Йеее, пробежала Golden Ring Ultra Trail)))) 11 км за 1:11!! 2 месяца не бегала вообще!! Здесь такая офигенная атмосфера😊😊 Организаторы, волонтеры, врачи, кухня - все вообще супер😋😋😋👍 Руслан, спасибо за пинок и воду, ты как всегда😘👍 Анчоус, ты вообще моя❤️❤️ И да, спасибо за горку с крапивой, бежать с горящей попой вообще класс😆🔥☀️#adidas #goldenultra #goldenultra2016 #goldenringultratrail #goldenringultratrail2016 #run #running #runner #summer #fitness #sport #goldenring #russia #suzdal #rocktape #july #travel #travelling #traveling #traveller #traveler #travelgirl

I'm a big believer in "you get out, what you put in". If you don't put the time and effort into training, your race is not likely going to go as you would like it. My training for Golden Ultra was almost non-existant. When I was training it was very sporatic, not consistent and the worst way to possibly train. I had been off injured since July. I knew my cardio was not where it should be, my legs were not conditioned for the abuse they were about to take for three days and my foot, well my foot was being a jerk. I do however possess one thing that a lot of people struggle with... a mind that will push through everything to keep going and a stubborness that tends to get me in trouble.
I set a goal for myself, knowing this would not be the race I had hoped it would be when I signed up. I would start each day, put my best foot forward, run my heart out and just enjoy the time on the trails. And the big one, listen to my body.
I know they always say that a finish line is only a small part of the journey, it's not everything. I've always tried to believe that, but the finish line is a huge part of it, who are we kidding. Not crossing one tends to lead to disappointment, frustration, anger, you name it. I crossed 2 out of 3 of the finish lines. On Day 2 (60k) I had to make the really tough call to stop. I had no choice. The thing is, not crossing that finish line of Day 2 didn't disappoint or make me angry. There wasn't a single moment of those three days where anything negative crept into my mind. Even when my foot had essentially ceased to work 5km out from Aid Station 2 and it took me 2 hours to get there. I have no feelings of "I wish I did that differently", or "if only I did this or that". I went out, I pushed harder than I had all season, I gave it all I had to give and I left it all out there on the trails of Golden. I did exactly what I had set out to do. The finish line wasn't part of the journey that day. But man,was it one hell of a journey. Nothing but smiles looking back on the amazing weekend spent with old friends, new friends and a bunch of bad ass runners. I may not have put a lot into training, but I got a hell of a lot out of the race.

That last push after 60k. #goldenultra2016 #trailrunning @thegoldenultra 📸: @eye_b_long

I don't usually stop and take pictures during a race but it is a must do when you run on a beautiful mountain ridge like this. Golden! Until next time⛰🌲🌲 #goldenultra2016 #trailrunning #ridgerunning #beautifulbritishcolumbia #explorebc @thegoldenultra @kickinghorsemtn

#goldenultra2016 COMPLETED! Wow...what an epic adventure for my first foray into the world of ultra trail running. Unbelievably hard...fantastic scenery...epic vertical! I cannot say thank you enough to everyone that helped along the way (getting me to the race) and to the beautiful souls I met along the way once I started it. As I sit here, ever so proud of this accomplishment and stiffening up suitably...I do wonder what is next on the horizon. Suffice to say, I think I've earned a wee bit of rest while I ponder that one!

Some days are for redemption. Stage 3 "Tears" of the Golden Ultra complete. I told myself if I could stand on my foot without a shoe on and walk without limping this morning that I would toe the start line. Knowing the terrain was quite different than yesterday's and much more what I was used to made me think it was possible. While it wasn't without pain, l ran my heart out with a smile on my face through some seriously awesome mountain bike trails. What an amazing weekend! Thanks @thegoldenultra see you next year. #goldenultra #goldenultra2016 #injuriessuck #trailrunning #ultrarunning #thetears #seemeRLAG #trailchix

#goldenultratrail #goldenultra2016 Good Job Jo Barrette! 🏃🏽‍♀️🤘🏼🙌🏼

Day two of three done! Beat his time from last year by an hour! #goldenultra2016 #thesweat @thegoldenultra #paincave

Sometimes you cross a start line of a 60k race and at 25k you have to make the gutting decision to stop. I find it harder to make myself stop then to just push on in pain. At 16k my foot injury had made me stop and walk, by 20k I was having trouble even walking. The last 5k to the aid station were the hardest, steepest and most painful kms I've ever run. I had an idea of the terrain that came next and there was just no way I could safely continue. I crossed the start line this morning knowing full well I may have to stop. I said I was just going to go out, enjoy running on some new trails, enjoy the incredible day and scenery and see how far I got. I hoped that somehow despite injury and no training that I would get though it, but sometimes it's just not our day. I'm not done with you Golden Ultra, I have a bone to pick now. #goldenultra #ultrarunning #trailrunning #goldenultra2016 #injuriessuck #dnf

It's #bearspray central at this race! @thegoldenultra. If you run sporting events in #bearcountry you should educate & encourage your athletes to wear #bearspray Great job #goldenultra2016

This is what it looks like after completing a vertical 5k with all the upness. @the_athletarian and @runemz are cruising through the mountains at @thegoldenultra; a 3-day race in Canada.
Up next: a 60k, followed by a 22k.
🇨🇦 #keepittight #procompression #sockgametight #goldencanada #goldenultra #goldenultratrail #goldenultra2016

First of three days done, 60km tomorrow go Geoffrey! #goldenultra2016 #hillclimb @kickinghorsemtn @thegoldenultra

#goldenultra2016 has officially begun! The "Blood" stage (5km/1000m vertical) was a doozie, but I finished upright and with a smile! Stay tuned for day two's "Sweat" stage tomorrow...

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