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It’s this time of the year again 🍂. The time to pick up our #allnatural LAUNDRY DETERGENT, horse chestnuts aka conkers aka buckeyes 🌰, from the sidewalks 💚✨. Horse chestnut trees are widely cultivated in the temperate world, from North America, Europe to New Zealand! Just like soapnuts, they contain saponines, a soap like substance.
⛔️ Caution: horse chestnuts 🌰 are NOT edible ⛔️
(Refer to Wikipedia for pictures to see how you can tell them apart.)

++ WHY SOAPNUTS ARE NOT A GOOD CHOICE (unless you live in India!) ++
I know many eco-consious folks in industrialized countries like to use imported soapnuts from India. However, the growing demand in these countries has led to the extensive export of soapnuts, which in turn has led to soapnuts becoming too expensive for many locals to afford. Instead, they use chemical detergents that contribute to the water pollution, which is already an issue of concern in India. On top of that, the nuts are shipped across the globe, which causes transportation emissions!

If you live somewhere with horse chestnut trees, use your local “soapnut” instead! If you want to learn how to do so, head over to my blog, where I have a tutorial as well as an FAQ (👉clickable link in profile👈).

If you live somewhere where horse chestnuts do not grow, consider making your own powdered laundry detergent in less than 7 mins! (Recipe is also on my blog wastelandrebel.com)

[English below] #tbt Pour vous montrer les types de brosses naturelles que j'utilise. Gauche: deux différentes façons pour faire la vaisselle et laver l'évier. Haut droite: pour pré laver les vêtements hyper tachés et la baignoire. Droite: de vieilles brosses à dents pour nettoyer les petits recoins. Bas gauche: pour me décrasser les ongles étant donné que je rentre souvent du boulot avec quelques restes de terre. Et avec tout ça j'utilise principalement du bicarbonate de soude, véritable allié des maisons zéro déchet! /// #tbt To show you the different natural brushes I use. Left: two different ways to do the dishes but also clean the sink. Top right: to pre wash the dirtiest clothes before I put them in the machine and for the bathtub. Right: old toothbrushes used to clean the pieces not accessible with a big one. Down: As a gardener I can come back home with dirt under my finger nails. And to use all of these brushes I mainly add some baking soda. It's the perfect zero waste multipurpose cleaning thing ever! x

Good news! 🎉 After my boots literally disintegrated on me (swipe to see what happened) I took them to the shoe repair man. 🔧👞 Of course he frowned and despaired and didn't sound at all confident that he'd be able to fix them (why do they all do that?!). I told him to try his best. What happened? I went to pick up my boots to find them skillfully back together in one piece 👍 (he has also nailed the soles down in case the glue doesn't hold) and polished them up and had them looking good as new! (Well, kinda.😜) I love shoe repair men - I'm in awe of their skill, but also their willingness to try and repair stuff. So much of what we buy isn't repairable, and when we ring customer service, we get told "it's cheaper to buy a whole new one." "Just buy a new one."😳 Not shoe repair men! (I say men because I've never actually seen a shoe repair woman, but I'm sure they exist I love them equally.) A trade we need to support in today's society.🚯💚 I've actually now spent more repairing these shoes than they cost to buy (this wasn't their first repair), but I've owned them for years and I live in them, so they are worth it. The things we own are all worth repairing.✅ Thanks shoe repair man for making it possible 😊

I don't often buy myself new things anymore. Most of my clothing is second hand and I've been wearing the same two pairs of Birkenstocks for about 4 years 😏 But about 6 months ago I came across this bag. I decided to think about it for a while and this week I decided I'd buy it. I chose to go with natural vegetable tanned leather because I feel like vegan leather is terrible for the environment no matter how many recycled plastic bottles the lining may have it will still end up in landfill unable to break down. You could argue that leather isn't environmentally friendly too but sometimes a hemp bag just isn't going to cut it when you go out! I chose this bag because it has no zips, plastics, linings or breakable pieces. I chose natural vegetable tanned leather because it will develop a patina and each mark will tell the story of its life (my watch in the second picture has a few months patina) and it will last a very very long time. There's leather bags out there 30 years old. I feel like the rope handles could be easily replaced if need be and the construction of the bag is simple and could be easily repaired! Looking forward to many happy years with this beauty! Also the company shipped this with no plastic, all cardboard and paper ❤️

In #Gostenhof hat heute der erste-#Unverpackt-Laden in #Nürnberg aufgemacht! Im @zerohero_ehrlich_unverpackt könnt ihr ab jetzt Lebensmittel und andere Dinge ganz #nachhaltig ohne unnötige Plastik-Verpackung kaufen. Stattdessen bringt ihr einfach eigene Behälter von zu Hause mit und füllt euch eure Nudel, Seife und Co. an den Abfüllstationen des Ladens selbst ab. Schaut doch einfach mal selbst rein! (jg)

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Bulk food shopping has never looked so good! Pick up all of your pantry items, household cleaning product and personal care products @goodforstore - It's food shopping without all the waste. You can even bring your own packaging which we weigh 1st and then deduct that weight at the end of the shop. Get in this weekend and get your pantry packageless 👊🏾

DIY makeup remover ✨ Recipe from Naturlig Nok by @majahattvang and bottle from @beecoshop [AD]. It worked perfectly. #naturlignok #zerowaste #goingzerowaste

We ❤️️ long weekend.
This list is quite inspiring.
30 Day minimalism challenge
We love :
15. stay offline for a day.
16. Don't spend money for 24 hours.
24. Turn off notifications
29. Say no to something.
Thank you @culturetrip for the great list.
#thehivebulkfoods #money #zerowaste #saving #vegetarian #plantbased #health #minimalist #simplelife #mindfulness #vegan #zerowastehome #goingzerowaste #zerowastekualalumpur #loseweight #zerowastemalaysia #malaysia #kualalumpur #kl #simple #budget #forkoverknives #climatechange #minimalism #community #natural #minimalism

MILESTONE | We are 1 month old! 🎉 🎉 🎉 #yaaaay
Yesterday we took some time to pause and reflect. This month was hectic, but full of amazing people and fun events. We are still on the learning curve, so thank you all so much for being patient, understanding and supportive! Looking back, we want to share some fun facts about our first month at NU 🤓 and again, THANK YOU for being with us on this journey! 💚💚💚


This picture pretty much sums up mum life. Well, at least the kinda mum life I lead.
It's no poo week 22. It's been that long and my hair is still transitioning. After 22 long weeks it still gets really greasy!!! 😱 and then yesterday I didn't have time for a wash cause baba cut his nap extremely short 😪 and the dark circles under eyes from sleepless nights. And teething. But it's sleepy dust success today and I've had a full shower and even managed to mix up a new hair rinse. Here's to hoping my hair will actually come out clean 🙌🏻
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Zero waste & ultra local fresh produces for my lunch at work ! Happy South of France ...
Mon déjeuner zéro déchet avec serviette catalane, olives lucques, amandes, prune, jambon, pain & fromage, tous ultra locaux ! #goingzerowaste #zerowaste #zerowasteonthego #zerowastelunch #zerowastelunchbox #zerowastelunchboxes #zerowasteatwork #southoffrance

Dear entrepreneur,
This is disgusting. Your food can be great but this amount of plastic is horrendous.
Please be aware that:
It will take hundreds of years to biodegrade.
There is islands of plastic in our ocean.
Our current consumption will bring more plastic than fishes in the oceans.
Up to 90% of seabird have plastic in their guts.
I can continue and continue but it won't be possible for an insta post.

#plasticfree #goingzerowaste #plastikfrei #goinggreen #lebenohneplastik #gegenplastic #plasticpollution #plastics #plastickill #zerowaste #zerowastelife #cerobasurq #nomasplastico #menosplastico

Do you spot any difference between the two pictures? I'm going to help you: same supermarket (Migros, Geneva), same aisle: the upper pic is a display of non-organic vegetables, the other one portrays organic veggies. If this is the way the supermarkets are selling their vegetables, well, I'll NEVER buy organic produce in there. Do they really think that a layer of plastic is going to protect the organic veggies!?? 😷

Notate qualche differenza tra le due foto? Vi aiuto: stesso supermercato (@migros di Ginevra), stessa corsia: la foto in alto mostra le verdure non biologiche, quella in basso mostra le verdure bio. Se è così che i supermercati cercano di vendermi il bio.. ebbene non diventerò MAI una loro cliente per il biologico. Ma credono veramente che un velo di plastica protegga le proprietà di un prodotto bio?!? 😷

#zerowaste #zerodechet #zerodechetsuisse #zerowasteswitzerland #geneva #zerowasteitalia #zerorifiuti #sustainable #goingzerowaste #gogreen #sustainable #environment #savetheplanet #nature #noplastic #plasticfree #veggies

DIY makeup remover ✨ Recipe from Naturlig Nok by @majahattvang and bottle from @beecoshop [AD]. It worked perfectly. #naturlignok #zerowaste #goingzerowaste

Slow 🌱 {EN} One of the keys to zerowaste is to reuse what you already have. What if you don't feel like it or you want to bring home something that is "new to you"? There's the moment you can count on shops that reuse materials to create art pieces, furniture, jewelry and so on. By supporting circular economy, you are one step further into the zerowaste process. Pictured here are some upcycled pillows you can buy at @petitsriens.be {FR} La réutilisation des matériaux est une des idées clés du zéro déchet. Pourquoi produire un nouveau coussin dans un processus extrêmement polluant et energivore (transport, produits chimiques, gaspillage des ressources), quand on a accès à des produits de récup magnifiques issus de l'économie circulaire ? Ici, quelques pièces à trouver dans les boutiques @petitsriens.be
#zerowaste #upcycle #reuse #goingzerowaste #zerowastelifestyle #eco #ecoliving#ecofriendly  #sustainableliving #plasticfree #saynotoplastic #waronwaste #noplastic #plantbased #reducewaste#ethical #simplelife #simpleliving #minimalliving #simplicity #greenliving #zerodechet #ecoblogger #ecotips #sustainable

Zero waste shopping & storage👍 📷 @zwclaire 🍓🍒🥑🌽🍊🍉🍇Whole food plant based lifestyle is another way how we positively impact our beautiful planet.
Another great account @zwclaire for inspiration for LIVING with LESS PLASTIC & WHOLE FOOD PLANT BASED LIFESTYLE. Thank you for your passion & thank you for being part of the change🙏
And THANK YOU ALL for stopping by🙏Follow us & Use #ourplanetourhome to be featured.
Find out about plant based lifestyle and the positive impact on the environment👉(link in our bio for you)
Wish you a beautiful day

A great example of a solution thinker is @merelgroenemeisjes! She is a happy vegan who loves to hunt for green options. We had a beer with this cool chick and she told us more about her lifestyle. She also shared a zero waste cooking tip with us. Easy peasy lemon squeezy! 🇳🇱 For all the Dutch fans, link for the entire video in bio🔝 #vegan #veganlifestyle #inspirational #interview #instockcooking #zerowaste #foodsurplus #foodies #foodwaste #wastedfood #rescuedfood #waste #sustainability #food #vscofood #instafood #cookstagram #environmentfriendly #goingzerowaste #zerowastelifestyle #nowaste #voedselverspilling #duurzaam #duurzaamheid

guten morgen 🌻. gerettete papaya löffeln zum frühstück is ne ziemlich gute sache 😍👌. der kerne werden jetzt eine weile getrocknet und können dann gemahlen zum würzen verwendet werden. #fromleaftoroot .
good morning 🌻. spooning up rescued papaya for breakfast ist just great 😍👌. i will let the cores dry a while and use them for spicing some meals afterwards. #cutfoodwaste .
#fightfoodwaste #foodsharing #tastethewaste #verwendenstattverschwenden #fortheplanet #zerowaste #leftoverfood #cookswithscraps #plantbased #goingsustainable #goingzerowaste #zerowastelife #organic #eco #greenlifestyle #thereisnoplanetb #whatvegansdo #foodwaste #veganism #veganfortheanimals #sustainablelife #sustainablefood #fromleaftoroot #foodsharinggermany #foodsharingmünster

... traveling through 5 areas of Italy with >0 waste made possible by: water in my reusable ✔ wine in a glass ✔ gelato in a cone (with no spoon) ✔
... most places we eat have cloth napkins and real🍴... and real food since these farmers seem to understand the importance is nutrient rich soil, and chemical free food. It all tastes sooo good ☕🥐🍝🥂
... we've minimized our foot print (and costs) by taking trains and doing a lot of walking (gotta work off 🍦🍷). We did rent a car for a few days, and made sure to get a small one like the locals use ... so that just leaves the plane's emissions as our major output. And since I've been drinking wine and am still on vacation, I say at least it transported of large group of people, so it's kinda like carpooling 🤔😕
#zerowaste #sustainable #makelesstrash #goingzerowaste #noplanetb #earthdayeveryday #zerowastetravel

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