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Fit in your jeans by Friday

KOKO BUM 👊👋 | Con unos ajustados vakeros de su misma marca ™ se dejó ver la menor de las legendarias Kardashian, Khloé Kardashian, la tarde de ayer miércoles [29/03] mientras que iba por su Range Rover, color negro en la ciudad de Los Ángeles [USA] 🌆. | La rubia, lució un cuerpo de muerte y qué decir del booty? Con el cual modelaba unos de los modelos de su marca de jesns #GoodAmerica.
Todo esto sucedió horas después de que su ex esposo, Lamar Odon, diera detalles a la prensa acerca de su consumo de cocaína y de qué Koko sabía todo. 👊
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The #GoodAmerica Denim Collection by @khloekardashian

Khloe Kardashian's denim collection @goodamerican is about to hit the shelves. Ps it comes with the booty! 😉💁🏼 #denim #khloekardashian #goodamerica #ivymarshallonline

Good Hoodie has arrived exclusively on goodamerican.com. Available in all 26 letters of the alphabet, you are going to live in this luxe oversized statement maker. This first drop is limited so get yours before it's too late

#GOODAMERICA #khloekardashian

This is me yesterday waiting to see the first woman POTUS. Instead I watched a woman who's worked so hard and endured so much..who really dreamed this for herself..lose the position to an inexperienced self righteous disrespectful man. This country was stolen from native AMERICANS. African AMERICANS were enslaved and oppressed. AMERICAN Women were suppressed and abused. Last night confirms that a large part of this country is still made up of insecure ppl who feed off negativity and would rather prove a point or repeat history than do the right thing. Brainwashed and improperly educated about what kind of monsters are in our history books and on our coveted cash. America isn't God. America isn't always right and rights aren't always equal here. I'm with #GoodAmerica. I love and respect the idea that we could all feel free and equally important here. I appreciate that we have a military who defends and sacrifices to protect and enhance our freedoms. And the silver lining is that we were the majority vote. Peace and love to anyone feeling knocked down. We gon be alright ❤️️

#KhloeKardashian @khloekardashian launched her jeans, #GoodAmerica but recieved backlash from quite a few fans because they are priced at $175 - $200.

Not the kid...Not when I can go to #Kmart and get some @nickiminaj jeans that fits my curvy ass just right for $30!! Thanks #NickiMinaj 😘😘😘 Posted by: @SexceeOnassis


Day 2 of family learning vacay. Earrings by @markcraigmorton my absolute favorite earring jeweler!! choker by #goodamerica loaned by @jadest.jade ty love. Primer, foundation by @heroesbeauty
Love my go to makeup for a light fresh natural look. Let's go!!!!

⭐️love these shorts #goodamerica

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