Done alot of painting that you guy's can't see on the body and legs of the blood angel .. But have done the lighter colour on the left arm .. Great to be back here painting 🙃
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These guys are so close to being done! Here are the designs I’ve put on their cloaks 😬 #custodes #goldendemon #painting #miniatures #warhammer #warhammer40k

Well slap my ass and call me a bitch, would you believe that in a week and a half’s time it will be a year since I started painting Warhammer! What a year!! It’s been a little bit crazy hasn’t it??? So to that end I feel I have to do a something a little bit crazy to celebrate this awesome milestone!! You have between now and the 7th of May (the day of my one year Paintiversary) to follow me, like this post and comment with a mate’s Instagram handle (don’t forget to do that bit 😉) and the name of which one of these glorious beauties you’d like to win! You can choose my Lord of Plagues (Boris to his friends), the Imperial Fist who (in my opinion) has the smoothest power armour I’ve ever painted (his name is Major Tom) or the Shadowseer who was featured as a White Dwarf Magazine ‘Reader’s model of the week’ (affectionately called Harley). So, in the comments write ‘Boris’, ‘Major Tom’ or ‘Harley’. Best of luck and I’ll make the draw on the 7th May!! Fuckadoodledandy!!!! 🤘🏻😝🤘🏻

I've never been a fan of the fur scarcity on modern GW skaven models. Although I see the pros in it for plastic moulding and preservation of details I wanted to have some more fur on mine, although I wasn't sure how much. The skaven warlord by Steve Party is a favourite in terms of fur amount and sculpting shape, so I took a lot of inspiration from it.

A big struggle was to get as thin cover as possible while still having enough putty to form the hairs. In hindsight I should perhaps have made the arms smaller or simply shaped the fur as I did the arms from the the first time. This again highlights the importance of a solid plan, which is exactly what I haven't had for the fur coverage.
I've been a bit hesitant to show the progress of the fur before finishing the forearms. The hairs look so big in all of the photos. While in real life I was afraid that they were turning out too small as I was the left arm. This guy is much smaller than he looks!

Also, because his neck is currently so thin, his shoulders look huge. But now I'm finally ready to do his cape! Which should fix that problem.

I've played around with the cape size and shape using aluminium foil and can soon do the base from putty, which will be a first for me. Exciting!

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One side of Poster Boy’s cloak with gold NMM trim finished 😅

It’s nearly done. Just a few bits then tweaks before working on the base. #wip #warhammer40k #warhammer #gamesworkshop #orks #paintingwarhammer #goldendemon

Alright guys and girls I'm thinking if entering the golden daemon at Warhammer fest in Coventry. Edging towards this gentleman as my entry. Do you think I should? Or should I enter something different? Check out my pics and leave a comment in the comment section 😊

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Coming soon... #roguetrader & he’s one successful #corsair ✊🏻 #wip #goldendemon

WIP Wednesday - Blood Angels Primaris Captain before & after #wipwednesday

Now I'm back home and back on with the painting of the golden demon model .. 😁 #familytime #goldendemon #bloodangles #warhammer #warhammer40k #forgeworld #miniatur #miniaturpainting #miniature #ageofsigmar #gamesworkshop #painting

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