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Wide awake eyes no more bags and dark circles ❤❤❤ you've got to try the brand new eye cream. It's my new love xx

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CNY is around the corner!
Hurry get your eyebags and dark circles reduced with our Wowo Collagen Peptide Eyecream.

It comes with built in massager, better absorption of collagen peptide in your skin.

一定要美美哒~ 🙆🏻‍♀️

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Looking for the PERFECT holiday gift? This bundle is amazing and will give the lady in your life bright eyes and gorgeous lashes!
It's not going to last much longer so get yours TODAY! Order today for an extra gift. ❤️ #brighteyesfortheholidays #hellolashes #goodbyedarkcirclesandpuffiness

Look at my beautiful friend, Jessica!!!! 10 days of Bright Eye Complex on one eye.
Only ONE of our holiday bundles is still in stock!!!! Don’t miss out on a free gift when you bundle Bright Eye Complex with Lash Boost!!!!!!!!!!!!! Message me TODAY to get yours!!!!!!
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Need a gift for your BFF, MOM, SISTER, Co-worker, Assistant, Significant other?YES - she wants this. I promise. ❤️👀 Lash Boost for longer, thicker, fuller-looking lashes + Bright Eye Complex for tired eyes + this sparkly FREE lash curler that every 👩🏼 needs!

This is almost SOLD OUT so hurry - like contact me NOW or
Order directly on my R+F website:

Www.fabulashbrowbeautique.myrandf.com *let me know if your guy needs some guidance 😜

Do YOU have Bright Eyes?!?!
OR...do you have tired, puffy eyes? Dark circles?
Are you a...New mom? Or let’s be honest... any kind of mom? Night shift worker?
Do you have Allergies?
Let’s face it....We are all tired... even men.
Are you ready to say...Bye bye puffiness and dark circles! Hello BRIGHT EYES?!?! Let’s chat!!!!! *Get a free gift with your purchase while supplies last!*
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TODAY is the Day! Active Hydration Bright Eye Complex has finally arrived! Grab yours and a studded eye lash curler or bag for free, Plus a gift from me me 🤗 swipe ➡️ to see the goodies and amazing results! Available in Canada as well! #hellobrighteyecomplex #goodbyedarkcirclesandpuffiness

TOMORROW is the day!!!!!! BRIGHT EYE COMPLEX will be available to YOU!!!!!! It works great on dark circles and puffiness!!!!!! I already love it and you will too!!! 🔆Combine the Bright Eye Complex with Lash Boost and get a studded eyelash curler to help compliment your beautiful eyes and lashes-all wrapped and ready to go in a great gift box!
🔆Order your Bright Eye Complex alone and get an adorable silver wristlet-perfect for those holiday parties-all wrapped up in a gift box!

Ask me how to get it!!!!!!
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This product will BLOW YOUR MIND!! Trust me when I say you will want this in your life. Get on my list to order yours!!
Active Hydration Brightening Eye Complex is a available to all customers this Thursday November 2nd!!! www.stylishskin.myrandf.com
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I'm loving these incredible before and afters coming in from our new products! This is legit my friend Bree Gillman Holbrook and she had this to say after one use of our Bright Eye Complex!! "One use of Rodan + Fields Bright eye complex! 😳🙌 This is me 10 minutes later! I am amazed and excited about how this company continues to come out with new technology every year! If you’re looking for a way to make extra income now is the time to join us!" #newproducts #amazingresults #christmasmoney #brighteyecomplex #goodbyedarkcirclesandpuffiness
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One use of Rodan + Fields Bright eye complex! 😳🙌 This is me 10 minutes later! I am amazed and excited about how this company continues to come out with new technology every year! If you’re looking for a way to make extra income now is the time to join us! #newproducts #amazingresults #christmasmoney #brighteyecomplex #goodbyedarkcirclesandpuffiness
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CUBS FANS and anyone else with eyes 😍

Who else went to bed WAYYYY past their bedtime last night because you were watching the Cubs 4+ hour game?!! 💙❤️⚾️ I woke up this morning and my dark circles and puffiness were REALLY bad! 😩 I was so excited to see how well the NEW ✨Active Hydration Bright Eye Complex✨ would work on these suckers!!! Look at the change within 45 minutes of using it this morning!!!! ⬇️⬇️⬇️🙌🙌🙌 Who wants to be added to my VIP list for when it is released on Nov 2nd?! #goodbyedarkcirclesandpuffiness

✨✨Announcing Active Hydration Bright Eye Complex ✨✨ DETAILS: • It's lightweight • It instantly illuminates and soothes tired eyes
• It hydrates the delicate eye area
• It's clinically proven to BRIGHTEN the eyes and reduce under-eye puffiness and under-eye dark circles in just four weeks
• It feels like silk on the skin
• It can be used with our Multi-Function Eye Cream
Think Bright Eye Complex in the AM and Eye Cream in the PM...perfect option...or you can layer it!

For all of us who've battled under-eye issues for years, this is going to be a game changer for you! Tired eyes with bags and dark circles: be gone! 👀✨
Now Get On My VIP List so you get your order in FIRST!!!
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💗🦄✨🌈SUPER Saturday🌈✨🦄💗 Who wants to get rid of their dark circles and puffy eyes???✋️✋️✋️✋️✋️ Everyone does, so the Doctors have revealed one is their 3 newest products. . . Active Hydration Bright Eye Complex!!! Dr. Tim and Dalia have done it again! #BrightEyeComplex is going to change the way you look at your eye care routine. Your future just got a little brighter thanks to Rodan + Fields.
In the pre-launch independent consumer study after 4 weeks of use, 93% noticed increased brightness, 87% saw a reduction in dark/under eye circles, 91% saw alleviated under eye puffiness, and 82% saw increased Hydration to their eye area.
If you are interested let me know, it goes live for Preferred Customer purchase on November 2nd!💗 #HelloBrightEyes

Our NEW Bright Eye Complex visibly improves the appearance of dark circles, puffiness and overall dullness surrounding your eyes! #goodbyedarkcirclesandpuffiness #innovation #gamechanger

When your vacation is canceled but your still clinging to vacay mode. My non Puerto Rico vacation vacation spa day. #detoxmask #goodbyedarkcirclesandpuffiness #smellslikerosesinhere

LOL! 🌖 I protected my eyes today! The BEST eye cream ever! 👁👁 😄
Ask me how you can get it for free!

We may be too old to play with dolls, but the skin around our eyes shouldn't give away our age!
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