It may take a tribe to create your beautiful, unique child. But that doesn’t make it any less a family
I used three different donors to make my two gorgeous children
Our Caucasian donors @thedonorproject are from Ukraine and we have many to chose from. When I first chose my donor egg angel, I had 52 different young women to select from and quite honestly it was a little overwhelming!! We laid all their profile photos out on the table and we were asked to number our top 5 (just to make sure one was available at our preferred time of travel). Geoff and I chose separately, and then it was very exciting to see if we chose any the same. And we did. The moment I saw my donor, I knew she was the one. I kinda fell into her eyes. When I look at Charlie (my little 4 year old from her donation) I have that same feeling
@thedonorproject Intending Parents (IP’s- you) will generally have a choice from about 4 donor egg angels, matched according to your specific criteria (in so far as possible)- hair/eye colour, height, weight, structure, interests, education. The donors are aged between 20-30 yrs and are thoroughly medically screened and you receive detailed information about their medical & family history
“Proven donors” - you will also receive information about previous donations, their AMH, if they have donated in the past, how many times, and success rate.
It is an anonymous donation. These Angels fly in, donate, and fly out again. There is no direct or further contact between the Intending Parents and the donor
Your donor egg conceived child is not entered on the Victorian register of donor egg conceived children if it is an overseas donation that has occurred overseas. That means, it remains anonymous and is not recorded as a donor egg conception
Infertility does not mean childless. Sometimes we need to think outside the square to make dreams come true 💜

Wow!! We are super excited to be selected as 2018 Irish Magazine Awards Finalists in the category of 'Publisher of the Year'. The IMA's recognise the best Irish magazines and the people behind them and Goldenegg are delighted to part of the celebrations 🎉🥂🍾! .
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Disini Hanya Jual yang ASLI
Sabun Korea / Miracle Egg Soap

Sabun Ajaib untuk memutihkan kulit tubuh, ketiak, selangkangan, siku dan lutut.
Sabun miracle Egg Soap ini dikenal ampuh untuk membuat kulit tubuh terlihat lebih putih alami dan menghaluskan bagian-bagian kulit yang kasar, menyamaratakan warna kulit yang belang bagi yang sering beraktivitas di luar ruangan, sehingga membuat penampilanmu terlihat makin sempurna.
Cukup gunakan 2 kali 1 hari pada waktu mandi secara rutin, maka hasilnya akan mulai tampak dalam 1 minggu. Ayo buktikan !! Untuk anda yang mempunyai masalah dengan warna gelap pada kulit, inilah jalan keluarnya. Sabun yang mengandung vit c dan AHA, yang dikenal ampuh mengangkat selsel kulit mati, hingga penampilan kulit badan total jadi lebih bersih, rata serta putih mulus tanpa cela.
Ingredients sabun miracle korea :
palm oil, coconut oil, vit c, aha, edta titanium dioxide, glycerine, minyak wangi, water

Fungsi sabun :
1. Menipiskan warna gelap pada kulit ketiak, lipatan paha, lutut, siku, selangkangan
2. Menyamaratakan warna kulit yang berbeda atau condong lebih gelap di bagian spesifik, hingga penampilan kulit total jadi putih mulus tanpa cela.
3. Mencerahkan, menghaluskan kulit tubuh

Cara penggunaan sabun :
1. Gunakan sabun pada waktu mandi pagi & sore
2. Gosok sabun ke seluruh tubuh, terlebih dibagian tubuh yang berwarna lebih gelap, kusam, serta belang
3. Diamkan sebagian menit
4. Basuh dengan air sampai bersih

Harga Normal 55rb
Harga Promo 35rb
Info Pemesanan 081515570575

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Make my skin stronger and brighter ❤️💋😘

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I'm so excited about these goodies and how fast I got these from the UK!!!

17日の#ゴールデンエッグ は会社の人から借りた#無線ギターシステム を活用しようぜ!
Looking forward to going for a stroll mid gig on Saturday thanks to this #wirelessguitarsystem we borrowed ages ago from @heavymetal_salaryman ! Cheers dude!
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Nov. 17 @ 新宿 #GoldenEgg
¥1500 + 1 drink
Hinden Takahashi Hideki
Justice Christopher
Professeure Postérieur
Takkiduda ☄️✨☄️✨☄️✨☄️✨ @wuuun_ @punsuca @emulsionbass @noah_kichijoji #paintyourteeth
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