Beautiful 60 year old grandma Elaine Nelson wants to remind you that not only is she a contortionist, but she also has a magnificent booty and sexy feet #goldsole57 #flexible #contortionist #contortion #feet #footfetishnation #legs #toes #footfetishvideo #milf #gilf #sexygranny #sexygrandma #mature #olderwomen #maturewomen #yogapants #leggings

Model @thefootfetishwife2
Please Read!! Many women have a natural habit of doing this with their feet. I absolutely love catching women doing this and I'm not alone, so keep doing this 🤗😍
🔴LADIES: If your feet are pretty and you do this with your feet whether in heels or flats and wouldn't mind showing off😎 Follow @da_bonkerz and dm me along with a video clip or pic of your in-shoe,toe scrunching and wiggling skills. ..........
Those who failed to tickle my pickle: Please understand that my opinions and my page(s) pertains to my personal taste, to share with like minds.
It's a kind of therapy in a way, because everyone in the foot lover community are unique in what they like, and how they express themselves, not all can or will and that sucks! Some are extroverted about it, some are so introverted about liking feet that it ends up a secret that they take to the grave. Many of us have been teased, ridiculed, or humiliated for liking feet or whatever else that doesn't seem to fit the social norm of T(i)t's &Ass.
But in defence of foot lovers!!!: We love T&A too!!
T&A eventually lose the ability to fight gravity. Feet don't, So why ain't they a great body part to adore?? 4-life!
Feet are the only body part where wrinkles are considered sexy.
Feet don't really age as long as they're taken care of and pampered.
For the more Mature aged women: Even if your T&A retired, if the feet are still sexy, they keep you in the game. ESPECIALLY if you know how to foot flirt, and some do😎 #goldsole57 RIP😔

On that note: Someone else may feel differently than I do.
Never be discouraged by anyone's opinion of you no matter what, because we are all, everything to someone somewhere both good and bad. You may be called a sweetheart by one person, but someone else may call you something hateful a.f!
There's no point in getting riled up by what haters say! Because the same goes for them. So they can "You know what!".
Misery loves company, but it's better left alone to starve, once you choose to feed it, the consequences are yours.
It's all about how you feel about yourself that matters. Be yourself, Love yourself, Heal yourself, . POSITIVE VIBES!!!! This is an empowerment

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