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Here is the DTL view of the drill I posted a few days ago that will help you shallow the shaft!
Keep in mind that:
A) you should improve your wrist angles FIRST
B) ***not everyone is physically capable of doing this with their shoulder (there are ways around it)
C) this is an EXAGGERATED feel drill
D) use your lower body to initiate the move
E) you can work on this anywhere (ex: at home)
F) use an iron that's long enough to avoid putting too much pressure on your upper body
➡️➡️ There are many great exercises out there designed to test the mobility of your shoulder.
I'll post a good one for you all this week ⬅️⬅️

Rickie Fowler⛳🔥

Today’s Golf Wannahave is the @turf_chopper ⛳ Tag a buddy who needs this
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Alternate mugshots. Tiger Tiger Woods, y'all!!


A poll for all golf lovers: what calls to you most? Comment ⛳️ for the green, 🌊 for the water, 🌤 for the sky, and 👑 for the golf caddy and clubs!

DJ's swing⛳🔥🔥

Tag a mate who has trouble getting out of the bunker!! 😂😂
Need new golf clubs? Click up on my profile link ☝️

Had fun for my 32nd bday. #TopGolf wit a couple of good friends.

Couple's who golf together...
Note: Not as easy as I thought it would be - my anxiety was on another level from losing most of my balls and holding up the people behind us. Sorry you had to deal with my little attitude on the course @mikeyfree4 😂

Great Memorial Day for a golf tournament! #rupert #idaho #countryclub #golfdigest

New adjustment has me excited to work on my swing first thing tomorrow morning.

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