Early Overdue Catch Ups With The Bestie Is My New Favourite Saturday Morning Thing... A Childfree Breakfast & Winter Sunshine Walks Was Such Good Way To Start The Weekend 💘 Now Back To Work I Need To Get Some Hours In Before #strictly 💃🏼🕺 Honey Blossom Sweater In Pink Lemonade ✨✨✨ #goldfrecklesknitwear #ihavethatthingwithsleeves

I want to wrap myself in this. It’s snowing in New York today—the first of the season! Bring on the chunky knits. I just discovered this beautiful brand @goldfreckles.
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Back Detail On The Bee Bomber 🐝 In Green Tea ✨✨✨ #goldfrecklesknitwear

I think there is going to be lots of these under this years Christmas trees 🌲🌲🌲Honey Blossom Cardigan In Skool Grey Your Current Favourite Make & Colour ✨✨✨ #goldfrecklesknitwear

Something light & fluffy to kick start this week 💜💜💜 Cropped Waist Cwtch Jumper In Parma Violet ✨✨✨ #goldfrecklesknitwear

The forever gorgeous Charlotte @bettymagazine rockin ‘The Cardigan’ in Ivory White 🙌🏻 I can’t thank Charlotte enough for all the support & shout outs 😍 she is a total babe & does it just because she cares & nothing else 💘 I just know that if we met in the real world we would totally be mates ✨✨✨ #goldfrecklesknitwear

Today’s Sleeve In The Autumn Afternoon Light, Green Tea 🍵 Anyone? ✨✨✨ #ihavethatthingwithsleeves #goldfrecklesknitwear

Oh Sandy Baby... 🎶 Honey Blossom Cardigan In Sand ✨✨✨ #goldfrecklesknitwear

Perfect Orange For Pumpkin Season 🎃🎃🎃 #happyhalloween weekend!!! Bee Bomber In Orange Crush ✨✨✨ #goldfrecklesknitwear

A Huge #tbt To Baby Jesse In The ‘Jesse’ Beanie, Chunky Woolly Hat Season Is Sooooo Here Brrrrr ❄️❄️❄️ #goldfrecklesknitwear

Just In Time For The Brrrr Factor ❄️❄️❄️ The Bramble Cardigan In Wine ✨✨✨ #goldfrecklesknitwear

People always ask me for advice about what colour they should get because they don’t want to get something boring like grey, well for me grey is anything but boring especially this grey ~ Honey Blossom Cardigan Sleeve In Skool Grey ✨✨✨ #goldfrecklesknitwear #ihavethatthingwithsleeves

I love that I get to spend my days creating such wonderful woolly pieces but like everyone else on the planet I get ‘off’ days. Thankfully I have the best customers & just hearing from a very happy one turned my day right around 🍂🍂🍂 Bee Bomber In Green Tea ✨✨✨ #goldfrecklesknitwear

A Little Bit Of Sunshine 🌞 A Close Up Of The Bramble Cardigan In Mustard Gold ✨✨✨ #goldfrecklesknitwear

It’s Been A Busy Few weeks Of Making, Chasing My Own Tail & That Of A 2 Year Old, Who Now Finds It Super Funny To Run Off Everywhere. Anyway, One Of The Pieces I’ve Been Busy Completed Is A Honey Blossom Cardigan In This Colour ~ Sand ⏳It’s Currently Off To It’s New Home 💌 I Can’t Wait To Show You Once It Has Arrived Safe. Hopefully Just In Time For This Cold Snap ❄️ That’s Coming This Weekend ✨✨✨ #goldfrecklesknitwear

Cold But Sunny, My Favourite Season ❄️😎🍂 Close Up Of The Honey Blossom Cardigan In Pearl Pink ✨✨✨ #goldfrecklesknitwear

When I Thought The Bee Bomber Couldn’t Get Better Than The Orange Crush Version 🍊Then Green Tea Came Along ... 🐸🐛🐢🌲🌳🍏🥦✨✨✨ #goldfrecklesknitwear

M Y C A M O U F L A G E 🥛🥛🥛 Honey Blossom Sweater In Ivory White ✨✨✨ #goldfrecklesknitwear #paleandinteresting #goldfrecklesgirls

Another Day, Another Amazing Colour Chosen By A Lovely Customer 🍁 Bramble Cardigan In Mustard Gold ✨✨✨ #goldfrecklesknitwear #cardiganweather

Steel Grey, Perfect For This Steely Grey Day 🌫 Bee Bomber Sleeve ✨✨✨ #goldfrecklesknitwear

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