The sun is shining. Yet rain clouds keep sprinkling by. This is my view. The music is good. Yeah, this *might* be wine. #simplelife #sunshinedaydream #summerdays #atleastigotayetioutofit #andlotsoflessons #livenlearn #goodbyes #hellos #newbeginnings #wine #zenfountain

Goodbye to this gorgeous munchkin. Who would have thought 10 years ago that we would one day find ourselves together in Tanzania. Congrats on 6 weeks of being a true hero working in the hospitals here in Dar es Salaam. Very proud to know you and have you as a friend! See you soon pumpkin 💕💕 #schoolfriends #reunited #goodbyes #untilthenexttime #tanzania #besties #daressalaam

Remojar el pan dulce en el café con leche,me sabe a familia.
#vida #tradicion #coffee #morning #lifestyle #mexico #desayuno #love #goodbyes

On this day, I so desperately miss Coballoway.

My friends from out of town gave me a visit once when I was in my first year of college, and as I tried to walk straight in the warmly lit streets of Bangalore at 1 am trying to prove to them that my incessant giggling was normal and that I'm perfectly in my senses, I screamed repeatedly "You guys are in my city! This is my city!". They laughed and asked me if Gurgaon, where I had spent the last many years of my life wasn't my city. It is where my family is, but Bangalore is where I came so much closer to knowing who I am. For that to happen in your college years is almost a given perhaps, but it still warms my heart to know that it was this city with its random rainfall and green roads and annoying auto walas where it happened for me. --
I will miss this place.
A longer version of my feelings about this is on my blog haha (link in bio)

This was our “beach stroller”— we found it second hand for less than half the price of renting one for the week. and the lady who sold it to us told us all these great things to do on the island. I would look at it and marvel how every little thing about our vacation just worked out so well. it was an affirmation to me that God is in the details, that He wants us to have moments to slow down, that He wants us to celebrate. That this life is not just gritting our teeth as we move from one hard moment to the next. that there are moments where you get to feel the growth coupled with intense joy. those moments are a divine gift and it is good to seek them out and savor. #imalivetour #goodbyes #breastcancersurvivor #blessings

Coworker of 6 years found a new job. This is what we gave her on her last day. Appropriately her name is sunny.

Goodbye babies. 😭

Thanks for nine months of beautiful memories and for making me a momma. I'll miss you always 💔, but I'm so happy you're moving on to be loved and cherished by your family. 👪

#thisisfostercare #goodbyes

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