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Discipline is key 🐶
By @molly_retriever

Golden pool party! Here is a repost of my party last month to get all my friends ready for @my_calvin_and_hobbes 's birthday party tomorrow. I can't wait!

Sunday lovin' ❤️❤️ (cr: @scoutgoldenretriever)

Yesterday I helped oversee the spring flower planting and mulching at our house. When I was younger, I used to get my paws dirty and helped Mom by digging holes. Nowadays I just sit near Mom and Dad, admire their work and bark my approval.
#WordsOfWisdom: While our level of engagement in certain activities might wane over time, becoming an active observer has its advantages. We move from being creators to being cheerleaders.
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SUNDAY SWIM DAY! 🐳#LiveLikeAlbus

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A little lunch time humor from my parents🤔
🌀loving my slow feeder from @outwardhound so that I don't just inhale my food!
#lunathegoldentan #outwardhound

Bath time? I'm a lil concerned human. How bout we skip it?

When you outgrow your spot🐶

Just your usual early morning game of foot-bowl :p
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Rory is his name, speed is his game 😎🐾😂

*I had so much fun today celebrating @my_calvin_and_hobbes 2nd birthday! I was running around making so many friends and even went swimming. Thank you for letting us celebrate with you and the @socalgoldenretrievers ! 🐶🎂🏊🏻‍♀️☀️💦

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Is this the face of a dog who deserves a few carrots? 1 like = 1 🥕

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When mom realizes you ate part of your toy... 🙊🙈😂 #innocent #toysareyummy #heisbetterthisway #sillydog

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