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Roberto. "I want a peaceful country. In every other presidential election I’ve always registered myself as a candidate. Not this time. I’m done with that. Now I’m only focusing my energy on getting others elected who will benefit Mexico. I’m a freedom fighter. I will fight wherever the fight is worth fighting for. I work with hotel workers in Acapulco. I organize to help people here, to give money and food to those in need. Being freedom fighter hasn’t given me anything. I get by with what the government gives me every month. I had to get a job a few months ago. I'm a mover. It’s giving me respect, it’s giving me stories. That’s how the fight goes. And I’ll keep fighting." (The Mexican presidential election is July 1st. It is a one-term, 6 year position).

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Thankful to be doing the artist residency thing for a few weeks. Eating well, drinking well and writing well, I hope. #Mexico #goodhombres

Eduardo. “This morning I had a fight with my parents. And it might be the last one. I might not live with them anymore. They’re really Christian and they want to be pastors. I think that’s great, that’s their passion. But they want me to become a pastor too, and I don’t want that. They’ve been talking to me about it since I was like, 13. I have nothing against them— but that’s not what I want to do. It’s not my passion. What do I want? I have a job at a coffee shop, I have good grades, I have a girlfriend. Maybe one day, when the time is right, I’ll open up my own coffee shop, or get out and see things I don’t know. My girlfriend, she’s the best person I know. She always gives me advice like ‘Don’t leave your house’, ‘Follow your dreams’. I admire her so much and I’m so lucky to have her. But I don’t know where I’m going to call home.”

Jesus. “The most important thing is to work. Work work work. And Mexico is an amazing country because you can work with anything! If you want to start your own little stand, you can pop up on a corner and do that. If you’re happy to drive you can always do that. It gives people value to do that. Some people just want easy life, like these drug addicts I see in the streets. It’s an easy life, "We just want one thing, that’s it." I never wanted that. I wanted to make myself happy. I worked in tire shops for a long time. The truth is, I’m retired now and I don’t have anything I’m worried about anymore."

Wilfred. “I never knew my mom. I was an orphan and start working by the time I was seven. The owner of this building, he found me and taught me to use a typing machine.
I've lived and worked here since. I never went to school. But I had music. I listened to everyone! I played all the time, too. Drums, organ, everything. When I play now I feel...this tremendous happiness. No stress. I came here in 1983. Now everybody in the neighborhood knows me. I'm known here. They call me Willy.”

Margarito. “I work in a tortillería. It’s tough work. Look at these hands! The goal in life is to work. To work and keep working. I live an hour away, up north. If I could have any job I would help the people. I’d work with villages. I would work with those who most need it.”

Tito. “I was in the military for 34 years. If they called me back, I would go. You’re told that you are defending the flag, that it’s the most important thing. I still believe that. When you’re in the army, you are not fighting for the government or for the politicians. You are fighting for the people. I was fighting for the pubelos. I was fighting for the future of my nieces and nephews and sons and daughters. I was fighting for them. I’m not against Mexico, I’m against the government of Mexico....If they called me back, I would go. Now, let’s take a selfie.”

When they steal ur style and think ur just gonna sit here and TAKE IT! 😭brb calling rand spear look him up bitches #halloween #originalmigos #halloweenkings #goodhombres @rand_spear_accident_lawyer ttm🤷🏻‍♂️

Future office, meanwhile art exhibition room.

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