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#tbt at tuff trucks when I had a truck that was one solid color lol I wish they were doing it again this year #kibbetech #goldnigga

Small collection ⌚️❤️#michaelkors #gc #hugoboss #humble #goldnigga

В Петергоф сгонял с @tima_off на метеоре. Метеор кстати тоже папин #tbt #goldnigga #noneofyourfuckingbusiness

I be coolin though?? #goldenlord #DJGoldLove #GoldNigga

Obrigado Usain St. Leo Bolt. Você corre e nós corremos atrás de você; maior atleta da história. /Thanks @usainbolt . You run and we run up behind you; greatest athlete in history. #goldnigga #bolt #flashnigga #fastnigga #fast

Finally I got it ... NPG,Gold Nigga July26.1993 #goldnigga #princeandnpg#music #funk....♥️


Gangster papi #jayz #goldnigga #gangpy

Ae manoooooo, feliz aniversário irmão, que Deus te abençoe a cada dia , que tu possa crescer muito na vida ainda com muita sabedoria e paz e grana tlgd né kk, continue smp essa pessoa daora e parceiro que vc é tmj irmão, parabéns pelo teu dia!❤️🤘🏽🙏 #Goldnigga #Primopreto é nois @justablackvulture

As Most Know About Me, One of my Top FAVORITE Prince eras is the NPG era where "Diamonds & Pearls" & "The Symbol Album" became a serious study focal points for me especially because Prince was finally FULLY embracing the world of Hip-Hop & Rap......Some Prince fans couldnt get with it but us over here ?! It made my day to see my #1 idol paying homage to the music of my generation setting the tone....The mega dope ass dude on the left along with his iconic groundbreaking GameBoyz crew was a huuuuuge part of this influence....They were with Prince lonnng before back in the "Purple Rain" where you can see them in the movie killing dance steps on the upper level at the First Avenue club scenes but it was the Graffiti Bridge movie & NPG era where they made their rugged Northside Minneapolis hood presence felt not just on stage but in the studio.......Only next to New Edition, Troop & The Temptations, Most Of My Dance Style Is HEAVILY Influenced By The Game Boyz and you definitely see their style in my group L.T.F's stage performances...But This Dude's Insane Sick Versatile Rap Style, Flow & Cadence Had Me At A Standstill & When He Wasnt Rhyming Or Dancing, He was playing guitar or ghostwriting rap verses for various Paisley Park artists.....Sounds Familiar LOL ? On classic Prince songs like "Call The Law", "The Flow", "Black MF In The House" & Especially My #2 Favorite NPG project overall "Gold Nigga", His Influence Is CLEAR
Im Sending A VERRRRY Happy Birthday To My Incredible NPG Big Brother & Captain Of The Game Boyz Squad....THE INCOMPARABLE TONY M @geechiedanbuford !!!! Love Ya Dude & Thanks For Being One Of The Coolest Big Brothers In The World And Supporting The Planet 12 Movement....There Is No Me Without You And The Crew
#PrinceRogersNelson #PrinceAndTheNPG #GoldNigga #PurpleRain #princeandthenewpowergeneration #PrinceAndTheRevolution #Funk #RnB #SoulMusic #RealHipHop #HipHop #Planet12Law #Planet12 #TheMostTalentedKidInTheMusicBiz #Singer #Rapper #TonyM


#August31 #TodayinPrinceHistory #Prince #PrinceRogersNelson

📌It was later sold at The New Power Generation Stores in Minneapolis and London, but there was no wider retail release. The single contained multiple remixes of 2gether, although credits were not given to note the remixer(s). The single did not receive a wide release, and was therefore not eligible for the charts.

📌It is unknown if this track was intended at the time for The Flesh album or any other project. The track was worked on further on 31 August 1993 during sessions for a new Madhouse album, with saxophone overdubs by Eric Leeds; further overdubs by O(+> may have been added upon his return from the Act II tour also. This track is in no way connected to The Slaughterhouse album, or the track Silicon, from which the album takes its name.

🎵Dance 4 Me:
📌Swiss record label Purple Music released a new version of the single on 9 December 2011, containing 3 newly-created remixes of the track. The CD release also contained the Icon Remix, distributed on iTunes in 2009, as well as 2 other remixes of 2009, which were never made available.

🎵Days Of Wild:
📌In 2002, Days Of Wild, containing a 2002 live version, was released as a single, initially given to attendees at the final night of the Xenophobia Celebration, before becoming available to purchase online and at shows.
On 12 June 2012, a 19:00 rehearsal version of Days Of Wild containing interpolations of Ain't Nobody, Get Wild, America and Wild And Loose by Prince and the New Power Generation was streamed on Cassandra O'Neal's Facebook page. A few minutes later Shelby J. also shared the rehearsal on her Soundcloud page. •

#ParadeTour #Lovesexy #NudeTour #PinkCashmere #SoftAndWet #GoldNigga #2gether #Slaughterhouse #ActII #MusicologyLive2004ever #21NightsInLondonTheEarthTour #Dance4Me #DaysOfWild #Twitter #ChanceHoward #GregBoyer #MaceoParker #CandyDulfer #TheO2Arena #LondonEngland #CoraColemanDunham #JoshDunham #MorrisHayes #MikePhillips

#August31 #TodayinPrinceHistory #Prince #PrinceRogersNelson

🎵Pink Cashmere:
📌Some versions also included the single versions of minor hits which were not included on The Hits 1 or The Hits 2, so the two-disc single could be considered a companion to those albums (these tracks also showed up on the single Controversy, which was released in territories Pink Cashmere was not; the cover art also closely matched the Controversy single). The single reached number 50 on the US Billboard Hot 100 Chart, and number 14 on the Billboard Hot R&B Chart.

🎵Soft And Wet:
📌The track was one of the earliest professional recordings by Prince, and recordings were made in Summer 1976 at Moonsound, Minneapolis, MN, USA (during the same set of sessions as Aces, Baby, Diamond Eyes, Don't Forget, Don't Hold Back, Fantasy, I'm Yours, Jelly Jam (which was later used as the instrumental portion of Just As Long As We're Together), Leaving For New York, Love Is Forever (later renamed My Love Is Forever), Make It Through The Storm, Since We've Been Together and Surprise). •
🎵The New Power Generation:
📌On the 1990 soundtrack album Graffiti Bridge there is also a song dubbed New Power Generation, but at the time it is not attributed to Prince's backing band per se. Like he did with The Revolution previously, Prince coupled his name with "The New Power Generation" on his two next albums.

🎵Gold Nigga:
📌The album was first available at retail stalls on the Act II tour, beginning with the 31 August 1993, Palais Omnisports de Paris-Bercy, Paris, France tourdate. It was later sold at The New Power Generation Stores in Minneapolis and London, but there was no wider retail release.
While Tony M. is featured as the lead vocalist, Prince can be heard at various points on the album, and was heavily involved in writing, producing and performing on the album (uncredited). •

#ParadeTour #Lovesexy #NudeTour #PinkCashmere #SoftAndWet #GoldNigga #2gether #Slaughterhouse #ActII #MusicologyLive2004ever #21NightsInLondonTheEarthTour #Dance4Me #DaysOfWild #Twitter #TheNewPowerGeneration #PalaisOmnisportsdeParisBercy #ParisFrance #

#August31 #TodayinPrinceHistory #Prince #PrinceRogersNelson

🎵Sex Shooter (single):
📌The single marked the first release of any kind to be credited to Apollonia 6. The song Sex Shooter had been performed by Apollonia 6 in the movie Purple Rain which was highly successful during Summer 1984, drawing attention to the song and the accompanying single. The single reached number 85 on the US Billboard Hot 100 Chart, number 14 on the Billboard Black Chart and number 32 in Billboard Hot Dance/Disco chart. •
🎵In A Spanish Villa:
📌Initial tracking took place on 28 December 1983 at Sunset Sound, Hollywood, CA, USA (the day after The Glamorous Life, the same day as Next Time Wipe The Lipstick Off Your Collar, and two days before Erotic City and She's Always In My Hair). The track features only Apollonia on vocals and Prince on muted guitar. •
🎵Apollonia 6:
📌Like Vanity 6 the band exploited a sexually charged and seductive image. The same lingerie imagery was used on record covers as well as in the Purple Rain movie and in TV shows performances. The band was in fact a sequel to the defunct Vanity 6. But because Apollonia had expressed that her sole interest was to star in the movie, but not to fully commit to the band. •
🎵The Time:
📌In 1983, Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis were fired from the band, after pursuing a career as producers. The band split in 1984 When Morris Day left. The original 6 members (plus Jerome Benton) reunited in 1990 but despite expectations, the reunion only brought moderate success. In 2008 The group did a live stint in Las Vegas with the original line-up. •

#ParadeTour #Lovesexy #NudeTour #PinkCashmere #SoftAndWet #GoldNigga #2gether #Slaughterhouse #ActII #MusicologyLive2004ever #21NightsInLondonTheEarthTour #Dance4Me #DaysOfWild #Twitter #SonnyT #TommyBarbarella #MrHayes #MichaelBNelson #KathyJensen #DaveJensen #BrianGallagher #SteveStrand #LesterChambers #TheChambersBrothers

#August31 #TodayinPrinceHistory #Prince #PrinceRogersNelson

🎵Curaçao North Sea Jazz Festival - 2013 – Willemstad, Curaçao:World Trade Center - Piscadera Bay (Sam Cooke):
📌This performance at the Curaçao North Sea Jazz Festival was a last minute addition to the line up after Usher canceled his performance and was announced on 10 August 2013. Tickets went on sale on 4 August 2013 at 10:00 a.m. EDT. The Prince performance was on the Sam Cooke stage in the World Trade Center - Piscadera Bay, the largest of the festival's four stages. A 1:30 excerpt of The Glamorous Life was posted on 3rdEyeGirl You Tube Channel on 1 September 2013.

🎵Days Of Wild:
📌is the first track on the third disc of Prince's 20th album Crystal Ball (his fourth using the name O(+>). The released version is a live version recorded on 9 December 1995 at Paisley Park Studios, Chanhassen, MN, USA. Four years earlier, however, a 1994 live version was included as the second track in the The Beautiful Experience TV movie. In 1996, a 1995 live version was included on the Love 4 One Another TV movie. In 2001, a portion of a 1999 live version was included in NPG Ahdio Show # 1.

🎵2014 – Chanhassen, MN, USA: Paisley Park Studios (a.m.) (One-off):
📌This was a 'Paisley Park after dark' performance with the band KING performing. Prince took the stage after their performance and sang as well as played along to one song played over the PA.

🎵Twitter - August 31, 2015 - 6:04PM:
📌Link - http://tiny.cc/062gny


#ParadeTour #Lovesexy #NudeTour #PinkCashmere #SoftAndWet #GoldNigga #2gether #Slaughterhouse #ActII #MusicologyLive2004ever #21NightsInLondonTheEarthTour #Dance4Me #DaysOfWild #Twitter #WilhelmKochStadion #TokyoDome #東京ドーム #TokyoJapan #MichaelB #RosieGaines #TonyM #DamonDickson #KirkJohnson #GameBoyz

#August31 #TodayinPrinceHistory #Prince #PrinceRogersNelson

🎵Gold Nigga:
📌is the first 'solo' album by the New Power Generation (who had previously been credited on the Prince and the New Power Generation albums Diamonds And Pearls and O(+>). It was also the first album to be released by NPG Records, following the closure of Paisley Park Records.

📌was the first and only single from the New Power Generation's first 'solo' album Gold Nigga (and the first single to be credited only to the New Power Generation). The single (along with the album) was first available at retail stalls on the Act II tour, beginning with the 31 August 1993, Palais Omnisports de Paris-Bercy, Paris, France tourdate. •
🎵Slaughterhouse (actually committed as to parts: #1 and #2):
📌is an unreleased instrumental recorded on 28 December 1985 during the so-called "Paisley Jam" session (that also produced Madrid, Breathless, U Just Can't Stop, Run Amok, 12 Keys, High Calonic and Mobile) at Sunset Sound, Hollywood, CA, USA. The session was all improvised, and recorded with no breaks between tracks; track names were given afterwards by Eric Leeds as a way of more easily identifying the pieces of music. •
🎵Dance 4 Me:
📌was the first and only single to be released from Prince's 34th studio album MPLSound. It was released digitally in France a week before the album's release there, and was not available elsewhere. The digital release contains only the album version of the song. On 29 September 2009 David Alexander's Icon Remix was released on iTunes in North America. Although other remixes, as well as an edit of the song were recorded for a planned maxi-single release, they remain unreleased.


#ParadeTour #Lovesexy #NudeTour #PinkCashmere #SoftAndWet #GoldNigga #2gether #Slaughterhouse #ActII #MusicologyLive2004ever #21NightsInLondonTheEarthTour #Dance4Me #DaysOfWild #Twitter #EricLeeds #AtlantaBliss #JeromeBenton #WallySafford #GregBrooks #GrosseFreiheit36 #LeviSeacerJr #BoniBoyer #Cat #TaylorDayne

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