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Zítra začínám 2.tyden #dietavkrabicce. Právě mi tedy dovezli pondělí. Je fakt, že ten plast tomu na kráse moc nepřidá. Už mám nějaké dojmy, ale schovám si to asi až na konec (mám měsíční program "hubnu muž" s 7000 jJ na den) @dietavkrabicce.cz #goodfooddelivery

Iced coffee for enjoyment tomorrow morning: it's about to go down. 🙌
Check out our favorite, most simple way to make cold brew coffee on NotesFTF.com under "Tips + Tricks"!
#NotesFTF #knowyourroaster #goodfooddelivery #dcfood

We're channeling @baywatergreens today! Supporting local couldn't be more fresh. 🌿
#localfood #whatsfresh #goodfooddelivery

Friends make us happy! Check out our story to see what we were up to this evening ☕️
#FTFcommunity #FTFxVigilante #goodfooddelivery

Catching up on the fall issue of @edible_dc and really loved seeing Rob Young of Young Harvests Farm! Rob supplies the most AMAZING spring mix we've ever had, so if you haven't tried it yet, it's a MUST. It's in our marketplace now, so be sure to add it to your delivery this week before the secret's out! 🌿
#farmfresh #goodfooddelivery #localfood

We can hardly wait to show you what we're up to! So many new items and features are about to be open for you to browse - but for now, we're fueled by espresso & love to make sure everything is justtt right on our new site.
#FTFnewsitelaunch #FTFHQ #goodfooddelivery

RAMPin' up for the week ahead! (But really.. These things make everything delightful🌱)
#howiuseFTF #goodfooddelivery #wildthings

Enjoying tomatoes we canned with rosemary and thyme at the end of last summer, simmered with lamb meatballs and served with a Mediterranean feast!
The perfect Sunday afternoon meal 👌🏽🍅🌿
#goodfooddelivery #seasoneats #localfood

Team lunch today: mixed pepper & herb salad with red kraut and Dang kombucha from our friends at @number1sons!
Full bellies + smiles all around 😊
#howiuseFTF #goodfooddelivery #dcfood


Buy all the things - pickle all the things. #weekendprojects #localfood #preserveseasons 🥒 and more perfect for quickly pickles and a 🇺🇸 picnic!

Ready for big weekend brunches. (Lovey 📸by the @theneighborgoodswithlove )

Getting peach-y! First 🍑 of the season from MD hiring the dock from @78acres! #localfood #summertastes

Bacon Cheddar & Onion quiche is back by popular demand! We roast smoky bacon and toss it with sauteed onion, add the mixture to our creamy egg filling and pour it into our tender pie shell, then sprinkle with cheddar cheese. A simple and delicious classic recipe. Find your favorite quiche flavors (including Southwest Summer ft @gordyspicklejar ) at local stores like @littleredfoxdc , @theorganicbutcherofmclean , ,@yesorganic , @glensgardenmkt , and @tpsscoop . Quiches also sold by the slice at @dolcezzagelato !

The best compliment we've gotten on our vegan Oatmeal Chocolate Chip cookies? "Vegan our not, this one is my new favorite flavor!" We took our time developing this vegan recipe so it met the same quality standards as all our other cookies: big, chewy, and full of homemade flavor. You can now find this flavor at @momsorganicmarket , @wholefoodsdc , @wholefoodsmoco , and @wholefoodsnova in addition to local DC specialty stores and our weekend farmers markets.

Cookies and Cream pie freshly baked and ready to eat! Have you tried this new flavor yet? It tastes like if Oreo cookies were made into a pie filling! Chocolate sandwich creme cookies are crumbled into a sweet cream cheese mixture, then topped with more chocolate cookie crumbs. It’s no surprise that kids especially love this flavor!

Sometimes, a one pot meal is what you need to help comfort the mind and soul. Thanks to @fromthefarmer for these great ingredients: basil chicken sausage from @meatcrafters and radiator pasta from @sfoglini. The basil is from my garden, with a side of my "poor man's" garlic bread (aka, leftover hotdog bun) 👩🏻‍🍳😋🐔🍝

We made a new cookie for you! Have you tried it yet? Lemon Sugar is light, citrusy, and perfect for summer. On shelves now at @yesorganic and available soon at @wholefoodsdc , @wholefoodsmoco , and @wholefoodsnova

It's Father's Day! Bring Dad to @bloomingdalefm or @palisadesfm for some quality time and cookies!

Come on out to 14th&U and @gpbfoodworks farmers markets today and try our brand new Sweet & Sour Strawberry pie! Don't be shy. We know it's a little strange, but would @shrubdistrict and Whisked! ever lead you wrong? This pie is a must try!

Your weekend update: Lots of cookies for Dad at the farmers markets and your local grocery store this weekend! Check out @glensgardenmkt @wholefoodsdc (and @wholefoodsmoco and @wholefoodsnova ), @oddprovisions , @momsorganicmarket , @eachpeachmarket , and @yesorganic to name a few.

Something new is coming this weekend... Sweet & Sour Strawberry pie! Featuring post-production strawberries that were used to make @shrubdistrict 's delicious Strawberry Dill cocktail vinegars. An eggy custard filling topped with sweet and sour strawberries, it's just one flavor you HAVE to try. Only at our markets! Saturday: 14th & U and @gpbfoodworks. Sunday: @bloomingdalefm and @palisadesfm

Picnic food: going to husband's work picnic and made a Thai rice salad with spicy peanut dressing. It's easy and simple, and should be a healthy addition to this picnic. It's like a rainbow with all the different colored veggies! Hope his co-workers enjoy it! 👩🏻‍🍳😋🌈🥕🌶🥜🍚

Fresh 🍒 bomb! #localfood #cherries

Best gift for Dad this Father's Day? Cookies of course! Whether he's an adventurous eater (Pretzel Cowboy), a nostalgic foodie (Chocolate Chip), or a man with classic tastes (Molasses Spice) we've got a flavor that he'll love. Even a vegan Oatmeal Chocolate Chip option! Find them this weekend at the farmers market or local specialty stores like @wholefoodsdc @wholefoodsnova & @wholefoodsmoco , @momsorganicmarket , @yesorganic , @glensgardenmkt , @tpsscoop and more!

The official Lemon Strawberry Rorschach Test. What do you see? 🤔

It's 🍑 picking time! These orchard ladders from @78acres will be put to great use in the coming months... time to get it! #localfood #peachseason

Ugh...too hot to cook... summer rolls are the best when the weather is gross and humid outside! Used some leftover chicken and ingredients from @fromthefarmer, such as carrots, cucumber, peashoots, peppers, and snap peas. Add a peanut dipping sauce on the side (not pictured). Healthy and easy to make! 👩🏻‍🍳😋🐔🥒🥕🥗

Waking up to blueberry lemon hand pies sounds like our kind of weekday morning! Thanks for sharing #howiuseftf! 📸 by @viannerifbrown
Wait, you're telling me you don't wake up early on a Friday to bake blueberry-lemon hand pies before work? 😅Recipe a lá @bonappetitmag, blueberries from CSA @fromthefarmer #howiuseftf

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