Owner Bill Ness got this gem done this morning (of course using Inscrib'd Tattoo Creme)
Done by his personal favorite artist @skinny_ben at Ninja Monkey Tattoo.
She lost her battle 5-5-18.
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thinking of family- throwback to an awesome seafood family dinner with cousins, followed by a huge durian feast *buurp. we miss all of you very much, see you again soon. first time the boys have explored durian #tophersaiditwasok #bestpartaboutbalikkampungisfamily #goodbyemom

Ibunda tersayang q
Semoga ia mendapat t4 yg terbaik disana
Dan semoga aku kuat menahan rasa kehilangan dirinya :'( T_T

Ae ja/Good Bye Mom .
Where's my tissue?😢 Who puts the onions here?😢 Why am I crying watching this movie?😭😭😭 I really can not stand watching a story about a mother and child like this,😢😢😢 this movie tells about tomboy girl, kid who are smart class always rank one, have great writing talent, but dissident and number one in fighting, aeja move to seoul to developed his writing career and 10 years later she was 29 years old, one day his mother called because it seemed his mother was sick and his condition deteriorated and asked him to get married soon, short story, brother aeja get into trouble because the factory will close if not immediately pay off his debt then he ask for help to his mother who was sick at the time, his mother was crying and said that she did not need surgery, she said use his money to pay the debt, aeja angry and asked his mother to remain surgery, but because of debt miseok she always tried to kill himself so that his condition could not again for surgery, therefore aeja is very close with her mother, one day ae ja and mother went to the temple where her grandmother, but her grandmother was not there but meditated, because her mother was anxious to meet her grandmother, she finally escorted her mother where her grandmother meditated at the temple and finally her mother died in hug ae ja😭😭😭
The movie won the award 2010 (11th) Jeonju International Film Festival - April 29-May 7 - Cinemafest: Outdoor Screening😀
#choikangHee #aeja #GoodbyeMom #movie #애자 #최강희

Goodbye, mom. #goodbye #mom #goodbyemom

The pain of losing a parent, no matter how complicated the relationship is unmeasurably heartbreaking. Getting your mom back in a sealed vase leaves a gaping hole in your heart. It brings questions to your mind that you can't bare to hear the answers to; Did I do enough? Could I have done more? Why didn't I ask her about certain things before she passed? Was she proud of who I've become? Is there anything that could have prevented this? Did I make the right choices? Did I do the right things? Is she okay with all decisions made and things done?
She was my last biological parent I had left and she died 21 years and 6 days after my father. She turned 50 on March 31st, and today would have been my dad's 50th birthday. Never did I imagine that I wouldn't have a family member to even grow old enough for a nursing home. Never did I imagine being parentless before even being 30. But never was I told life was fair. Everything happens for a reason... but why this? Why now? Why do my 4 younger siblings need to go through this at such a young age? This is all so painful and has hallowed my heart. #goodbyemom #foreverinmyheart #morethanamemory #lossofaparent #loveyoumom

Terimakasih banyak mama atas jasa-jasa mu yg telah merawat dan membesarkan ku... Allah.swt lebih menyayangimu.. allahumagfirlaha warhamha wa afihi wa fuanha.

My mom 💖 #goodbyemom

That kind of day #goodbyemom

TY Douglas for such a compelling story of you and your mother!

My father, in his retirement, has been making projects mom found on Pinterest. Every day he changes his little white board by the front door. Today’s message breaks my heart. #goodbyemom

Last time that I’m talking with my mom “So please you, let me now be left alone, And let the nurse this night sit up with you:” (4.3.9-10) #goodbyemom

Spirit Dog
Huck says...
“Lay your burden down,
and lift your spirit up.”
After helping out doing yard work; Huckleberry consoles my Dad as he sits in my Mom’s treasured glider, days after she passed away.

I’m ridin around and I’m gettin it #noparentsnorules #goodbyemom #hellofreedom #goodboysgonebad

#😭#goodbyemom# may rest in peace 👼🙏#loveualways😭

Stray With Me
Huck says...
“I shall sit with you
I shall lay with you,
I shall stand with you,
I shall stray with you.”

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