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Happiness is a three-day weekend 😍⛳️☀️🇺🇸 @_paige.renee #GolfBabes #MDW17 #WhyILoveThisGame

Bought myself a new driver. 🏌🏽‍♀️
As you can probably tell...I'm pretty happy with it!
What's your favourite club?

⛳🤔 Well played...... 😂 (via @minwoo27lee)

Wiring this bad boy up! Check out that decal 😍 #almostdone

The video above is DIRECTLY RELATED to the trail elbow video I posted a few days ago about SHALLOWING THE SHAFT in the downswing.
My good friend and pro @akolloff is demonstrating one of the easiest and most effective drills to help feel what that move is like!
To do the drill:
- Hold onto the grip with your lead hand
- Stand the shaft up
- Make sure it's behind the trail arm (along tricep)
- Hold the clubhead with your trail hand
- Pull the grip towards your lead side
***This will AUTOMATICALLY force the elbow to move INWARDS, which will give your body the awareness and feel it needs to understand how the elbow should be moving!
SIDE NOTE: Kelvin Miyahira created this drill.


This week was a disaster. The win in Switzerland gave me confindence to try some new short game shots on the course. Let's just say I need to work on those a bit more 😂🙈⛳️ I kept a smile on my face through the whole tournament. Playing the Evian course next week! 😍
#Access2let #MorePractice #Evian #Golfing #PGANational #Golffi

A 'chicken 🐓' - Can't say I've had one of these on the card before. About sums up my front nine 😅

The only 3 things I care about
My girl, my career & training

Speed Slot #golf #golfing

Hvor er jeg egentlig dårlig til det her. #minigolf #dårligtaber #dårligvinder #golf #golfing #billund #summer #weekend

Teaser⛳ Teaser⛳Teaser
. ⛳🎀Golf Meets Fashion⛳🎀
. SAWIL GOLF Brings You - Ladies Golf Clinic | Pop Up Sale

3 June - Sabie River Bungalow's Golf Club

6 June - Suncity .
by invite only! .
Cc @kaythaky @krazy_ofm @paliciouz

Trust me you want to bring your purse along ladies. 😉

#SAWILGOLF #MrsCEOs #WomenInGolf #Golfing #LadiesGolf #GolfFashion #GolfApparel #WomensGolf

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