This Sunday!! Meet us for a dog walk and beach clean. All welcome! Like and Share 😎🌊🐋🖤🐶♻️

Hurry up and give us a treat hooman! 🥓😜

Chillaxing on the couch with Bailey and Ella 🛋😎

Our gorgeous squad of Oodles... Oscar, Sasha, Lucy, Buddy and Bentley 😍 Bentley enjoyed his short stay with us! Swipe ⬅️ to see a few of his holiday snapshots 📸

Charlie, Coco and Jack had a ball on their recent holidays with us 😀🐾💦🌊

I just love this pic! Keep up the great work @harperandthehound
Never underestimate how much fun Leo can have with a plastic container.....🐶 #litterpickingpup #litterpickingpups

***this is not a sponsored post*** I want to start to recognise and shine a spotlight on products for dogs that are environmentally and pet safe, that are an improvement on a current way of doing things or are innovative. This week I’m looking at @onyalife Waste Disposal Bag Solution. I have chosen this product because at our local dog parks and dog Offleash beaches we are virtually forced to contribute to plastic pollution by using council provided dog poop bags. Inevitably these bags end up floating around and in our last 2 out of 2 beach cleans we have dragged bags of dog poo out of the dunes hat people have stashed. If you are conscious of your plastic purchasing/using habits, you should check out these bags as an option. They come in Apple or Chili coloured pouches and you can buy the refills online also. While you’re at it, check out Onya’s range of other products, I personally have the sandwhich wrap and the produce bags which I love. ••••••••••
The Onya waste disposal bag solution is as natural as what goes in it.
Made from 100% GMO free renewable plants, the waste disposal bag is biodegradeable and certified compostable – meaning no micro-plastics are left behind.
With a handy carabiner clip included on the carry pouch, it makes it easy to always have it On Ya.
We’ve all been there at one time or another. Whether you’re on a dog walk, need an away from home nappy change, or camping you can have all the hygienic and convenient benefits of a plastic bag with a clear conscience to contain those pesky ”presents”.
The bags also work well for saving up food scraps to toss in the compost bin.
If composted in a hot compost system of around 50 degrees celcius, they take around 12 weeks to completely break down back to their natural cellulose beginnings and are virtually undetectable in the soil.
Each waste disposal bag solution includes the carry pouch along with 30 100% GMO free renewable plant based compostable disposal bags and are easily refillable with 30 waste disposable bag refill packs so you can always take care of your business no matter where life takes you.
More info: https://www.onyalife.com/product/disposal/

Our gorgeous guests Bailey and Ella enjoyed their respective stays with us! 😀 They loved their daily walks, playing fetch, pool time and relaxing on the couch 🐾🎾💦🛋

A couch full of Labradoodle and Cavoodle cuteness ❤️🛋

Welcome to beautiful Ruby who has joined us for the first time for a weekend stay 😍

She had fun playing in the beach entry of the pool, running around in the yard with Craig, and this afternoon she enjoyed a walk with our fur kids 💦🐾🐶

Daycare guests
Lola . Scooby . Noah . Hippo

Today was a good day ☺️ #doggydaycare #dogsitting #goldcoastdogs

H A P P Y • F R I D A Y !

Being silly with Hippo 🤣

We Love you Sweet boy ❤️ #bordercollielove

Thanks again to our awesome little beach cleaning crew for your efforts on Saturday! I love seeing our little fam of conscious Coasters grow every month.. if you haven’t joined one of our beach cleans yet, why not??

Beach clean done for another month (although this was technically our August meet). I had my hands full so don’t have many pics to share this time round. Thanks for our friends that made it today and special welcome to new pickers @stephbaconxx, @toteallyrecycled and Justine. See you in a couple of weeks when we do our September meet! I’ll be posting some pics of the trash we collected in the next day 🙌🏼🐾😎👍🏼🧤🛍🏖💪🏼

Weather is going to be mint tomorrow. Let’s get sandy!

B E E S W A X • W R A P S 🐾🐝
I’ve been making my own beeswax wraps, they are great to use instead of cling wrap and help reduce your use of plastics in the kitchen. I’ve sourced local Gold Coast beeswax for these also which is amazing. If you want me to make you some, DM me 😊

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