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‪Please watch us dance jump run giggle make merry tonight at 9 pm at the #goldenpetalawards2017 on @colorstv x

I cant get my eyes off her face to even GLANCE at something else ❤️😭😍 @itsmekratika I can't, just can't seem get my eyes off of my girl! Excuse me, but she was legit the best woman at #GoldenPetalAwards2017 SIMPLE YET CLASSY! ❤😍

Hi everyone I'm back 😘😘
مرحبا بالجميع اشتقتلكن كتير انتو اشتقتولي ؟؟ هاي بعض صور حفل #غولدن_باتيل_اوورد وفيديوهات الحفل بتلاقوها عند صفحة الحلوة @lalo2.dz
#goldenpetalawards2017 #devanshi #vardan #devdan

Finally got it##best #comic in #fiction series ##goldenpetalawards2017

Hey Guys

Watch India's First Girls Hip Hop Crew The Team Yo' Highness Performing Tonight 7pm In The Golden Petal Awards On Colors Channel Representating And Promoting The Upcoming Television Show INDIA BANEGA MANCH.

Stay Tuned And Keep Dancing

Team Yo' Highness
Choreographers :
Rohit Jadhav / Spidy Shirgaonkar

Contact number
+91 7777023255

#team_yo_highness #goldenpetalawards2017 #universityofdance

Queen dazzling @imouniroy 💫 .
🌟🌟 V.C @adaakhann_pedia my jaan 🌟🌟
2/2 #goldenpetalawards2017 #mouniroydance2

Apparently this cute villain is the best villain and it's a wonderful feeling 😁😁 congratulations @monnikkakhanna you very well deserve it.
#goldenpetalawards2017 #GPA #bestnegative @colorstv #colorstv #thapkipyaarki


#Throwback to a super lovely show, #GoldenPetalAwards2017!
Teaching a darling of a person, @adaakhann her moves for her live performance. A slow, but a sure learner! Fun to teach when someone is so willing to learn and so sweet while you teach them. Thank you for being so lovely. :)
#assistantchoreographer #work #bollywood #rhythm #danceitout #adaakhann #colors #famenaagin #tvserials #awardnight #live
@adaa1nonly @adaakhann_fanclub

#throwback🔙 to #Adaa's Gorgeous & Elegant Look at #GoldenPetalAwards2017 ❤❤❤💖💖💖 @adaakhann ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤😘😘😘😘

No award can justify @itsmekratika talent. She is shining on her own. We love you to infinity ❤

Who cares about the biased #GoldenPetalAwards2017 😏 This world doesn't deserve your talent. 🙅‍♀️ Your talent is way above & beyond a handful of biased award shows. You deserve the world & more 😘

If there's anyone who truly, genuinely deserves any award, it's you and only YOU. 👍

Kratika you are so humble, such a genuine person who is always overwhelmed by the love we shower on you. I've never encountered a celeb with as kind a heart as YOU. Honestly, award or no award I am SO DAMN PROUD to be a fan of YOU ❤

@imouniroy you are looking damn beautiful princess and yh you looks beautiful in my thing #goldenpetalawards2017

#colorstv #goldenpetalawards2017 #udaanprincess #memories #meeradeosthale #hardworkingmeeru #diservethisawardprincess #bestdebutactress #beautiqueen love your work diserve this award princesssMeera 💖 💖💖 💖 💖 you are Best actress in the world we love you princess 💖 💖 always support you always be happy keepshining✨✨✨ princesssMeera 💖 💖 keepsmiling 🤗 🤗 🤗 we love you all princesssMeera 💖 💖 💖💖 💖we all fans respect you princesssMeera and respect your hard work proud of you 💖💖💖 you are my idol princesssMeera 💖 💖 love you princess💖 💖 always keepsmiling 🤗 🤗 🤗 because your smile makes my day 💫 💖#chakorsurajrajvanshi @meera.deosthale Minaximam liked 58

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