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Watch the full video -Link in my bio

still not over lash lifts 😍

what other explanation there is except boob job 😂

— cutest
cc heartregui
ac i forget but lmk if its urs!
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What Neymar will have he stays :
-Real fans who love him.
-Win Trophies.
-Play w/the best ever
-Have Suárez.
-Play in the best team ever.
-play the Clásico.
-And many other things...
What Neymar is loosing if he leaves :
-Will not play w/the best ever.
-Suárez will forget him.
-No respected anymore.
-Loose his real fans.
-Only gain Fangirls.
- @candantas will not follow him anymore.
-So no Davi for month.
-No trophies.
What Neymar will gain if he goes to PSG :
-Be the best because its a shitty league.
-Earn more money.
-Reform Brazukas.
-Be more childish.
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honestly don't think i'll ever get over this mv 🍑

[dwt countdown: 48 days]
hi babes. i'm so excited for ari's new merch, especially since it's for my leg of the tour! the hoodie we got a teaser of looks so good! also, i just wanted to apologise for being a little less active than usual recently. as some of you know, my mum isn't well at present, and now my pop has been diagnosed with dementia, my grandma has been hospitalised with leukaemia, my cousin is terminally ill and only has a few weeks to live, and my dad might go blind if he can't have an operation. it would mean so much to me if you could keep them in your prayers. 💜💜
qotd: do you have long or short hair? 💇🏻
aotd: long.

Honestly, idgaf how weird it is, I'm in love with it. Basically that's the case with everything Selena does but it's beside the point. I think the video is supposed to represent someone delusional but it could also be completely random. Who fucking cares tho? SEL SLAYS. 😂🙌🏻🔥♥️

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In the mood for a thunderstorm ⛈ ✨ .
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