Bush baked cake. Obama bought Apple pie. And Putin rides a tiger. #aspirations #goodbyedemocracy #eyeofthetiger


And it’s the end of our democratic checks and balances as we know it. #goodbyedemocracy

“A dictator tells people what things “mean/symbolize” to them, and project their beliefs so that others follow.”.... Not to mention the fact that all he has done is dumped all over the military career of John McCain!!! @realdonaldtrump YOU ARE THE BIGGEST HYPOCRITE ON THE FACE OF THE EARTH, AND IF ANYTHING IS FAKE IT’S YOUR PERSONALITY AND CARING FACADE YOU PUT ON!!! HYPOCRITE!!!

this isn't just about net neutrality anymore. no one wanted the repeal, this seems to be the only issue the right and the left have agreed on in a long fucking time. we called, we emailed, we shared our thoughts on social media, we did everything we could and they still didn't listen to us. they listened to the big corporations who pay them to do what they want. wake up. america isn't a fucking democracy anymore. you can't be a democracy if your government listens to big corporations and not its people. you can't be a democracy if the government cares more about making money than it's citizens. #netneutrality #goodbyedemocracy

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