#tbt to a couple weeks ago when we had the blessing of honoring Sister Rosina. She retired as the administrator, and has served this community for over 4 decades. We know we wouldn’t be here without her. We are grateful that she can take this well earned time of rest, but also know that she will continue to be an important part of our family here. Thank you simply doesn’t cut it. We love you.
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Today we honored a great man of God. I’m blessed to have had the opportunity to know and love you. Thank you Jay for all laughs and stories. Praying for comfort and love to the Jones family during this time.
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Found this cleaning out my stationery pile—God’s perfect timing! I’m in a season of deep preparation for a big dream. Lots of work ahead and lots of opportunity for doubts and insecurities. This will be my foundation—always the word of God. Annnnnd if you can’t read my handwriting...here you go 🖤 “But each one must carefully scrutinize his own work [examining his actions, attitudes, and behavior], and then he can have the personal satisfaction and inner joy of a job well done without comparing himself to another.” - GALATIANS‬ ‭6:4‬-5 #goodandfaithfulservant #guidemelord #dontcompareyourself #watchyourownwork #joyahead #mompreneur #sahm #wahm

Ruling and reigning in your own life gives you authority to rule in the wider spheres that you have been given.
In all the spheres of government/leadership that you are involved in, you are to rule and establish government. But you may only do so in those spheres that God has specifically entrusted to you: never step outside of the boundaries/spheres that you have been given!
It all starts with ruling your own life. You do not have to be subject to any of the circumstances and situations around you. They need to be subject to you, to your rule. They do respond to your authority when you speak, decree and declare. That authority comes through surrendering your whole life, becoming totally honest and transparent, letting the Lord purify, cleanse and transform you in every area. This includes going through the refining fire of God!

If you are not ruling in your own life, it is impossible to rule on any other mountain (sphere of authority) that you are involved with.
For example, if you are called to a bench of three, never focus on that bench in detriment to your own life. Just being called to a position does not automatically give you the authority (or recognition of that authority) in the spiritual realm. Only if you are ruling first of all in your own life and over your circumstances will you have authority to rule on other benches.
Learn to rule, subdue and overcome the circumstances and situations in and around your own life and you will be rewarded with more and more authority in other spheres!
Mike Parsons
with Waltraut Reimer 🌇✝👑🤴👸🌎💫🏠🏔🔔✨
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A goal I will forever strive towards .... being a Proverbs 31 woman.
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Say that a little louder for the people in the back!
How we serve looks different and that’s OK. We don’t all need to be pastors to serve God and love His people.

Teach me LORD, was part of my morning devo's... God has been so good to me. #godschild #liveloved #livewell #goodandfaithfulservant #conqueringfears #menopause #sundayinspiration

As Christians, we are only journeying on Earth a short time. 👣🤔👉🏻 This is not our Home. ☝🏻🎯 Should our focus be money, fame, gain or staying up with the Joneses? I encourage you to not be distracted even by the posts on social media that are ‘fun shots’ nor by the many posts that tell you to keep buying and buying. Can we never be satisfied with being ourselves in Christ?👀 🎯👊🏻When Jesus was here, his brief 33 years was invested in what brought glory to God. He invested in Heaven and the Kingdom. 🙌🏻👏🏻✨ Lay up those kind of treasures while on Earth. One day, will we hear, “Well done!”? #goodandfaithfulservant #fame #glory #money #trivialpursuits #jesuschrist #holyspirit #bestfriend #verseoftheday #scripture #lifecoach #iwanttobemorelikejesus #christianblogger #fake #repost #christianadvice #ineedhelp #hurting #missingsomething #wordstoliveby #welldone #christianlifestyle #birds #treasure #satisfied #heaven #successquotes #howto #whatmattersmost #problems

If you have been born only once you would have to die twice but if you have been born twice you would only have to die once ~Dr. David Jeremiah
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#LongIsland on October 27th 2018 former @WWE superstar #AdamRose is coming to the @nywcwrestling Sportatorium 435 Brook Ave to #Reborn Full Faith Wrestling’s debut event taking on the returning Mike Magnum! Don’t miss this rare Long Island appearance from Adam Rose! Get your tickets NOW! Only on the eventbrite app!! Only $15!! #God #Victory #Jesus #Glory #Lord #grateful #blessed #ministry #goandsinnomore #forgiven #goodandfaithfulservant #christianity #christ #wrestling #prowrestling #indywrestling #givegodtheglory #kingofkings #lordoflords #wwe #nxt #bodybuilding #fitness #motivation #reborn

This ‘MAN’! It may look like I’ve sidetracked my account, but I’ve been telling a story in my last couple of posts of the epic day that yesterday was. I’m not sure if you know this man like I did, or If you were blessed by him and his family like I have been, or perhaps you were and didn’t even know it. This is Richard DeVos #richdevos He is one of the co-founders of Amway Corp, and he and his family happen to live in the town I moved into when I first came to Grand Rapids, MI, and in the city I love and live in now. I learned yesterday that he went to be with the Lord. He and his family have touched the lives of so many with the way they live their lives, and their philanthropy beyond what you’d even comprehend.
I am blessed to have met him, and most of his family, all of which I greatly respect. I am honored to say that I have been able to bring my design work to the homes and businesses of these generous, faithful, and loving people.
You’re legacy of love and faith will live on Mr. DeVos. Thank you for your endless kind and generous contributions to our city, and to our world. "I give because the Lord told me to give, but more than that, I give here because this is our town," DeVos told 24 Hour News 8 in 2011. "The town doesn't owe me anything. I grew up here and I was blessed to grow up here and it's a good place to be." It was a message he passed on to his children. "I have told all my children, 'This is our town and you are responsible for it. You know we all have a place we have to honor and take care of; this is your place to take care of.' That's the way I feel about this town," he said.

We learned today that one of our Sewing Klatch family members went home to be with Jesus last Saturday. This photograph was taken of our sweet Marie one week ago. 💛 She was 92 years young and just renewed her driver’s license! We already miss her so much, but we know we will see her again in heaven. #welldonemarie #goodandfaithfulservant #finishedstrong #shelovedjesus #sewingklatchministry

#GND informing #AFC of the death, this morning, of #DonaldRobinson.

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God Chaser.......5:30am prayer and worship. Rev Ronald B Christian, anointed and appointed Man of God. Can still hear your voice telling me, never let your singing be in vain. "You can't hide anymore." You showed me how to love people and there was nothing you wouldn't do for people. As the tears fall, I am reminded of my first M.I.T class. You ask me to attend a class and to my surprise it was M.I.T, you saw things in others before they saw them. And I promise I won't stop writing!!Thank you for stretching me, teaching me, encouraging me,correcting me and always loving me right where I was. You live on.....in all those lives you have touched. You were like a second dad to me. You gave my dad Barber shop church and he loved you more than you will ever know. Lord knows I miss you. Happy birthday 🎈🎈#PastorRon #jobwelldone #goodandfaithfulservant #ministryisntministrytillitHurts

#worship #goodandfaithfulservant Remembering Minnie Cochran

Remembering a genuine American hero, an honest and honorable man who showed us what it means to be faithful to our highest ideals, showed us the full meaning of love given freely and life well-lived to its end on Earth.
(and dear Meghan: may you feel our love surrounding you, inside the still greater LOVE your father has fully entered. Bravo to you- you sure sounded like a McCain today!) #witnesstohistory #moreperfectunion #truegreatness #goodandfaithfulservant

When I step my foot into heaven I want to hear, “Well done my good and faithful servant!” Not only do I want to hear that when I get there but I want to hear it along the way. What’s something we can do today to hear that from God? How can we serve Him with where we are and what we have? In Matthew 25:23 His master replied, “Well done, good and faithful servant! You have been faithful with a few things; I will put you in charge of many things. Come and share in your masters happiness.” You see friends we don’t have to change the world with what we are doing. We can do small stuff along our journey that make a difference. In our journey let’s work to hear His voice, our calling, where we should be serving and let’s do it! Let’s do it because we want to be a faithful servant to Him. Let’s do it because we want to share in His happiness and plan for our lives. I don’t want to miss what He has in store for me and I don’t want you to miss it either. #goodandfaithfulservant #serve #welldone #risewithjoy #day101 2 minute and 30 second Morning Movement: 30 dips (find a step or bench), 30 alternating lunges, 30 squats! #morningmovement #jesusfirst

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