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다음달이면 볼수있겠구나 😍😍
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What a show!!!! One we will never forget!! @celinedion @eharto
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Celine live, bringing back an old favorite AND repping the home team. #celine #idroveallnight #goknightsgo #lasvegas

1. My challenge this week: do 9 flights of stairs during one of my breaks every night I work this week(5 nights).
2. Goal: to push myself a little further each time before gassing out and walking/dying the rest of the way up. (Mind you, in makeup, a dress, and tights 😩)
3. Tonight, night 5: First ascension up, time 1:09 minutes.
4. 2nd time up: Time lapse, no idea but I made it up to 8 before needing to walk the last set.
5. The payoff, some really yummy banana bread that @victoria.ringer made for me today. 😍
-the overall goal isn’t perfection, it’s improvement of mental toughness and physical fitness.
Each night this week I improved and I’m pretty stoked about that!
This weekend, whether you are home, in the pool, on vacation, what mental/fitness goal can you set for yourself?
Can you tread water, jump rope, do the stairs in your house for the entirety of your favorite song? What about a minute of it the first time, more the second time, and more still on your third rep? You got this!

What a great game this was. #goknightsgo

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A clutch moment in the LA series. Everyone tag @larswilliamkarlsson!
😁 Via: @fleuryknights 😀
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The Vegas Golden Knights are in their final battle: The Stanley Cup Finals.
Chapter 1: The Knights watched the Kings from Los Angeles fall.
Chapter 2: The Knights feasted on Sharks from San Jose.
Chapter 3: The Knights took down the Iron Birds from Winnipeg.
Chapter 4: The Knights now face their final foe. The Red Army from Washington D.C.: The Washington Capitals.

#goknightsgo on our way to the Stanley Cup!! Another Golden Knights set!!! 🖤💛❤️ #vegasgoldenknights #letsgoKNIGHTS

One of my fav shots of the season so far! Loving every moment of all this madness!! #stanleycupfinal #stanleycupplayoffs #nhl #vegas #vegasgoldenknights #boldingold #goldenknight #cupinone #goknightsgo

My new hat comes Saturday!!!! Ahhhh so excited! #goknightsgo 🖤🏒💛

I’m told I have a Dad beard... Is that true? Lol. Today’s been a rough one but I made it through.. Life can be better! But it can be a lot worse. Be thankful for where you are because there are plenty people trying to get to where you are! Remember the help you had on the way, and give back! I wouldn’t be here without the help of a lot of people. Everyone who has helped me... Thank you! I am forever indebted to you. Now.. I wanna say @vegasgoldenknights DAMN! You have shown what confidence and determination can accomplish! #goknightsgo #positivevibesonly💯

THIS IS IT! COULDN'T BE ANY PROUDER OF MY TEAM! #vegasgoldenknights #chasingthecup #becauseitsthecup #stanleycup2018 #goknightsgo

Missing a few pins. But man let me tell you how much love I get when I wear this hats to any @vegasgoldenknights games or watch parties. Gonna miss going to the games and watch parties but catch me in Chicago wearing this hat on game days along with every away game in chicago lol #vegasBORN #vegasstrong #goknightsgo #vegasgoldenknightsfanclubchicago lol

Ladies and gentlemen... your new #GoldenKnights. Actually it’s just a promotions shoot in studio. We can’t even really skate. #GoKnightsGo 🏒 #BeatTheCapitals @brianloftus8

FUN FACTS about the Vegas Golden Knights, PART 2. ❤️ (And why we’re gonna win 😉)
6. The idea of the Florida Panthers sitting at home on their couches, watching Coach Gallant & his assistant lead their new team through the playoffs after Florida fired them mid-roadtrip & left them standing outside an opponent’s stadium to hail a cab. Florida thought so little of the soon to be named Coach of the Year, and undervalued two of their players so much that they traded Vegas both players for a 4th round draft pick. Those two players? Reilly Smith and Jonathan Marchessault.
7. When the Knights lost their goalie, backup goalie, 3rd string minor league goalie, and 4th string minor league backup goalie, and still kept winning.
8. The fact that the Penguins were so confident in moving on with their new young goalie, that they asked Vegas to take their aging backup goalie off their hands to free up salary-cap space. If Vegas would take over the old guy’s salary, the Penguins would throw in a 2nd round draft pick in 2020. So Vegas agreed to take the future draft pick (& Marc-Andre Fleury) off Pittsburgh’s hands.
9. Those 200:1 (some casinos as high as 500:1) odds for Vegas to win the Cup at the start of the season after the experts had looked over the team’s talent pool (or lack thereof). Everyone expected the team to sell off its best players by the trade deadline & build for the future. Management decided to scrap that idea & keep the team together & make a playoff run right away. If they'd been defeated (as oddsmakers all expected) in the 1st Round, this would've proven a terrible decision. But management decided out of loyalty to the team & fans, to make an extremely risky attempt at a playoff run right away.
10. That opening home game ceremony, where Vegas switched out all the ads on the boards for "Vegas Strong" signs instead. And the 4-0 lead Vegas had taken 10 minutes later, giving the city a night of distraction & unity. The team was at the blood bank with all of us the morning after the shooting. None of us locals noticed because, well, most of us had never heard of these cast-off hockey players...

Had some fun with the VGK lambo today! Thanks so much @lamborghinilasvegas for having me

An oasis in the the desert. And my home for almost a week every year. #mandalaybay #mandalaybayconventioncenter #Vegas #VegasBaby #whathappensinvegas #vegasstrong #vegasgoldenknights #goknightsgo

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