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i'm finally 16 years (g)old & it couldn't be sweeter #goldenbirthday #sweet16

You may not be a baby anymore but you’ll forever be my baby Melio. Happy Birthday 1 Million!!! I call you 1 Million because you are truly one in a million. It’s so much fun coaching you and having our sideline conversations especially when you were my assistant coach. This is a big birthday! You’re 10 on the 10th so it’s only right that you live it up! 1 reason I love 1 Million:

1. Extremely smart and always prepared.
2. You’re coachable and hardly ever cheat on conditioning.
3. Your form is absolutely impeccable and it started in this video here.
4. You’re the most loyal teammate to your comrades.
5. I wish had your flexibility and strength when I was a gymnasts; it’s rare you get that in one package.
6. I love that you love Star Wars, 80’s music, Rock Glam, and fitness wear.
7. I love that you take pride in what you do..
8. I love that trust me as a person, coach, and mentor.
9. I love that I’ve had you since you’ve started team and I have the opportunity to love your parents; they are the dopest! But we all know Eve’s my favorite! 💕
10. You know what 10 is... you complete my team and we wouldn’t be the same without you on the Divine 9; even though it’s suppose to be the perfect 10. You are a strong piece to this group and we are lucky to have you!
Anywho, Happy Birthday Melio! I hope today was amazing! Love ya chick! #GoldenBirthday #Perfect10 #Rockstars #TooManyBirthdaysThisMonth

Please help me say Happy Birthday to the one & only @sonnyhoughton2 it's his 16th bday on the the 16th day which makes this his #GoldenBirthday !!!! Sonny I love you so much and I am so proud of the young man you are, and who you are becoming daily. You amaze me with your kindness, humor, wit, gratitude, graciousness, talent & friendship. We celebrate you today. Full On! #Sonks16

Looking back at this past week and feeling so grateful 🙏🏼. Thank you everyone for the birthday wishes, Adelynn's golden birthday was extra special thanks to all of you 💗 •

Outfit: @sylviap
Top: Floral Grove Cropped Singlet 🌸
Bottom: Mulberry tights 🌸
Shop: link in bio ✨

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This time 16 years ago we were in the hospital waiting on the arrival of this precious child. Out comes this bright eyed, big mouth little girl with a head full of hair. One of the BEST things to ever happen to US. Happy sweet 16 to the smartest little girl I know. #16onthe16th #sweet16 #goldenbirthday #myowl #PrincessParis

Happy 16th Birthday Miri ✨ #Sweet16 #GoldenBirthday 😘💕🌺🌼

Cuss ma birthday tomma 💗🎉. #goldenbirthday


Had my 15th golden birthday yesterday. 🎂🌱 #catsofinstagram #catstagram #instacat #birthdayboy #bones #goldenbirthday #oldman

Happy Birthday to my beautiful sister Bella who turns 12 today🎉🎉🎉 Thank you for being the best sister ever. Mum,Dad and all the fur kids wish you the best day ever with loads of treats and lots of cuddles. We all love you soooo much. #birthdaygirl #12yearsold #12today #perthdogs #perthpets #golden #goldenretriever #retriever #retrievergram #goldengirl #ilovemygolden #dailygolden #birthdaygolden #goldenbirthday #beautifulbella #sittingpretty

No paps please 🚫

Happy 16th Birthday Miri ✨ #Sweet16 #GoldenBirthday 😘💕🌺🌼

Years ago, we put carousel horses on Farah's baby announcement as we introduced this girl whose name means joy. For her golden birthday last week (8 on the 8th of October), we took the party to the Little Beauty Carousel to celebrate. We are often moved by Farah's heart for her Maker and all the critters and people He's made. She is generous in prayer, thought, and tangible things. She shares what's in her coin purse with kids in faraway places and buys special little things for her brother and sister here at home. At her birthday party, she even welcomed a new friend from the playground into the festivities. Because she finds joy in the joy of others, I think she'll always be a happy person. Happy golden birthday to a girl with a heart of gold. 🎠🎟🎉 #carouselparty #goldenbirthday #sweetFarahJean

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