be missed, don't resent me, and when your feeling empty, keep me in your memory and leave out all the rest. #chesterbennington #suicideawareness #semicolonproject #goodnightsweetprince #wewillcarryhislegacyonward #imissyouchester #linkinparksavedmylife #heartbroken

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