As soon as I saw you, I knew you'd be an adventure of a lifetime. I'm so glad I got to spend this weekend in chicago with you.💖 #isthatthebean #RandyA #goodnightchicago #excuseme #revolvingdoorsfordays

Sometimes I look forward to going to bed at night because I know that when I wake up, I get coffee ☕️ #coffee #coffelover #momlife #teacherlife #coffeeaddict #goodnight #goodnightchicago #chicagocubs #cubs

Natures brightest nightlight. #FullMoon #GoodnightChicago

Goodbye love, and good luck in life, and goodnight Chicago
#rks #goodnightchicago #chicago #potd #photooftheday

“Don’t shut down on me now. Don’t shut down on me now. Don’t wait until I drown to save me from it. Goodnight Chicago. I killed a man to make you love me.” #rainbowkittensurpise #goodnightchicago

| Dear middle-school self,
Get excited. In exactly 3 years you'll attend a school that will pour joy and inspiration into your vains for three hours a day &- most days- countless hours after. You'll audition for intense productions that will later leave its viewers to question their morals and behavior- as good art should. You'll leave feelings of insecurity in the past as you're pulled into a cast of beautiful, colorful people; you'll finally see leads that look like you and your eyes will the denormalize the white-washed casting that you thought was just the way things were. You'll perform for little babies just like you and, soon, they'll tug on their mommy's shirts as they walk from the theatre and say "Mommy, I want to do what they just did..." or "Mommy, that girl had hair like mines!" You'll form a circle backstage before every show and the gradient of different shades and tones hand-in-hand will bring tears to your eyes and wash a pensive smile over your face. You'll make friends with people from diverse backgrounds- all with such gorgeous personalities and souls. You'll never forget them... you'll never forget the experience and never stop anticipating the countless ones to come. The show will close. It will have been the last All School at 4001 Standford St. There will be tears, but there will be even more smiles and even more "I love you"s and you'll feel completely full... you'll feel a bliss and tranquility you've never felt before. You'll feel a love you've never felt before. You'll say "goodnight Chicago" and- with a bitter-sweet aroma filling the air- place the show on your shelf of stories you'll tell to your babies one day.
Love, a bigger, happier you.

My favorite big city, with my longest favorite person.
#goodnightchicago #bestfriendsarethebest #nofilter

#Flowers + #October = #MyHappyPlace 🌻😁 #Sunflowers #3AM ♥️🙏🏾😇🦉

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