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Who can caption this? 😊

@thatdoodsteve #reposticonosquare

Who is your best eno buddy? 🐾 #hammock #camping #hiking with @lunathewonderbeagle

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Continuing the Monday Edition of DoodleTales, here's Sesame, a Mini Australian Labradoodle from San Francisco! 🙌🐶🙌 See more pics at @sesameiscute
*Spotlighting Doodles & All Poodle Mixes*
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💕FLASH GIVEAWAY! 💕We were hoping to have a giveaway for our 1000th bandana sold, but the last two weeks kept us so busy we missed it!! SO, we’re having a ‘1251 bandanas sold’ giveaway. 😂It’s hard to believe that since opening in August our hands have cut, sewn, pressed and packaged this many bandanas. This doesn’t even include our bandanas we’ve donated, contest giveaways, our events, or our t-shirts and bows made. PHEW! You’ve kept us busy. And to say how greatly appreciative we are (because we REALLY REALLY are) we’re giving away a specialty bandana of choice to one lucky winner!! 🙌If this post gets 800 likes I’ll even pick two winners! So even if you're not playing, get tapping!🙌
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Loving our new gear from @wolfgangmanandbeast

I'd give up ice cream but mama didn't raise no quitter! 🍦😛 Thank you @bluegrasshoppercreations for my adorable ice cream bow! #icecream #tongueouttuesday #hairbows

What do you mean I'm smushing the couch cushions!? I'm a still a tiny puppy! 😊

30 minutes after mom took this my parents gave me a bath. After that, I ran around the house with my wet hair uncontrollably jumping and growling like a maniac so they put me in time out 🙃 #postbathzoomies #tongueouttuesday


#happygotchaday to miss Luna bug. What a crazy, rambunctious, wild thing you have become, but what an amazing difference you've made to our little family in officially one year now. #goldendoodlesofinstagram

when mom says it's time to go to the vet... 🙄

Another vet appointment🙄 I'm 5 months and I weigh 30 pounds ~ if I make myself look small do I look skinny ~ 🐾 🐶 #goldendoodle #stellatheitaliandoodle #puppiesofinstagram #goldendoodlesofinstagram #puppies

Happy Hump Day! 🐶😎

For those if you who like to have something to look forward to, here is a countdown you might appreciate!🗓⬇️😊
(not including today, 4-27-17)
9 days until Cedar Point opens 🎢
(The Roller Coaster capital of the world)
17 days until Mother's Day🙋🏻
(Your mom would probably love a handwritten note more than any other gift)
21 days of school left 📚
(Thank God!!!)
32 days until Memorial Day🇺🇸
(Don't forget to thank a service person)
52 days until Father's Day💁🏻‍♂️
(Dads deserve every bit of spoiling that we give the moms)
55 days until the 1st day of Summer🍹
(WOOT WOOT!🙌🏻🙌🏻)
68 days until the 4th of July🎇
(Big booms & BBQ baby!)
#anticipation #countdown #summer #golden #goldendoodle #goldendoodlesofinstagram #doodle #doodlesofinstagram #dog #bigdog #dogsofohio #bekind #benice #behumane #loveeachother

Posted up today with my brother who is recovering from his surgery. He had to have his spleen removed last Thursday. Then his staples pinched his skin together so he had to go back to the dr and have some removed and get old fashioned stitching. He's doing better now. So I'm being patient with him while he recuperates. #goldendoodle #goldendoodles #goldendoodlesofinstagram #SirTedrick #TheLadyTally #doodles #doods #doodette #dogs #dogsofinstagram

Windy hair don't care 💨 #windywednesday

We're here to help get you through the rest of the week. 🐾❤

Alright human, time to pay attention to me and not that flashy box thing.

I heard mum peeling a banana so I flew into the kitchen and gave her the cute face. 🍌 🐶😁 Works every time!

#goldendoodle #goldendoodlelove #dailydoodle #dailyfluff #goldendoodlesofinstagram #doodlesofinstagram

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