Merci infiniment à @ur78graffity pour ce souvenir de Pierre à l’endroit où il est parti #streetart #graffiti #imissyou #graffinkmaker #artistegraffiti #ur78 #lepetitprince #monpetitprince #gonetoosoon

12 years ago today i held your hand as you took your last breathe. I remember it like it was yesterday. You fought so hard for months, knowing the end was coming you never gave up. I miss you so much. Not a day goes by that i do t think about you. I try each and everyday to make you proud, you were such a giving person and you taught me to be the same way. Please mom keep looking over me. I wish i could just hug you one more time and tell you how much i love you. I find myself looking up at the sky and talking to you all the time, my guardian angel. Rest In Paradise. #gonetoosoon

RIP Brad! 22 years. Fuckin crazy, Thx for the tunes. Hear them every day!#rip#sublime#bradleynowell#gonetoosoon

Thanks to God, for giving me a good man with a beautiful heart like my father.❤️
It was not a farewell but it was only a bye. I had the blessing of enjoying my father in my childhood, youth and at all times.
I really miss him physically but spiritually I know that he is with me.😔
Daddy, you always protected me and took care of me, and now that you are an angel I know that you will take care of me even more.💕 Thank God for giving me the opportunity to give my Daddy everything he deserved in life with loving care, and watching over him day and night.
Thank God I could see him and take care of him until his last day.
Thank God for not allowing him to suffer and just go away in peace as if he were in a deep sleep at your side.🍂
I love you and I will always love you Daddy. Rest in peace my beautiful angel💙. #restinpeacedaddy #mydaddy #ripdaddy #fuckcancer #notfair #cancersucks #myguardianangel #dadslove #instamoment #loveneverdies #gonetoosoon #sad #instagrief #lovehimtothemoonandback 🙏🏽 😔#imisshim #myfirstlove #familyiseverything #iloveyouforeverandever #untilwemeetagain #fatherdaughter #myworld #mylife #mipadre #takentoosoon 😔

🎶”The day that I die will be the day that I shut my mouth and put die my guitar.”🎶🎶 It was this date today in 1996 that Bradley of Sublime died, two months before their self titled album was released. He never got to see all the success that came after. I hope your van still smells like Lou Dog. #sublime #ripbradleynowell #dontdoheroin #badfish #loudog #gonetoosoon #iwishhewasheresoicouldseehimlive

I remember seeing JonBenet Ramsey’s face on a magazine cover in target when I was three years old. I remember sitting in 5th grade geography making lists of who I thought killed her and why. I remember making my best friend Jenna lay on the floor and act as JonBenet so I could recreate the crime scene and figure it out myself. I remember growing up and reading every book, every theory, every public police report and document I could find. I remember in 10th grade writing an essay about where we wanted to go to college and what we wanted to study. I remember realizing that to solve this case I’d have to move to Boulder, Colorado. I remember thinking how much I LOVE Las Vegas and how much I didn’t want to live anywhere else. I remember October 1st, 2017 when 58 lives were also taken too soon. I remember watching my city come together in a time of tragedy and falling in love with Vegas all over again. I remember thinking that millions of people die everyday, so why did this case captivate me and the rest of the country the way it did? And like most of the questions about this case, no one has the answer to that. What I do know, is this, I’m sorry no one got to you in time that night JonBenet, and I’m sorry so many things went wrong with your case, and I’m sorry justice was never served and no one had to pay the price for ending your life. But just like I carry you and this case, I’ll carry the hope with me that someday, someone will make it happen ❤️💗 Oh and one more thing, I’m really really sorry I didn’t grow up to save you❣️#jonbenetramsey #gonetoosoon #unsolvedmysteries #perfectmurderperfecttown #jonbenetandthecityofboulder

The night my life changed forever...
Dad I miss you more every single day.
#restinpeace #love #missingyou #gonetoosoon #anniversary #foreverinmyheart

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