This week we realized it’s less than a month before we’re going down unda, mates 🇦🇺 (I know: gotta work on that Aussie accent). And of all the trips we’ve taken since we met over 8 years ago, the anticipation for this one is definitely the highest, and it’s giving me both excitement and just a liiiiiittle bit of prep stress. Especially since we want to travel as light as possible (my number one tip for flying with a baby). I know it’s alllll gonna be okay and who cares if we forget the diapers. Oh wait... Those might actually be kinda essential on a 26 hour journey 🙈. What we’re NOT going to do is make those “I’m sorry we’re flying with our baby” goodie bags with ear plugs and candy. If you’re worried you might sit next to a baby who happens to cry (yes it could happen) bring your own damn noise cancelling headphones. Just like I’ve been doing for years, to ignore crazy loud snores or crazy loud chats (the galley is NOT meant as a meeting place you know). So if you see us entering the plane all looking badass and awesome, don’t expect a goodie bag. You can expect a cute smile & wave from Luc, but that’s it in terms of gifts. Sorry not freaking sorry 💁🏻‍♀️. Anyway, I’m super (SUPER!) stoked (STOKED!) and I couldn’t have asked for better partners in adventure than these two fellas {using mates twice in one caption seemed a little much} #explorersclub
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Day 206 of 365
We dont see each other coz of distance,
We dont talk that much coz of different schedules, but when we do, it’s like we’ve just talked yesterday.

The day has come for your new adventure in 🇦🇺
Always take care of yourself, dont forget to eat and take lots and lots of photos!!
We’ll still be looking under the same sky 😘

I Love You Sestra!😊😍❤️ @xaida

🥀 So hard to leave Canada, but it’s high time I reconnected with home, and I know that the places & people you truly love you’ll carry in your heart for all time.🌹 Some things I’ll miss; snow, precious friends, insanely nice strangers, gorgeous trees, affordable maple syrup, s’mores beside the fire, spotting eagles and bears, beautiful moss, idyllic camping, glacial lakes, caesars, amazing hikes in my backyard, best-tasting tap water, forest parties, wafts of ganja in the crisp air, two-bite-brownies, alpen glow, hanging flower baskets, commonplace eco-consciousness, friendly coppers, Lucia gelato... I could go on!🏕❄️🏔🍁🏂🌲🌎 #farewell #beautifulbc #foreverlove #goingdownunder 📷@iaminstagrace

🎶I was sailing, I was sailing🎵 happily from the swimming pool to the Jacuzzi sea and then I nearly drowned😧 but no worries, I'm an excellent swimpig😀 Is this going down under Down Under🤔 #Jacuzzi #Jacuzzifun #boat #downunder #goingdownunder #helphetvarkenverzuipt #varken #schwein #porco #debootzinkt #blubblub #videofun #bestoftheday #sailadventure #drowning #toyblog #spielzeug

After work I went for a two hour pampering at my favorite beauty salon @kauneushuonevalotar 🙏🏼 and came home to find my fiancé had bought us sushi 🍣 Some wine, dinner, movie and a loooooong sleep to finish this last full week at work because next week it will be major holiday time!!! ANDDD to top things off I got my wedding ring home today and I love it so much!! So happy and grateful right now ❤️❤️ #weekend #sushi #happythoughts #waitingforholiday #goingdownunder

My home for the next 17 hours #goingdownunder #australia

Some tired eyes today after saying goodbye to another heading off to sunny Aus with some ball pit craziness. Bye Kate! 👋🏼🌎🇦🇺 #goingdownunder #ballpit #bigkids

Miss you already 💛🌻✨ #australia #goingdownunder

Thinking about our next journey - Australia 🇦🇺 So so excited I can’t wait!!

Only hours away. Anybody else watching #SuperShowDown? 🤔 @wwe #GoingDownUnder

Ik heb de liefste! 💓 #goingdownunder

Today is the day my friends.. I’m off for an adventure 🇦🇺
Having spent 5 years in London I’ve gone from a 9-5 office job to running my own business. I’m now fully online which has given me the freedom to work anywhere in the world. I wouldn’t be able to do it with out the support of my incredible clients so I’m unbelievably grateful to you all 🙏🏼
To all my pals - I love you, I’ll miss you and thank you for being the absolute legends that you are 💜

You better get used to seeing this face coz I’m gonna be taking you along for the ride. As mentioned in a previous post I’m aiming to one thing everyday that scares the crap out of me so i’ll be showing you what each one is and hopefully it will inspire some of you to do the same 😬
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Glowing, growing, working on my goals 👑 First week of the Masters, here we go 👯‍♀️ #goingdownunder #backatitagain #chapter2 💪🏼📚

We safely made it to Australia! We started 6pm 9/18 at Dulles and landed in Cairns (Aus) at 5:30pm 9/20... we flew about 26hrs total. Not including sitting in airports. We knew it was going to be super long flight but that it would be worth it in the end. Driving on the wrong side of the road and car IS WEIRD AF!! •
We were almost too tired to eat dinner, but Andrew got kangaroo! Really good dinner at #Ochre! •

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