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When KaKa @kashdoll Is The MAIN Performer At Your Old College #Csu And You Not Only Just A Friend There But To Keep Her On Point Hairstylist #LevelUp #GoFriend #AnglesByAubrey 💚

So proud of this girl right here. Congrats boo the world is your oyster. Continue to shine and make a difference in everyone you meet love ya #gofriend #shedidthat

During the day that im happy to watch a #MissGayPageant #glass
#Happy #GoFriend

I've had friends before who were beautiful but never used it with good intentions. I've had friends before who were beautiful but always used it to make others, including me feel ugly.
I've had friends before who were beautiful but their insides never lined up with the outside.
Then there was you.
Maya Rex. The most beautiful (inside and out), smart, patient, kind, and faithful friend I've ever known.
With you,
i have never been allowed to not feel beautiful.
i've never been allowed to not speak positively about my life, my purpose, and my goals.
I've never been allowed to not feel inspired.
i've never been allowed to not be real.
you have held space for me to cry, to heal, to mourn older versions of myself, and to live in all honesty and truthfulness about who i am.
you came into my life at a time when i was desperately searching and craving for a real friend. One of the first few conversations we had through text involved me sharing parts of my past that i didn't believe i'd ever be comfortable telling someone else. I told you my goals for QU and life when I barely even knew your name. This friendship has been ordered, hand crafted, and divinely shaped by God from the very beginning.
Sometimes when I feel like God has forgotten about me, I look around my life and you are one of the people I see. And I'm reminded that through you and others, He's blessing me everyday.
So here's to the girl who lets me vent about my boyfriend but never lets me break up with him. Here's to the girl who lets me cry when things aren't going my way with my life but never lets me forget that God's plans are greater than mine. Here's to the most beautiful person I know who never uses beauty, intellect, or the grace of others for selfish reasons. Happy birthday to M. Rex! You are my confidant, my true significant other (lol), borderline soulmate, and my forever friend! •
PS. If I had to choose between you and Jeremiah............ 👀 •
PSS. I'm the oldest lol #mayaszn #happybirthday #gofriend @rex_yo_self


#話說_橘色款也好好看 #GOGORO #GOfriend #pilot

Blackfox got bright future#gofriend


Aaaand she's baaaaack ✌🏼❤️ #GOFriend #ClubMed #PuntaCana

teman itu ada disegala kondisi 👌 👌
#friend #gofriend

@cammyooo don't know what the hell she doing lol #hbd🎂 #gofriend #bestie #bestfriend

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