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✈️ And I'm home bound. @delta has been nothing but nonstop satisfaction. They truly take care of their customers. #flydeltaairlines

Caption this photo 🤓 📸: @kerrigan_bush #goodlucktuck

Took friends out to Joshua Tree ✅
Had some great laughs✅ My sister and friends all hopped on a 10c and I couldn’t be more stoked for them✅ #joshuatree #goodlucktuck

Happy 3rd Birthday to my Tucker James 🐶🐾 My sweet boy is so strong, smart and cuddly and I love him with all my heart ♥️ #goodlucktuck

“A good friend knows all your best stories, but a best friend has lived them with you” - @alexborsuk Alex and Peanut have been an inspiration to me. Here is to our furry mates and the love they share with us on our adventures❤️ 📸: @kerrigan_bush #neverleavethedogbehind #goodlucktuck

My big boy ready for his first chess tournament today. #goodluckTuck

Home is where your dog is ❤️ #goodlucktuck

Fun fact: When I was little I was Princess Jasmine three Halloweens in a row. I still love clothes that emulate her 📸: @joanne_bush

Ps. I do not consider Tucker a dog, he gets treated like a human child ❤🐾#goodlucktuck

We'd like to take a moment to tell you a little about this wonderful good boy named Tucker. Tucker loves to come by the truck on Thursday nights to see all of his friends, but recently he's been a little under the weather; Tucker has had to undergo radiation therapy for the last couple weeks. He hasn't always been feeling like himself, but whenever he comes around the corner and sees the Pitruco truck he's bouncing around with excitement. We knew Tucker was being a very brave boy so we got him some pizza from Amelie's @barkshopbakery to let him know he's one of our favorite customers!
Some fast facts about this Pitruco Pup, Tucker loves fashion and his favorite color is all of them. He gives the best kisses and he's only a few days away from being finished with his radiation! Good luck Tuck!
#pitrucopup #PPotD #goodlucktuck #dogsofinstagram

For the last 5 months I have been going through yoga teacher training. The journey has been unlike anything else I have pursued. While learning all the asanas I thought why not teach my puppy dog a few tricks. Downward dog and upward dog to kick off @vitalclimbinggym yoga challenge #vitalyoga #vitalclimbinggym #goodlucktuck 🐶

Dreaming of cooler temperatures and climbing 🐾 📸: @cowseatfeet #bishop #climbing_pictures_of_instagram #goodlucktuck

Every day is lit 😂😂 #goodlucktuck

We believe in fighting for what you want. Excited to see how you fight this Thursday! • 365lb back squat • 16 year old QB/DB
#YGKM #RelentlesslyPursue #AreteStrength #football #squat #strength #goodlucktuck

The beginning of our little weekend get away 🙌🏻 (this photo took quite some time to set up.. photo courtesy of my shoes and sunglasses that held my phone up) #goodlucktuck

'Merica 🇺🇸 #goodlucktuck

✈️ Working hard on the world greatest Airplane

Restless to get outdoors to camp and climb with all the people I love ❤️ #goodlucktuck #holcomb #camping #climbingislife

I wonder what will be in store for me ? Do you believe in fortune cookies?

📲 I'm such a podcast junkie. So many good podcast I can't listen to them all. Especially true with 1hour or longer ones. ❓❓ What are your favorite podcasters? Tap the photo to see my Top 5.

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