Touch of class with submerged baby's breath

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Enjoying her Sweet Pea Pumpkin Spice Organic Cookies

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Reserved the entire Timbercreek Golf Centre for the Summer Escapade

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FCCC's grand launch at the Summer Escapade

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FC3 at the first president's gala


@girlonfire091 #gofc3 Part 3
~Tribute Parade/Interviews~
After a long day of waxing, haircuts, makeup, and meetings, it is time for the tribute parade. I am wearing a long brown dress that resembles wheat. I look beautiful, more stunning than I ever thought I could. When I am ready I go down to the District 9 chariot and find I am matching Flynn. We hold hands and get into the chariot. We are then slowly paraded into a huge stadium with thousands of people cheering I wave and smile at them. They throw flowers at us and I flirt with crowd until we are pulled to a stop in front of President Snow. After his speech we were taken back to our rooms and before I knew it we were being called by Winnow, Steel and Ashby were telling us what to do for our interviews, and our stylist team was getting us ready. I loved what I was wearing, I liked it even more than the one I wore to the tribute parade. I wore a huge pink ball gown with intricate designs in the skirt and Flynn wore a suit that matched mine. Before I knew it, it was time for my interview, Ashby had said to just make it look like we are in love so that sponsors will want to help us, I know I won't have to try because I really do love Flynn. I go up on stage and we talk about how district teams can win, how different the Capitol is from home, and then when we are almost out of time we get to talking about Flynn. Ceasar asks me about how it felt when he volunteered and I responded holding back tears, "At first I felt like my heart had been torn in half because the only peace of mind I had at the time was that Flynn would be safe. After I realized that I would have done the same thing without question. We are sort of a package deal. I think when you love someone as much as I love him you can accomplish anything. And then the time goes out.

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