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Mommy, can we please take a nap?
By @learlavie

Don't look at me. I didn't do anything 😐
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When I want something really really bad.
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Me on Mondays 🐶
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Happy #NationalPuppyDay Pups!!🎉 To celebrate tell your hoomans to check out @PupBox a monthly development box for puppies!🍗 Save $30 on any 3, 6, or 12 mo. subscription with code PUPPYDAY!🎾 #PupBox is filled with lots of toys, treats, and training guides just for you! 👉🏼PupBox.com 💜Featured: @finleythegoldie

Happy Friday from @popyourpup and @wat.ki ! Get your custom canvas made @popyourpup

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ทำไมพี่ถึงไม่ได้กินหนมแบบเฟอร์บี้หละ 😑😑 #บีบีกล่าว บีอ้วนพอแล้ว อย่ากินเยอะ ไอ้ตันตัน #แม่กล่าว 😉😉
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Finley is single, likes long walks on the beach (without his leash), and dancing in the rain 🐶

First hike 😆of the year! I have been wanting to get out 🗺there but was so lazy. Today the weather 🌤was nice and I knew the wild 🌼🌸flowers would be in bloom so we got out there! Molly 🐶immediately fell back into her hiking 🐾mode while I need more time lol. Sox 🐶did great for her first hike. Everyone had a good 🏜time and now we are all needing a nap😂. I'm feeling refreshed and less stressed. The other day someone told me hiking is spiritual and calming. I absolutely agreed with him. 😊#aimforhealthy #balance #goals #ww #grateful #motivation #blessed #faith #vulnerable #brave #mindfulness #love #healthylife #girlsgonestrong #everymilematters #route66 #boxersofinstagram #goldensofinstagram #boxer #goldenretreiver #mollyandsox #girlshike

“Yes, it’s important that I show this paper towel that I mean business. She constantly runs away from me when I run over to her.” Follow us for more puppy's photo 🐕 💕 Like and tag your friends 😍🐶 🎥: @goldens_glee

Big furry Oregon Duck fan!! #FinalFour

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