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Its not always easy to give your body the care it needs.
I’ve gone months without washing, weeks without brushing my teeth, weeks without brushing my hair and days without seeing sunlight.
Sometimes selfcare isn’t as straight forward as taking a bath or putting on a face mask... it can be complicated and tough. Sometimes selfcare means allowing yourself to stink so bad that your eyes water so you can help sort through your mind and sometimes it’s simply keeping yourself alive for a period of darkness.
Im finding it hard to love my body right now. It’s hard to love a body that’s trying to destroy itself, i hate it right now and that’s perfectly ok. I’m pushing on and trying to keep that connection to my body by washing it and hugging it gently.
What have you done for selfcare today? I’m proud of you for making it through today.
Selfcare isn’t always bubble baths and candles (but sometimes it bloody is and it feels damn good)🤙🏻👊🏻.

How many of your body insecurities come from being too big? Too soft? Too jiggly? Too much? Or in other words, too fat?

We spend a lot of time talking about specific parts of our bodies that we've been taught to see as flawed: stomachs that aren't flat, thighs that aren't smooth, arms that wobble and backs that ripple. We don't talk enough about what all those supposed 'flaws' have in common, and why we've been taught to see them as flaws in the first place.

The problem isn't individual body parts. The problem is fatphobia. We live in a culture that teaches us to fear and hate fatness. And by extension, to fear and hate fat people. We're taught a million different stereotypes about what fatness means: laziness, ugliness, unhealthiness, and above all, personal failure.

These stereotypes are what allow people to justify the marginalisation of fat bodies, and the cultural fatphobia that's created is the root of so many of the things we believe to be 'flaws'. We don't need to work on accepting our stomachs or our cellulite, we need to work on dismantling fatphobia in all its forms.

Stomach rolls aren't flaws because fatness is not a flaw.
Arms that jiggle aren't flaws because fatness is not a flaw.
Thighs that bulge or dimple or take up space aren't flaws because fatness is not a flaw.

The only way that we free ourselves from diet culture and body hatred is by recognising that the real culprit is the fear of fat that our society has ingrained in us. Which means we have to confront the stereotypes and prejudices we hold about fatness, and unlearn the fuck out of them.
We have to neutralise the word fat. We have to uplift and celebrate fat bodies that have been pushed to the margins of society for so long. We have to question the medicalisation of fatness. WE HAVE TO REDEFINE WHAT FATNESS MEANS IN OUR CULTURE. When we do that, nobody will have to wonder how they can accept a 'flaw' on their body that comes from being too fat, because they won't have been taught to see it as a flaw in the first place. 💜💙💚🌈🌞
Lingerie is @dearscantilly 🌸

When you get sent a piece of lingerie but it doesn’t go down past your hips and ass so you turn it into a cute camisole instead. 💁🏻‍♀️✨
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Just dancing to reputation in my head while shooting with my babe @lydiahudgens 🎶 (word on the street is Lydia’s coming to LA in December so if you want some killer pictures hit her up 📸)

Never trust a mirror,
For a mirror always lies,
It makes you think that all you're worth,
Can be seen from the outside.
Never trust a mirror,
It only shows you what's skin deep,
You can't see how your eyelids flutter,
When you're drifting off to sleep,
It doesn't show you what the world sees,
Where you're only being you,
Or how your eyes just light up,
When you're loving what you do,
It doesn't capture when you're smiling,
Where no-one else can see,
And your reflection cannot tell you,
Everything you mean to me,
Never trust a mirror,
For it only shows your skin,
And if you think that it dictates your worth,
It's time you looked within. -e.h.
Photos from my skin series, Deconstruction.

The coziest season is upon us! And this bright red beauty is launching on MONDAY at @astrasignature 💕😍 📷 @lydiahudgens

Surviving the harsh Arizona winter with warm stripes and heels. It was actually 90 degrees when I shot this last week😅 What’s the weather like where you are?
(Link to sweater dress in bio) Use code ‘CURVESONABUDGET’ for extra $$ off! 📷: @theecrenee

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I hate when people think modeling makes you gain confidence and I know I don't only speak for myself when I say that a lot of us models often feel lost in a world that constantly wants to change us to fit in. Lately I've been realizing that working in that part of the fashion world doesn't always align with my own values and beliefs and it lowers my confidence more than it does push my self esteem. That showed me once more that loving yourself and not changing for anyone is the most important thing you can do 🙏 know your worth, know you're much more than just the way you look and know that you're magic as soon as you start being unapologetically yourself 🖤✨shot by the best @feli_copter #beautynotsize #effyourbeautystandards #beautybeyondsize #loveyourself #selflove #goldenconfidence #celebratemysize


DAPPER DAYS ARE AFOOT!!! This is probably my most daring Dapper Day look! Feeling good like art and loving this world I'm in! 😙 💋 ❤️

Growing & Glowing ✨
For the longest time I thought the true definition of adulthood was having good credit and affording fancy things… 👉🏾follow @truetoformandfashion for details


“To exist is to change...
To change is to mature...
To mature is to go on creating oneself endlessly”
Today was a big day for change and although I still find change challenging I’m really working on adapting and enjoying as I go. You’d think I’d be a pro by now with all the change the last few years. Cheers to what the future holds.
Outfit @joefresh
Heels @ninewest
Glasses @clearlyca
Photo @rebeccanorthcottphotography
www.SarahTaylorsJourney.com .
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The perfect girlfriend jean! 😍❤👖

Sometimes you have to smile and remain the bigger person throughout the adversity.
😊Tell me you thoughts on this and lets chat in the comments!!😊
Outfit details will be on
Photographer @photoanomaly
Makeup & Styling @naavaramirez .
Tell me your favorite holiday style hacks in the comments!!
. .
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Because You Deserve the Good Life Baby👑

This is my happy face 😉
Outfit : @fashionnovacurve @fashionnova #novababe #novacurve #fashionnovacurve
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One of our favorites pieces, now available in more colors😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

So nice!!!! I love this vest, it comes with side pockets 👌

I’m in love with this amazing vest😍😍😍😍😍

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